Split Personality
Role-playing game with action-adventure and dating simulator elements
Age ratings
ESRB2013TCERO B12Rating
Part of the ZLIcon chronology
DEVELOPER(S) Scorpistar logo
PUBLISHER(S) New timestrike logo
PLATFORM(S) V2LogoSmallglowTimeStrike Falcon
RELEASE DATES August 3rd, 2023 (all releases)
MEDIA / INPUT The V² optical disc / The V² controller

Split Personality, or 10 Sins: Split Personality outside of the United States, is a role-playing/action-adventure video game developed and published by scorpistar⭐ for and TimeStrike Falcon consoles. Split Personality was one of the first games developed to be part of the Mallorian Monarch phase, and takes place rather early on. The game's plot follows the central character Pierce Hazel, whom gets captured by Mallory and made into an inmate alongside friends Clair Voyell, FDX-83 and Dustai for attacking and viciously murdering several of her Mass-Produced Clone Corps members, with the three all being sentenced to death. Pierce's objective is to find ways to postpone their own day of execution while sneaking around the Mallorian Castle to figure out what the queen's plans are for the future of the Monarch and pass these notes to Resistance leader Silver Zin, battling and defeating any enemies in his way without being caught by any officials or authorities associated with Mallory. In the introduction, Pierce's mind is split into ten pieces by Mallory in an effort to neutralize his emotions; Pierce must work perfectly in unison with his varying personalities in addition to his three friends to break through the trap-laid castle walls and escape death. It was released on August 3rd, 2020 worldwide to mature audiences; the second instance of a Zaxinian Lifts game being rated that high content-wise following Sweet Invader.

When compared with other titles in the Zaxinian Lifts chronology, Split Personality boasts a dark, truly foreboding experience, being the most explicit in regards to how Mallory's world works. Even when compared to the horror game When Hell Freezes Over, Split Personality does nothing to hold back with its grim plot, though prefers to keep its elements subtle: most of the horrors experienced within are found by the player without warning. While the aforementioned horror game had humor stacked throughout the game in places, with its tone eventually shifting to a more merry ending, Split Personality doesn't let up. Unlike most Zaxinian Lifts titles, the game's narrative is spoken by Pierce Hazel from a very personal point of view, having an autobiographic approach to it that reflects its inspirational source material of the same name. He even narrates character infos and gameplay tips at times. In regards to atmosphere, the game looks and feels like a classic old-school horror game, with dim lighting throughout the game and a dreading feeling of silence that attempts to make the player feel like they're alone. Music takes an enormous backseat in this game, with most melodies being restricted to small underlying beats that reflect the game's various tones. The visuals of the game are unaffected by this tone; everything is glowing with detail and color when possible, taking advantage of the small, claustrophobic setting.

As with other games part of the Mallorian Monarch phase, Pierce and his allies function as members of the Resistance in this title.

Plot synposis

Nearly three years ago, we were all shocked to learn that Queen Mallory had managed to take the steering wheel of our beloved Zaxinian Lifts. Her victory over our ever-forgiving and pleasant God "Fandraxono" has to be one of the most evil things that has ever occurred to us... we now sit as Mallory reconstructs our worlds and changes all of our policies to suit her own thoughts and pleasures atop of satisfying her enormous, bulging ego. Everything then became a blur... we lost beloved ones, we lost unity and justice to Mallory's overbearing power. People I used to look up to as models when I was a child have become ferocious, unforgiving enemies. Our team of "Resistance" remains strong, but for how much longer, I do not know... it gives me great anxiety to imagine our team shattering like glass to whatever ace the queen may have up her sleeve.

Recently, I went on a mad killing spree. I choked and croaked several of Mallory's "Mass-Produced Clone Corps" as clarification that I would not stand for her ruling any longer... in spite of my friends' protests. Clair Voyell, FDX-83 and Dustai, my only friends, were merely trying to protect me from getting arrested by the cold-hearted authorities. As I should have calculated, Mallory was displeased with what I have done... without hesitation, I was thrown into a prison deep down into the castle, with my friends wrongly held behind bars as well. Trapped within this little prison Mallory created for us, we are to be executed within three days... even if it means approaching the Grim Reaper, we must silently escape our prison and fool authorities to spy on what would be an unaware Mallory... we must do what it takes to run this tyrant out of office...

...We will put down Mallory and her P.U.P. (Potentially Unwanted Psychos) Army. It is our duty now, as true Zaxinian citizens...
Pierce Hazel, the game's introduction


Split Personality is unique in the fact that it's confined to just one map: the Mallorian Castle and its surrounding grounds. Pierce and his friends will travel through the multi-floor castle for various reasons; the most important being to write down the plans she's orally discussing with General Spree and Ferris Rock, and other reasons including stealing items from highly secured areas of the castle and postponing execution dates. Pierce can walk around the fully 3D overworld and jump around within it; the player can also look at any room from any angle and point of view as long as it's possible from Pierce's standing position. Pierce can move at a running jog pace or tip-toe around, with the former being useful for speed and the latter being crucial to not getting caught in highly crowded areas. Many areas of the Mallorian Castle support parkour, which Pierce will be doing somewhat often due to the strange terrain of the castle's floors and walls. When elevators are down or other excuses prevent the player from accessing certain floors, Pierce must climb his way up or down to them from the castle's outside. If Pierce gets caught by a searchlight or is unable to overwhelm his enemies in battle, it will be game over. To save progress, the player needs to fulfill a mission, after which the game gives the player a prompt to save or not.

In spite of the singular map, there is a lot to explore in the Mallorian Monarch, though it's rarely ever accessible all at one time. The Monarch, filled to the brim with treasures and rare artifacts, has a lot for the player to keep their eye out for. The player will have to figure out how to make shortcuts around the Monarch's castle, forming holes in floors or finding hidden passageways to rooms normally hidden from even an eagle's eye. This is key to the player's success, as mission-based objectives will require the player to look all over the place for required goodies or objects. However, clever players that take full note of their surroundings can find exceptionally hidden goods that are optional for the player to collect but can benefit them on their quest nonetheless. Spread throughout the house are a deck of enchanted playing cards once owned by Chance Roulette; these aren't mandatory for the player to pick up, but can give Pierce and his friends unique special abilities that can things a hell of a lot easier if appropriately used. The player can even pick up cash found scarcely around the castle to purchase goods from hidden Black Markets in the castle or purchase food from restaurants under a disguise of sorts.

Throughout the player's travels, they will almost exclusively control Pierce, but Clair, FDX-83 and Dustai walk with him by his sides, behind him just a little. The player can choose how to organize them; they can bring the three directly behind Pierce in a straight line or push them ahead of Pierce to disguise his presence entirely. If Clair or FDX-83 see something that threatens the player, a yellow "!" appears above their heads, which the player can take advantage of to look around their surroundings and get away from trouble. Dustai auto-targets weak targets to defeat them without getitng the player involved. In the overworld, the player can use Clair's ability to detect the presence of supernatural beings and spy on the minds of opponents, which can be useful for judging what they need to do in the most perilous positions. FDX-83 can scan environments to give an analysis on them, sort of functioning like how Goombella did in Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door. Additionally, FDX-83 has the ability to microwave or freeze food in addition to just being able to make food for the team in general. This is important in areas which lack shops of any sort for the player to purchase food from, in which case they'll need to rely on their robotic friend. The player can store whatever food they need in their inventory (alongside other things like collected items or valuables), though there's a limit. Zodiez, occasionally patrolling hallways, can store food in an endless space should the player need to make room in their traveling case. Pierce himself can use his psychic abilities to trigger objects or mechanisms, and Dustai can break open objects with his Sand Stick.

Chibi help

Chibi Pierce

Chibi Pierce

"Chibi Pierce" is a floating angel based off of Pierce Hazel, floating around the Mallorian Monarch as a purple spirit and showing his true colors and appearance when approached from up close. When hovered near, most of the time he'll just give the player a hint as for what to do next before disappearing. At other times, he'll teach the player how to use basic action commands and give advice in battle. If the player suffers a bunch in battles and is particularly low on items and money, he'll give some big hints as for how to "get good" at the game, but will mostly just laugh and mock the player before whisking into thin air. If they're really struggling, he'll give them Chibi Clair, who will help make the next five battles easier -- including boss fights. However, if the Chibi Clair is used on the final boss, she'll simply whimper and run away, forcing the player to try and beat them alone. The game's tutorials are commanded by him almost entirely, having occasional help from Chibi versions of Clair Voyell, FDX-83 and Dustai to give the player all the advantages and quirks they need to overcome various obstacles.


Within battles in Split Personality, the player controls Pierce, Clair, FDX-83 and Dustai in combat against enemies. To engage in combat with a foe, the player must simply lock eyes with the enemy's from a short distance away, in which case a battle will ensue right there in the overworld. If the player strikes an enemy from behind, they'll have a free turn to rack up some damage with, but if the player is struck from behind, the opponent will have the starting blow. If any effects or in place or if any items are activated, the game will say so before the player is allowed to make their move, just to keep the player aware of any unique circumstances the battle may possess. The most common is "Can't escape!", which implies the player has no room to get away from the enemy, particularly if they start the fight really close to the enemy or get ambushed. Pierce's team will always be the first to strike in combat, except for if the enemy gets an ambush in first. After that, the player and enemy will be exchanging turns until one side goes down.

The player's stats are HP, SP, ATK, SP ATK, DEF, and SP DEF, meaning Health Points, Special Points, Attack, Special Attack, Defense, and Special Defense respectively. Each character and enemy has these, and a varying amount as well depending on who they are. The player does not get any stat increases by means of leveling up; they instead gain new stats by eating variations of rare fruit. It should be noticed that Pierce's HP will never increase with fruit, but all other stats can be raised. "SP" can be used for special attacks, and by using said attacks, the player's SP bar starts to drain. It is automatically filled with time, with 5% being restored for each character per turn, and 1% per 100 steps in the overworld. If all three characters are knocked down, it is GAME OVER. Should a battle be finished while some characters are unconscious, they'll be revived at 5% of their total max HP.

Pierce's strategy

Perhaps very unusual for an RPG protagonist, but Pierce has only 1 HP in battle. To make up for this, his personality variants each have 60 HP, which they use to protect his extremely fragile body. While Pierce starts out with only a few recruited (with the rest rampant throughout the castle), he eventually regains them and can have 601 HP total at the maximum. In battle, Pierce always goes first, and has a plethora of options at hand. Pierce's main way of attacking enemies is by using BDSM toys jokingly handed to him by Mallory to strike them. He has the lowest physical attacking power of his team, but he may be able to paralyze enemies with his weapons or choke them out of their HP earlier than usual with a noose, forcing them to go down with one drop. Nooses require that he has any in his inventory, though, so if the player needs a quick victory, a noose is practical. Nooses do not work on bosses; they survive them. Pierce's true advantage lies in his Special Attack power; with his psychic abilities, Pierce can fling his enemies around into each other or distort them, which can result in enemies becoming Fearful of his traumatizing power. Pierce has the best SP ATK and SP stats, but suffers from low ATK and DEF, and of course, his one hit point. His high SP, thankfully, allows him to use lots of psychic attacks without too much punishment.

Uniquely, Pierce can bring out any of his collected personality selves in battle to do the work for him. He will always have two out at one time to ensure he gets the most protection from enemies. Without wasting a turn, the player can switch who's in and who's out once in a single move, with the amount the player needs highly depending on the circumstances. If all of his selves are out, they can all be wiped out in one hit from a powerful long-ranged move, but they grant him the most protection from a single huge blow. On the contrary, Pierce can have some out and some in storage to reserve spirits over time, but this comes at the cost of him having less to defend himself with overall. The player needs to figure out how to work this out on their own. Pierce can absorb his personalities to gain their HP and new benefits, but he'll become more vulnerable to emotions (the kinds vary) and he'll have less shields to hold his ground with. Pierce is an extremely strategic character the player needs to use carefully.

Clair's strategy

Clair is very vital in battle, able to use her clairvoyance to sense and trigger the appearance of supernatural beings, and can render them vulnerable by reading their minds aloud shall they not be secured. An enemy that gets their thoughts read aloud can get angry, sad, or etc., preventing them from switching back to invisible and allowing Pierce and FDX-83 to hit these otherworldly foes. In order to break secured minds, Pierce and FDX-83 need to torment them in some way; Pierce can scare or intimidate enemies and FDX-83 can use her various weapons to trigger certain emotions within these foes. Dustai can help by potentially absorbing damage for her, which can really tick the enemy off. Clair wields weapons like baseball bats and heavy water bottles, making use of what she can to smash through enemies with. However, she can also use her psychic powers to lift enemies and smash them down into the ground, though she's not as strong as Pierce in this regard (who also has more options). Clair can additionally tease her enemies by eating goodies like cotton candy in front of them or flirt with their hearts. If an enemy falls for Clair, the player can choose if they want to vocally break their heart (decreasing all enemy stats and taking away accuracy) or seduce them further to intensify those effects. Be warned; an attracted enemy can do more damage (all stats increased). Clair has middle-ground stats, so she doesn't have any particular advantages nor disadvantages.

As with FDX-83 and Dustai, she can pray to revive one lost Pierce personality clone, which takes a turn.

FDX-83's strategy

Compared to her comrades, FDX-83 has some high physical power stacked up within her robotic body. She can stretch her arms out from her current position to punch or kick enemies from a distance, and can also unleash loads of status ailments from her body to really give her opponents a headache. She is key to making opponents' minds weak, though can have issue doing such if the enemy is too cocky to be affected by her sass. With her stretchy self, she can evade attacks, and with her metallic body, she's immune to certain status ailments like Plague. Though Pierce and Clair can typically only fight one enemy at a time, FDX-83 can easily cripple the whole opposition with her long-range attacks. She can also protect her three friends by sacrificing her health to protect them both with a metallic hug; FDX-83 will ensure they take minimal damage while taking most of the blunt. If FDX-83 goes down in battle, the player likely won't have any effective ways of breaking minds, crippling multiple opponents, or taking off pressure from the player. FDX-83 has good ATK and high DEF as well as a huge HP stat, but her SP ATK and SP DEF stats are quite low and her SP is terrible.

As with Clair and Dustai, she can pray to revive one lost Pierce personality clone, which takes a turn.

Dustai's strategy

Dustai is the strongest of the pack and boasts some incredible power, able to take out nearly any one foe in at least three hits using his Sand Stick. With this level of strength, he can break any variety of shield in one go and make life tough for defensive walls. With his various immunities, having the ability to dodge ailments like Plague and Dizziness, he can prove to be a very effective wallbreaker indeed. His battlestyle isn't diverse, with his attacks being as simple as chaining stick attacks onto his opponents, but the other three characters have an issue with taking care of enemies at times due to their defense-based gameplay. If Dustai takes a turn to sniff an opponent, he can sniff out strengths and weaknesses. Though he suffers from poor defensive stats, his ATK stat is the best of the four and he has a strangely high amount of SP in spite of lacking a SP ATK stat and Special Attacks for that matter. His special skills are used to enhance himself or his teammates in different ways; he can raise stats or cure ailments or give his team's attacks a certain element to them like Fire. With his hyperactiveness, he can perform two moves in just one turn, and can choose if he wishes to sacrifice his extra turn to a teammate or not. However, his low point is his accuracy: he hits about 75% of the time rather than 95-100%, which can set him back at times.

As with Clair and FDX-83, he can pray to revive one lost Pierce personality clone, which takes a turn.


Pierce and his three allies can collect 52 cards which are part of an enchanted deck; each of the four suits grant the three main playable characters four different abilities each. There are 13 cards per suit; the first ten (aces and the numbers up to 10) are used to calculate how much strength the skills have, with higher values meaning more damage being done. However, the lower the value, the better the resulting side-effects will be from said skills. 5 and 6 are middle ground; they have moderate attack power and their side-effects aren't the strongest but ain't the weakest either. If the card is an Ace, little damage will be done but the side-effects are strong, while the opposite is true for a 10. The player can select one of these cards in battle as a special attack, with middle-ground cards not being too costly to use for the player's Special Energy meter but high-end cards like aces and 10s requiring more energy. One of the three other cards (Jacks, Queens, and Kings) can be paired with any card from Aces up to 10s; Jacks give the player's skill a random luck factor (like a critical hit), Queens add specific side-effects to the player's skill (yet aren't strong as a Jack's), and Kings double the attack power whilst removing all side-effects from a skill.

These 52 cards can be found throughout the game and used by any of the three playable characters; they're often hidden away for the player to find on their own in hard-to-find locations. In order to use a new skill, the player must first possess the Ace of that skill's associated suit. Once the Ace is collected, all three characters have access to a new special attack.

Ace of Clubs2 Clubs3 Clubs4 Clubs5 Clubs6 Clubs7 Clubs8 Clubs9 Clubs10 Clubs
Jack ClubQueen ClubKing Club
Ace of Diamonds2 Diamonds3 Diamonds4 Diamonds5 Diamonds6 Diamonds7 Diamonds8 Diamonds9 Diamonds10 Diamonds
Jack DiamondQueen DiamondKing Diamond
Ace of Hearts2 Hearts3 Hearts4 Hearts5 Hearts6 Hearts7 Hearts8 Hearts9 Hearts10 Hearts
Jack HeartQueen HeartKing Heart
Ace of Spades2 Spades3 Spades4 Spades5 Spades6 Spades7 Spades8 Spades9 Spades10 Spades
Jack SpadeQueen SpadeKing Spade


  • ATK Up: Increases both ATK and SP ATK stats, making it easier to deal a bunch of damage. Lasts only three turns.
  • DEF Up: Increases both DEF and SP DEF stats, making it easier to block damage. Lasts only three turns.
  • Charging: If the player is charging an attack, this status will display. It usually increases the resulting attack power by 2.5x.
  • Critical: Should the unit land the 10% chance the move will become a critical hit, the move will deal more damage than normal.
  • Hyped: Allows the unit to attack twice in just one turn for up to three whole turns. Incredibly useful.
  • Protected: A shield is up, halving enemy attack power for roughly three turns. This shield can be intensified to quarter ATK power.
  • Angry: While the unit's ATK and SP ATK increases, DEF and SP DEF severely fall. Lasts for three turns.
  • Blocked: Exclusive to Pierce and Clair. If they receive this, they cannot use actions requiring their minds.
  • Crashed: This status ailment is unique to FDX-83 and robot units. If electrocuted, they will be shut down and require revival.
  • Dizzy: Unit occasionally attacks other allies or misses altogether when trying to battle opponents.
  • Fearful: Unit's stats fall slightly, making it tougher for them to deal damage or otherwise defend.
  • Hellbent: The unit's stats raise high, but they take recoil for every attack. Lasts for three turns.
  • Joyful: The unit is subject to immense positivity, using items and attacks randomly until hit.
  • Masochist: The unit becomes suicidal, attacking themselves in pleasure for the rest of the fight unless cursed.
  • Plague: Slowly decreases HP without the chance of flinching, but the rate of HP loss increases with each turn.
  • Silenced: The unit is prevented from using SP for three to five turns, which is a dangerous fate.
  • Sleepy: The unit falls asleep. They are incapable of doing anything for 2 or 3 turns; when it ends is up to RNG.
  • Unconscious: The unit is down and cannot get back up unless revived in some way.

The Dating System

Atop of delaying execution dates, finding out about Mallory's plans and fending off lots of enemies, Pierce Hazel and Clair Voyell are trying to keep their relationship up throughout the game. Pierce and Clair must keep a healthy relationship and remain by each other's side at all times. Throughout battles, they must keep each other alive and work together to solve issues; the difficulty of the game is increased if the two's relationship begins to go in the wrong direction. To keep each other happy, Pierce and Clair must heal each other in battle, defeat enemies that have just attacked their respective lover, talk a fair amount of times in the overworld when possible, and take rests with her throughout the building. In restrooms, Pierce and Clair can talk to each other and converse; if they go in the right direction, their relationship will improve. However, if conversations go the wrong way, things get worse instead. Conversations are often from Pierce's point of view, but can be chosen to be done from Clair's; this is necessary at times in case Clair is just fine but Pierce isn't.

There is a life meter in the game that the player has to watch. If it's at 100%, the player will not need to worry too much about the relationship as it is in its best stance. It's not necessarily bad at 80% or 60%, but there's a little bit of hesitation in what the two may do with each other. At 40%, things start to go pretty wrong, and things get miserable at 20%. If at 1%, the player will need to figure out exactly what to do or the relationship will shatter and the player will receive a game over. By keeping each other healthy, there should be zero problems. Although FDX-83 and Dustai are not part of this relationship, the player can improve bonds using either of them; if they're encouraged enough, they're try to help keep the two together by helping them talk over their problems as if they were mentors of sorts. Dustai tries to resolve things with jokes while FDX-83 always talks seriously to them.

Heart 100 Life
Pierce and Clair are perfectly fine at a 100% relationship. They will help each other out in battle often by helping lay extra hits to each other's enemies and work perfectly in sync with psychic attacks. In the overworld, they are bouncy and friendly with each other. The player should still watch out, though.
Heart 80 Life
Things are fine at an 80% relationship. They'll still help each other out in battle without hesitation, but the output won't be as significant, and the two may have a little bit of difficulty in getting attacks to sync. In the overworld, they are happy with each other, but not obsessed.
Heart 60 Life
At 60%, Pierce and Clair will be a little hesitant to do things with one another at times, though less out of spite and more out of fear. Their attacks will only sync half the time and they'll just look okay with each other in the overworld. This is the acceptable point; beyond 60%, things get bad.
Heart 40 Life
The characters just don't sync in battle anymore or make efforts to defend each other in battle. Their relationship becomes more lopsided; though both characters will attempt to be talkative and try to get the player to fix their mistakes, eventually asking for them to be prioritized over the mission. This is the "warning phase".
Heart 20 Life
The mad one in this relationship will start ignoring everything happening to their partner, and refuse to hang out with them at restrooms or anything with the sort until they get their act together. To improve their relationship, the player will need to make their BEST effort to aid them in battle.
Heart Last Chance
Depending on which individual is angry, they will attack their teammate in battle with little hesitation and growl at the one who messed up in the overworld, which can trigger enemies to their presence. If the player isn't quick to fix their relationship, everything will shatter in no time, which as hard as they'll refuse even healing items. FDX-83 can't help now.
Heart Dead
The heartbroken character will start screaming loudly in frustrating, banging their weapon into their divorced partner and killing them in the process. When they realize their misdeeds, it will be an automatic game over as they kill themselves out of guilt.



Pierce Height Chart
Pierce Hazel
As the leader of the so-titled "Hazel Squad", I must say it's appropriate to be at the start of the table... or is that too egotistic to say? Whatever... anyway, so I got caught in this whole mess after a massacre I laid on some Mallorian troops, and now I need to postpone my death to stay alive... is that too much to ask? I need your help though, <insert your name here>, to help drive me towards finishing my tasks... I can't do this alone, I could never do anything alone.
  • HP: It's just one hit point. I'm more fragile than a raindrop... shockingly bad.
  • SP: Fortunately, I have a gorgeous amount of Special Points... quite useful.
  • ATK: In contrast to my teammates, I don't have anything good to say about my physical attacks...
  • DEF: I can't even defend myself all that well... I'd make for a very terrible lawyer.
  • SP ATK: Gets the job done; I have incredible psychic talent my friends do not possess.
  • SP DEF: Pretty standard, all things considered. It's not great but I don't mind that much.

To see more depth about how I play, click here.

Clair Height Chart
Clair Voyell
Clair is the sweetest person I have ever met bar none. She has been with my side for the longest time, and she would be happy to help figure out more about just how twisted Mallory is as a whole. She wants to help sniff out supernatural beings and put an end to the Monarch, though such an event... the end of the monarch... will take a long time. If you use her well, <insert your name here>, you will find some things being done easier.
  • HP: She's pretty middle ground with her health points, but it's not bad at all.
  • SP: She possesses quite a bit of SP, though I tend to have more than she does. FDX-83 is jealous.
  • ATK: It's certainly higher than my own ATK power, but FDX-83 can beat her up any day of the week.
  • DEF: Again, she has more than I do, but FDX-83 has her outmatched in this regard. She's special-based.
  • SP ATK: Her special attack power is pretty strong... not as strong as I, but it's good.
  • SP DEF: Pretty middle-ground, she's not weak to fire or anything, however, unlike a certain robot.

To see more depth about how she plays, click here.

FDX-83 Height Chart
FDX-83 is newer than Clair in regards as a friend to me, but I do not regret meeting her. She is incredibly wise and friendly, I'm glad she has sentience that allows her to see the differences between right and wrong... she was strange at first, but she's quite useful now. She packs more of a punch than I can ever dare to have, and thank goodness because without her we'd be stuck crippling things. <insert your name here>, make full use of her ailment powers.
  • HP: She has more than my clones' and Clair's health combined... a true physical tank.
  • SP: She has just a little, and it's nothing compared to what Clair and I have stacked up together.
  • ATK: Phenomenal ATK stat that happens to just be finger-lickin' good.
  • DEF: Sheer defense that's super tough to break, she's much more durable than I will ever be.
  • SP ATK: Ultimately very poor with her special stats, with SP ATK being no exception to this.
  • SP DEF: Set her on fire and she will be incapable of handling it at all.

To see more depth about how she plays, click here.

Dustai Height Chart
I suppose Dustai is... okay. He's kind of stupid and dull-witted most of the time, but he hangs in there for us. He's a friend to us and hopes he can help in any way he can. He can be destructive, swinging his Sand Stick all over the place in chaotic manners, but he means no harm to anyone unless they're an enemy to his friends. After Crymsia was unrightfully knocked off the globe, he wishes revenge. Do you agree with him, <insert your name here>?
  • HP: It's more or less the same as Clair's: about average. Nothing special.
  • SP: Surprisingly, he doesn't have special attacks, but this stat is high. His special stats are for support.
  • ATK: Highest attack statistic out of us four, he's pretty phenomenal in that regard.
  • DEF: Abysmal defense stat that makes the rest of us look like Iron Man or whatever.
  • SP ATK: This stat is at zero, given he doesn't USE Special Attacks in any shape or form.
  • SP DEF: Also laughable, but it's twice the size of his DEF stat at least.

To see more depth about how he plays, click here.

Pierce variants

These are the ten Pierce varients that Pierce can use in battle. Upon absorbing any of the Pierces, the star can gain their effects. He can absorb all ten at the same time, but the extra effects become lesser and lesser with every varient he absorbs.

Wrath Pierce
Wrath "Vex" Hazel
Higher attack power
ATK+ if hit lands
Gluttony Pierce
Gluttony "Hammy" Hazel
Higher defense stats
DEF+ if HP falls
Greed Pierce
Greed "Cupid" Hazel
Money gain after battle
Crits deal more damage
Envy Pierce
Envy "Disney" Hazel
Accuracy increases
ATK+ if hitting in revenge
Sloth Pierce
Sloth "Sleepy" Hazel
HP auto-restores
ATK+ triples if woken
Brave Pierce
Brave "Cpt. Courage" Hazel
Enemy stats falter
SP increases
Fear Pierce
Fear "Zonas" Hazel
Enemies miss more
Running away is easier
Vanity Pierce
Vanity "Heartgold" Hazel
Increased critical hit stat
HP increases
Lust Pierce
Lust "Queen" Hazel
Foes can become infatuated
Pierce can break hearts
Death Pierce
Death "Reaper" Hazel
Poison/Burn immunity
10% chance of OHKO

Setting: The Mallorian Castle

Please note that various floors have hidden rooms that aren't marked down on the map; if found, they can be used to sneak around the listed rooms at times.
First Floor
The ground floor of Mallory's enormous castle. Beyond the admittedly deliciously decorated Main Hall and the wickedly twisted designs of the slave quarters and Greek-like architecture hanging around the place, a rusty and quite desolate prison hides beyond all visitors' view. The first floor is no labyrinth, with nearly every pathway being straightforward or following a simple curve, but it's heavily guarded. With hundreds of armed soldiers alone standing around Queen Mallory's throne room protectively, the rooms are filled with many aware guards that attempt to watch our every move. The highlights of this floor include the cloning chamber, the weapons bed, the massive diner, the master bedroom, the throne room, and the "asylum loop". Thematically, it's designed so that Mallory can get to all of her vital rooms without having to make use of a staircase or elevator.
Due to it being the base floor and the one holding the front and back doors, the floor is also designed for ease of access to visitors. As such, portals to popular planets like Zonar and Hisplit can be found on this floor. Statues of Mallory are standing erect around the castle, painted gold, silver, and whatever other colors of the rainbow. They're so enormous that the Mistress of Weird looks like a child in comparison; a being standing at nearly 7 feet. The diamond-like floor tiling and several portraits hanging off the walls are designed in Mallory's image, most of them bearing her face. Velvet, purple and gold line the surfaces of the First Floor. Six towers surrounding the castle can also be accessed from here, which lead to execution chambers as well as various other little planets that don't receive quite as much recognition from the Monarch's people.
  • Rooms: Fourteen; Main Hall, Throne Room, Master Bedroom, Mallorian Diner, West Quarters, East Quarters, West Meeting Room, East Meeting Room, Cloning Room, Weapons Bed, Prison Bend, Restroom, Laundromat, Engine Room
  • Dimensions: 6,250 sq. feet in area, distance between floor and ceiling is 30 feet on average
  • Color scheme: Velvet, purple, gold, with traces of grey
  • Elevator number: Alpha (α)
Second Floor
The second floor is almost the polar opposite of the main attraction the ground floor happens to be. Few roam the plant-choked second floor, which houses thousands of thorn-lined vines twisting and turning around the claustrophobic, compact labyrinth this floor is. The air is thick and moist, with deep breathing emerging from the heavy plants stationed around the place. This floor exists to provide energy to the Mallorian Castle, with the hypnotic mind-controlling floral beasts stealing positive energy from the Zaxinian Lifts to run all of the electricity. With the growing beasts being highly aggressive, no guards or security cameras have been implanted given visitors will normally not get past them alive. Visitors are often restricted to the observation deck and rooms containing planet portals, which they can access by riding off a zipline from place to place. They run the risk of being thrown off, however, by the plants.
With its tight, compact structure hiding what worthwhile rooms there are (most of the rooms are just hallways), it can be challenging to find anything spectacular. It is possible to change the electric grids, however, which can transfer energy to different places in the castle while leaving others completely in the dark. These grids are stationed in various rooms hiding throughout the floor, and some can only be opened by shutting off certain security locks. Several watch towers on this floor look towards the outside world; they have searchlights that can be shut off, which can be at times important to our missions. Fresh vegetation grows on this floor; it can be picked up and eaten to restore health, but perhaps with slight side-effects due to radiation. Pictures mocking Crymsia are found throughout the floor, as well as pictures of a heartbroken Silver Zin. Perhaps they weren't meant to be seen.
  • Rooms: Seventy; mostly hallways and collections of cubicles, with six Observation Towers, four Control Rooms and two Restrooms being included alongside them
  • Dimensions: 5,780 sq. ft in area, distance between floor and ceiling is 3¾ feet on average in chambers and 40 in open rooms
  • Color scheme: Lime-yellow, piss-yellow, grey, purple
  • Elevator number: Beta (β)
Third Floor
An enormous shopping mall poses as the castle's third floor. Every hallway and room is designed in a way that every room is perpendicular to one another; there are only 90-degree angle bends on this floor, with each edge hosting a building of sorts; typically some kind of shop or diner or inn. Every dollar and cent is donated to the Mallorian Cause -- which supports the funding and building of a massive galactic weapon meant to destroy or conquer all worlds! Yet, we need to buy things from the shops in order to stay alive, and it's really hard not to be tempted to when things go on sale extremely often... the third floor, in other words, is a scam to drain us of our money... but a cleverly disguised one that ends up benefiting us a little if we submit to it. It's messed up, but what can we really do about it? As you might expect, this floor is crowded and really noisy. All shops are operated by clones.
It's impossible to describe how many goods we can get from this floor in one go, but we need to keep in mind how expensive things happen to be if they're not on sale. In fact, it's mandatory that my team and I visit this floor once in a while... we may need to stock up on supplies. We would have to be disguised, however, or we'd get arrested on the spot. Televisions and screens and neon lighting are incredibly frequently found on this floor, advertising products with Mallory giving live details on what's on sale and what's just in. Occasionally, she may scout the floor for trouble, so we need to be masked in case we really need to see her offers! But beyond the shopping mall this floor poses to be, there's an entrance to the sewage system... if expertly crawled through, one can make it to any floor in the castle from within, but must watch out for sludge and for any potential security cameras lying within.
  • Rooms: Twenty-three; the Street Chambers, Information Center, Zin Inn, Sweetheart Diner, General Grocer, Scarecrow's Weapons Tow, B. Trayd Complaints, Butcher Shop, Dine & Fight, Nightshade Inc., Beer Tavern, Minute's Stop & Shop, Channel Y, Candle-Lit Fragrances, Ragnell Prepares, Mystery Office, Zodiac World, Fandraxonian Carnival, Postal Service, Jackson Theater, Athena's Save Point, North Restroom, South Restroom
  • Dimensions: 3,550 sq. ft in area, distance between floor and ceiling is 10 feet
  • Color scheme: Black, white, pink
  • Elevator number: Gamma (γ)
Fourth Floor
The fourth floor consists of an enormous zoo; there are very few rooms here due to its immense size. This is no ordinary zoo, however; this one has no typical animals to be seen, but rather vicious, hungry beasts. Lighting is scarce, but what lamps exist are immensely strong heat providers that give excess energy to the beasts roaming about in here. Dangerous creatures like The Echeno and Ghasja reside here, with clones of them going rampant as well. All the "walls" on this floor are wired mesh, which doesn't keep the beasts bound as they can still leap out and savagely attack anyone nearby that's a threat to them. This floor is a dazzling labyrinth that provides access to the above three floors... should anyone make it to the other side. Only Mallory's "Queen Elevator" can make it from the bottom to the top of this massive castle.
In spite of the zoo here being incredibly dangerous, it has lots of information stands and detailed biographies of each creature... like a zoo. Sturdy skeletons hang from the ceilings and audio books sit atop tables to read off important info regarding these big creatures. This floor is "Multi-floored": four levels need to be climbed in this vast room in order to reach the elevator leading up to Floor 5 and above. Aesthetic-wise, the floor looks like a fancy prison, with barred windows and steel interior walls being aplenty, but everything's colored gold and bronze, and the mesh is colored gold and grey in a wondrous way. There are six watch towers on this floor, but they monitor the activity of the zoo floor rather than the outside world. If caught by the searchlights, we'll get quickly arrested... or eaten!
  • Rooms: Six; the Zoo (Level 1), the Zoo (Level 2), the Zoo (Level 3), the Zoo (Level 4), Level 2 Restroom, Level 4 Restroom
  • Dimensions: 3,225 sq. ft in area, distance between floor and ceiling is 20 feet for each level (80 feet altogether)
  • Color scheme: Gold, bronze, sanguine, grey
  • Elevator number: Zeta (ζ)
Fifth Floor
The fifth floor is a full-on hotel, hosted by Infinite and appropriately named "Infinite's Inn". This is perhaps the most labyrinth-like of the floors, with several hallways and locked rooms aglore here. It is perhaps the fanciest floor apart from the ground one, with polished wooden walls and smooth glass floor tiling throughout, and the service is always being met with five-star ratings. It is filled with residents that tend to be rich; those are often the ones allowed to make it to floors beyond the fourth. The hotel is seemingly under construction, too; several mechanisms set throughout the floor twist and turn hallways and rearrange rooms, though it's somehow done so that nothing spills or breaks from within those rooms. It is a frustrating labyrinth, but the food and service are high-quality.
This is yet another floor designed in Mallory's image, with photos of her hanging around the place and little stone gargoyles based off of her hanging off the walls. These gargoyles are surveillance cameras in disguise, and shoot lasers at anything should alarms be triggered. Statues of her aren't all too common, but some of them block access to specific rooms whilst requiring a VIP pass. It is supposed that behind said blocked passages are vital items that are kept from the visitors' eyes, supposedly to be used later on. Hidden behind an employees-only door is the deck of operations in regards to all the security cameras and the castle's general flow of power, though it is dangerous to enter uninvited because of aggressive guardians. While this is Infinite's Inn, there are few things based on him -- the most attention he gets is through hotel keys designed in his image.
  • Rooms: Seventy; fifteen Hallways, forty Common Hotel Rooms, ten V.I.P. Rooms, Infinite's Office, Surveillance Studio, Restroom, Telescope Deck, Sewage Drainage Room
  • Dimensions: 3,600 sq. ft in area, distance between floor and ceiling is 20 feet maximum
  • Color scheme: Red, black, grey, yellow
  • Elevator number: Lambda (λ)
Sixth Floor
The sixth floor is by far the scariest one... basically, this one receives little attention and is almost completely devoid of light or any form of sunshine. Ghosts and spirits wander about aimlessly to capture the souls of misguided folk, taking advantage of the abandoned nature of this room. According to Mallory, this is a cemetery -- when people die, their souls are released in here, never to escape... and they take out their revenge on any alive being that comes upon this zone. All of the room's floors are given spider-web like designs -- we can walk on the white walkways, but if we step off of them, we'll fall down for a bloody landing on the fifth floor! Sticky webs can be used to climb around the huge, confusingly laid-out floor... but some rooms can't be accessed from just walking and climbing about on the floor. Sometimes there'll be a need to walk around the floor's outside to get to different rooms!
The maze-like structure of the sixth floor isn't as complex as the fifth floor, but it can be a hell of a lot more frustrating! We'll need to climb to different elevations in the room to access different windows, all without falling down and having to reset from the floor below! Some of the cells in this complex lead upwards and downwards, so it can be confusing to know where one is supposed to go. When it comes down to appearance, most of the rooms on this floor are filled with cobwebs and large creepy-crawlies, and purple-and-orange Halloween patterns crawl up the steel walls that make up this shabby-looking area. It should be noted that this floor has six watch towers that watch the world outside, and that there's a lot of damaged electrical currents. If they're all fixed, and should all the power generators on Floor 2 be running, the energy will go into chaos!
  • Rooms: Sixty; all of which are little honeycomb-like cells, with two of them being Restrooms and five of them being Beast Birth Grounds
  • Dimensions: 2,570 sq. ft in area, distance between the floor and its ceiling is 40 feet, with each little comb being at least eight feet high
  • Color scheme: Purple, orange, black, sky blue
  • Elevator number: Sigma (Σ)
Seventh Floor
This floor stands atop the rest, being the Mallorian Shrine grounds. Much like the first floor, everything here is straight-forward in design, but heavily guarded. It is by far the shortest of the floors, but it is the most dangerous and it's easy to pay serious consequences for messing up around these parts. At this shrine, everyone under Mallory's whim must bow to her and treat her as God, and pray to her every Sunday. Everyone must visit this floor in the morning and bow to this huge statue of Mallory, or they'll receive heavy punishment later on. This floor is split into two halves: one is filled with various cubicles that multiple clone workers operate and simultaneously features the Great Hall, and the other half is one enormous room that takes up a sizable portion of the entire floor. This room has no ceiling, but various waterproof chairs and a dazzling diamond statue of Mallory watching over the whole stage.
When arriving from an elevator, the cubicle side of this floor looks highly futuristic, and several casino-like elements reside for visitors to toy around with and waste money on. The aesthetic moves away from fun and comes when it comes to the high-energy cubicle section, with dull grey coloring to be seen everywhere as well as various navy-colored computers and devices. Everything becomes very Greek when it comes to the shrine, however, with its dense Greek railings surrounding the room and various statues showing the way to Mallory's royal throne and statue. A lot of the themes on this floor clash wondrously with one another, but it's part of why so many people are inclined to follow Mallory's rule; they're tricked by an evil, evil religion... as to be expected, Mallory's showcased all around the place in the form of portraits and signs, but at the shrine, her statue is all that is needed to showcase her power.
  • Rooms: Twenty; the Shrine, the Great Hall, fourteen Cubicle Rooms, the Casino Room, the Billiards Room, West Restroom, East Restroom
  • Dimensions: 2,000 sq. ft in area, distance between the floor and ceiling is 10 feet in the cubicle/casino section
  • Color scheme: Purple, velvet, sky blue (casino), grey and blue (cubicles), gold, green and grey (shrine)
  • Elevator number: Omega (Ω)
Basement Floor
Should one find the sewers or figure out the elevator combination to get down there, they can visit the basement floor. But little does anyone know... a hangar exists below the castle! Aircraft exists here by the numbers, with weapons attached all over them, but what's more intriguing is the various aliens and creatures held within status pods. Though the area is dark and rather dusty, various guards hang around here, ensuring that nobody knows what lies down here in Mallory's secret basement... there's more to it than just the hangar, though. There's also a library filled with various important documents that Mallory herself wrote out, a cellar where Mallory gets her beer from by the gallon, and an unfinished shrine that was seemingly replaced by the one on the top floor. What's disturbing, however, is how many clones are kept down here when unused... they're packed together in some rooms like sardines in a can.
The basement is enormous, to the point where there's high-speed tunnels that can be navigated through by using ziplines! There's also several warp points somewhere in the basement that start inactive; they have a twin found on each of the seven floors. Should one of those warp points be found and switched on, it will be possible to teleport to the basement; though one cannot travel back! The basement hides many valuable goods, though they will not be easy to find due to being so heavily guarded -- we have to travel here once in a while to find stuff rather than try to get everything at one time. If there's any immediate advantage to the basement, it's that it's a good hiding spot... if one hides in the right place, the officers will be too dumb to notice and go back. That won't help us escape the Echeno though, which knows all and goes on this floor too!
  • Rooms: Sixteen known; Sewage Hall, Hangar 18 - Aircraft Room, Hangar 18 - Alien Imprisonment, West Library, East Library, South Library, Beer Cellar, Abandoned Shrine, Echeno's Lair, Sewage Wind 1, Sewage Wind 2, Sewage Wind 3, Restroom, Zipline Tunnel A, Zipline Tunnel B, Zipline Tunnel C
  • Dimensions: 10,450 sq. ft in area, distance between the floor and ceiling is 20 feet on average
  • Color scheme: Green, grey, red
  • Elevator number: None
Garden Floor
The little-known Garden Floor can be accessed by heading out of certain doors on Floors 2 and 6, which provides visitors with just two staircases that can take them to a floor secretly hidden between the fourth and fifth ones. The Garden Floor is filled to the brim with fruits and vines and everything here is healthy... it looks like a tropical paradise! There's a pool, a hot tub, several patches of vegetation, and wondrous pillars with fortunes inscribed onto them. Unfortunately, it is guarded really heavily, and it's impossible to access the garden without sneaking in! Should one be able to sneak through, however, they will have access to all kinds of health benefits. There's little to say about this particular floor.
  • Rooms: One
  • Dimensions: 3,400 sq. ft in area, distance between the floor and ceiling is 20 feet on average
  • Color scheme: Green and gold with traces of orange and purple
  • Elevator number: None


No. 1: Destroy the guillotine!
Hey mate, you have about 24 hours to live. Get used to your surroundings and shut down the guillotine hosted on the third floor. You'll need assistance from your girlfriend Clair, so find her as soon as possible. Don't get caught by security, as they'll try to throw you back into jail.
SplitPersonalityIcon Scotch Average
Mission Details
No. 2: Blow out the power grid!
You don't have time to sit around, Mallory's working to mess up the electricity to lock you somewhere in the castle. What you need to do is ascend to the top floor and knock out the power grid, then get down before they notice you left your station. DON'T GET CAUGHT.
SplitPersonalityIcon Snickers
Mission Details


While Split Personality is lacking in actual music for the most part, there are a few licensed tracks used by the game; either used in promotional material or on the main menus. Most of the tracks are shortened to be appropriate for how long the player will be on the menu screens for the most part, but they are completely untouched in the game's official soundtrack bundle.

Licensed soundtrack:

  1. Welcome Home (Sanitarium), by Metallica
  2. Inmates (We're All Crazy), by Alice Cooper
  3. The Doctor is Calling, by Megadeth
  4. Imaginary, by Evanescence
  5. Psycho, by Puddle of Mudd
  6. Carnival, by Gorillaz
  7. One Step Closer, by Linkin Park
  8. Hand of Doom, by Black Sabbath
  9. Coming Undone, by Korn
  10. Black Crow Blues, by Bob Dylan
  11. Fade to Black, by Metallica


  • A lot of Split Personality's elements are inspired by those featured in the original fiction, with Pierce's multiple personalities returning as well as features of its atmosphere being focused on in gameplay.
  • The game was originally going to be named "Mallorian Asylum", but the name was changed to "Split Personality" for the sake of matching up with the themes of the aforementioned fiction.


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