This page is for SpongeBob in the game, Cartoon Fighters for the Wii U . Please do not edit this page.

Character DescriptionEdit

SpongeBob SquarePants is a cartoon character who first appeared in Steven Hillenburg's series of the same name. SpongeBob is a quick, high-jumping character with high knockback and does not have a lot of strength. Even so, he uses bubbles and karate tactics to fight against more powerful opponents. 



SpongeBob, as he appears in Cartoon Fighters.

SpongeBob's Attacks:

Standard Special Bubble Blast
Side Special Karate Spin
Up Special Spatula Strike
Down Special Absorbency
Final Smash

Submarine Sponge

Moveset DescriptionEdit

Standard B: Bubble Blast

SpongeBob takes out a bottle of bubbles and blows bomb-shaped bubbles that quickly explode and deal 5% damage each.

Side B: Karate Spin

SpongeBob instantly gets karate gloves and spins around with them, chopping at any foes who come near him. If an enemy gets struck by this attack, they will be dealt with 7% damage.

Up B: Spatula Strike

SpongeBob tosses his spatula in the air and jumps up to collect it. The spatula itself deals 5% damage.

Down B: Absorbency

SpongeBob bloats up like an airbag, which on contact, deals about 7% damage to any opponents in his way. During this time, SpongeBob becomes much slower, but his attacks become much more powerful. His Spatula Strike is also replaced by a balloon-like jump, which enables SpongeBob to float in the air and jump multiple times.

Final Smash: Submarine Sponge

SpongeBob climbs into an orange submarine, in which the player controls. The submarine is clunky, but can do a lot of damage when in contact with an enemy. It can push them off the stage or fire torpedoes, which do a total of 17% damage each.

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