Splish Splash Spring is Jemusic's EP, it includes three songs: Splish Splash Spring, Raindrops and Stealing Money in the City.


Splish Splash Spring


Rain Drops


Stealing Money in the City



Splish Splash Spring

Named after the EP itself, Splish Splash Spring was actually the last song Peanutjon made. It was made by mixing the Super Mario World Underwater theme with the Super Mario Bros. 3 Underwater theme. It, like Supah Dupah Summah, was sold as a single.

Rain Drops

Rain Drops was made fully with a virtual keyboard with the mode "Steel Drums". Peanutjon was singing the lyrics. This song was made because a smallish-bigish storm in Peanutjon's area.

Stealing Money in the City

This song stars Wario. It has WarioWare's theme in SSBB and Wario City's theme in MSB. It was the first song Peanutjon made for this EP.


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