Splatoon XZ
Splatoon XZ
Creator(s) OmegaAlpha, Nintendo
Producer(s) OmegaAlpha
Distributor(s) Nintendo
Type Anime
Genre(s) Action/Adventure
First Air Date(s)
Flag of Japan July 10, 2015

US Flag September 2, 2015

Age Rating(s)
Country of Origin Japan
Original Language Japanese
Season(s) 1
Episodes 13+
Runtime ~22 minutes
Status Airing
Splatoon XZ is an anime series based on the game Splatoon X. It will air its first episode on July 10, 2015 in Japan, with an English dub to be on Toonami airing on September 2, 2015. The show is aimed to be at least 13 episodes long. The show will be primarily focused on both Nathan and Diana, and takes place about one month after the events of Splatoon X.


Name Image Profile Description
Nathan Nathan Nathan is an Inkling boy filled with potental. Not only is his very good at Turf War, but it just so happens that he's also the great grandson of a previous champion! Many know him for his skill and his unique Platinum Roller weapon.
Diana Diana That sweethearted girl over there? That would be Diana, a veteran Turf War player and quite an intelligent girl. She is best friends with Nathan, but if you ask her about him, she gets a bit bashful for some reason...
Jason JasonSplatoonX Jason is rather mysterious. He's a rogue who seems to dislike being around others unless he knows them well. He hates Octarians for an unknown reason, and joins that New Squidbeak Splatoon 2.0 for that very reason. But what's with that silver hair of his?
Jessica JessicaSplatoonX This girl is Jason's younger sister, but the two were seperated in some freak accident. She refuses to talk about what happened, though. She has been searching for Jason since, but it's been getting increasingly more difficult.

Cap'n Cuttlefish

The leader of the New Squidbeak Splatoon 2.0 and the former leader of the original Squidbeak Splatoon. The man's been through more than one would think, and it appears he still has some warrior left in him.
Smith N/A Perhaps the only one interested in Inkling anatomy, or at least in Inkopolis, Smith is definitely the one to go to for information. Not only doe she study biology, he also studies history and weapon construction too!
Agent 3 N/A This Inkling was the savior of Inkopolis in the last adventure that ultimately put an end to the Octarians. Who ever it was, they decided to leave the group in order to get back with their lives.
Callie and Marie (Agent Team SS) Squid Sisters These two are among the most popular Inklings ever! Not only are they music stars, but they also run Inkopolis's new program. But what most people don't know is that these two are also agents for the New Squidbeak Splatoon 2.0.
Jones N/A Jones is a recident of Humboldt City and a childhood friend of Nathan. The guy's lived in that city since the day he was born, and he knows a lot about it. He wants to encounter one of the legendary Giant Inklings, but people call him crazy for that reason.


With the Octarians defeated and peace made with the few remaining Octolings, Smith and Cuttlefish begin to wonder what might be outside Inkopolis. Cuttlefish decides to go on a voyage outside of Inkopolis, bringing Nathan, Diana, Jason, Jessica, and Smith with him. The Squid Sisters stay behind, as they have the Inkopolis News program to run and they need to watch over the base while the rest of the team is gone.

While on this voyage, the NSS2 comes across an island only a few miles away from Inkopolis. On this island, they find an  Inkling city called Humboldt City, which turns out to be where Nathan and Diana once lived when they were little before moving to another location. While they are looking around, a citizen, Jones, explains that the island they are on is filled with many more varities of Inklings and creatures that live in different towns and regions, including legendary Giants. This surprises Nathan and Diana, as they had never heard about such things on the island.

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