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Genre(s) Anime
Age Rating(s)
Original Language Japanese, English
Episodes TBD
Runtime 23 minutes

Splatter is an upcoming 2016 anime show airing on Cartoon Network, based off of the Nintendo game, Splatoon.


15 year old Hussi, a male blue Inkling, has come to the city of Inkopolis to pursue his passion; master his transformation abilities and become the best he can at Turf Wars. The problem? He doesn't know what Turf Wars are. With the help of a orange female Inkling named Ikia, he starts to learn about Turf Wars and techniques to win as much as possible.

It's later revealed, during a Hero Mode arc, that Hussi was raised by Octarians before he came to Inkopolis, and he was sent there to learn about Turf Wars to report to the Octarians about the Inklings' techniques in battle, not knowing Inklings and Octarians are sworn enemies in war. Now that Octarians know too much about Inklings and how they fight, Hussi needs to regain the Inkopolians' trust due to his heritage, and fight for his true family.


Picture Name Description
TBD Hussi An outgoing 15 year-old blue Inkling who only recently moved to live in Inkopolis. He wants to learn about Turf Wars, and with the help of Ikia, gets to learn about the ups and downs of it. It is later revealed that he was raised by Octarians, and that he was sent to Inkopolis to learn about the Inklings' battle tactics, in order to defeat them in a war to take their power source.


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