Spoiled Rotten and Dollina
Spoiled Wrotten and Dollina
Spoiled Rotten, the first guardian of the Golden Pyramid with his doll, Dollina.
Full Name Spoiled Rotten
Species Eggplant
Location Golden Pyramid (Wario Land 4), Mushroom Kingdom (Super Mario Dream (anime 2014))
Main Weapon(s) summoning Eggplant Warriors, sharp teeth, and hypnosis
First Appearance Wario Land 4 (2001)
Latest Appearance Super Mario Dream (anime 2014)

Spoiled Rotten  and Dollina were villains who first appeared in Wario Land 4. Dollina was not given a name in the game and was very unimportant. In Super Mario Dream, however, she is given a name and a bigger role.

Wario Land 4


Wario fighting Spoiled Rotten and his Eggplant Warriors.

In Wario Land 4, Spoiled Rotten was the first boss of the game. It was the weakest boss. To attack, it summoned Eggplant Warriors and used its sharp teeth to hurt Wario.

Spoiled Rotten also carried a doll, which did nothing.

Super Mario Dream (anime 2014)

Spoiled Wrotten

Spoiled Rotten.

Spoiled Rotten, along with the other passage guardians of the Golden Pyramid, are revived by King Polarite in this anime. Spoiled Rotten engages in a battle with Mario, Luigi, Wario, and Yoshi. During the fight, Spoiled Rotten summons Eggplant Warriors to aid him, but they are easily defeated with Yoshi's egg attack. Then, Spoiled Rotten uses an ability that he had not used before in Wario Land 4. He stares into the eyes of the 4 heroes and they slowly become hypnotized. He then walks toward them slowly, and his appearance becomes more vicious. He reveals his sharp teeth and tries to bite them, but before he can do so, Wario snaps out of the hypnosis and forcefully smacks Spoiled Rotten away from the heroes.


Spoiled Rotten is weakened and lying on the floor with his doll next to him. Mario sees an opportunity to defeat him with Shining Golden Galaxy Power, but suddenly, the doll begins to glow. It floats into the air and becomes taller with a curvy body. It begins to speak and call herself "Dollina". Wario is shocked because he had not seen the doll do that back when he fought Spoiled Rotten in the Golden Pyramid in Wario Land 4.

Dollina runs forward and attempts to punch and kick the four heroes, but Luigi uses the Poltergust 5000 on her and blasts her away. She is knocked hard onto the ground, and then Mario finally uses Super Golden Galaxy Power on both Spoiled Rotten and Dollina, defeating them for good.

Physical Appearance

Spoiled Rotten is a large, living eggplant. He is a light purple/lavender color, has green eyes, and green sneakers. When he is angry, his appearance changes. His eyes become wide and his teeth become sharp.

Dollina has red hair, blue eyes, and a wide smile. In her rag doll form, her head is big and has a small, chibi-like body. In her humanoid form, she is much taller and curvier. Her dress, which was longer in her rag doll form, becomes a low cut mini dress. She also wears purple heels.