This is a list of the weapons that can be used in Splatoon Tint.

Main Weapons

  • Shooters are the first class of weapons that you can use in the game. They are basic gun-type weapons that shoot ink.
  • Rollers roll ink on the ground. They can also be shaken. They generally have low range.
  • Chargers are able to charge up to fire more ink from it in a line. They can shoot without charging, but it has a low fire rate while doing so. Charged ink can also be stored.
  • Blasters shoot explosive ink spheres into the air in a short range that can damage opponents. They have a slow fire rate.
  • Catapults can lob balls of ink across the battlefield. You are able to adjust their range when firing. They are rather powerful, but slow. The longer you charge it up, the more powerful and efficient the ink becomes.
  • Dualies fire two guns at a time. They have a low range, but serve as an efficient weapon for painting and work powerfully.
  • Sloshers are a type of weapon that throw ink around you in a similar manner to shaking Rollers.
  • Splatlings are weapons that need to be charged up similar to Chargers, but they fire a lot after charged. They are rather powerful.
  • Pastels are weapons that allow you to paint on the ground. They don't cover too much space when using them (which looks like rolling on the weapons themselves), but they will fire ink in a large circle around you when using them and jumping.
  • Scatterers are weapons that are simply a stack of painted paper. When attacking, the pieces of paper will scatter in front of you, going to the ground. This does a bit of damage and is rather efficient, but it runs out of ink quickly.
  • Airbrushes actually ink the ground behind you. You can also charge at opponents with these. They resemble airbrushes made into jetpacks.
  • Gauntlets spin around in a circle, hurting anyone around you. Their speed varies with each version, but they have high attack power and low range.


Sub Weapons


Special Weapons


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