Full Name Spoi'ella
Current Age 110 Years
Gender Female
Species Unknown
Location Unknown
Current Status Villain
Class Sorceress
Main Weapon(s) Majic
Vulnerable To Fire Brand
Disaster Curse
First Appearance Mario & Luigi: Phony Plot
Latest Appearance Mario & Luigi: Phony Plot
Spoi'ella is the main villain in Mario & Luigi: Phony Plot.


Spoi'ella is a powerful sorceress. All she cares about is taking over the Skyland Islands and some day Mushroom Kingdom. Most of her majic consists of ice and snow. She despises the Mario Bros. and the rest of the Mushroom Kingdom. The king of Skyland Islands, King Blue, was going to ask Princess Peach and King Bowser for help. Spoi'ella heard this and put a curse on the Mushroom Kingdom, turning the citizens to stone. When she heard about the protection potions for Peach and Bowser, she paralyzed them before they even took a sip. Mario, Luigi, and Kamek fled to Skylands Islands when they got the message from King Blue.