Split Personality: Split Slash Strike is a 3D hack n' slash game by Inora for the second Weekly Challenge based upon the novel Split Personality. The game has players take control of Fandraxono on a quest to kill Pierce and his emotional forms. Reception has been TBA.


Split Slash Strike is a third person 3D hack n' slash game where players take control Fandraxono and go through linear levels and track down various personalities of Pierce(and eventually Pierce himself) to kill them and take their powers(called Emotions). At the end of a level(based on the HP left and kills) players are awarded a grade. These are(worst to best):

  • Soft
  • Merciful
  • Honorable
  • Monster
  • Complete Monster

Fandraxono mainly utilizes a sword like appendage in battle, but he can also use various evasive moves, targeting, and special abilities that drain from a Humanity gauge(magic gauge) called Emotions.

The game features a multiplayer mode split into two sub-modes: Mission and Deadly Combat. Mission has players racing to get a better grade than the other players. Deadly Combat pits players against each other to the death.


The Hunt

A shadowy figure enters an old hospital. Making his way into the bottom floor, he views a young boy dazed and frightened and approached. After boasting his villainy, he gets out a sharp appendage. However, red and blue clones of the boy race forward and blast fire and ice, defeating the figure and sending him back.

The figure awakes and introduces himself to an army, calling himself Fandraxono. While his army causes terror, he vows to track down those who stopped him from killing his target, 16 year old Pierce. Starting with the red clone, he tracked it to a volcanic region. Upon killing all of the emotional forms, Fandraxono tracked down Pierce, ready to win. There, Pierce used his emotions to put up a fight, assisted by his friends.

Soft Ending

If the majority of stages are completed with a Soft score, Pierce tells Fandraxono that emotions cannot die, and uses his power to seal away Fandraxono into the depths of his mind. Pierce has the will to move on now, and starts a new life with his friends.

Merciful Ending

If the majority of stages are completed with a Merciful score, Pierce is able to seal away Fandraxono after a struggle. However, his army is still on the move. Pierce and his friends ready themselves for the fight of their lives.

Honorable Ending

If the majority of stages are completed with an Honorable score, Fandraxono kills Pierce. However, Pierce's friends survive and flee, to the anger of Fandraxono. They continue to fight against Fandraxono and his army...

Monster Ending

If the majority of stages are completed with a Monster score, Fandraxono and Pierce are at odds. The rebellion dies, but Fandraxono dies as well. His army continues to ravage the world.

Complete Monster Ending

If the majority of stages are completed with a Complete Monster score, Fandraxono slaughters the resistance and rules and ravages the world with his homicidal army.






  • Abandoned Hospital: The tutorial area. Players learn the basics here, and can try out their skills in crates. The goal is to simply get to the bottom floor to trigger a cutscene.
  • Magma Villa: Magma's home. It begins in a jungle that leads into a cavern that must be ascended to the top of a volcano where Magma is fought.
  • River Island
  • Envio Factory
  • Sunny Summit
  • Heart Dreamland
  • Courageous Caves
  • Angel Galaxy
  • Pierce Soul