A Splunkin jumping.

Splunkins are pumpkin enemies that debuted in New Super Mario Bros.. They act like Goombas and walk forward as their only "attack". When Mario stomps on one, it turns red and starts running more quickly as it gets a crack in their head. Splunkins must be jumped on twice to be defeated.


Replaced by Another Pumpkin

Originally, Splunkins would be playable in Super Mario MHL, but when the creator revealed a picture of a Pumpkinhead Goomba, several people complained that was not a Splunkin. The creator changed it, and the Splunkin was taken out.

The Real Reappearance

Splunkins reappeared for real in New Super Mario Bros. Omega. They act just the same as in its debut and appear again in the ghost houses.

Koopa Kart Series

Splunkins do not appear in the first two Koopa Kart games, but they eventually appear in Koopa Kart DS as lightweight drivers.


  • Splunkins are similar to Rexes, since they must be stomped two times.
  • Splunkins are also similar to Wigglers for becoming mad when stomped once.

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