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Splatoon Splash-Out
Developer(s) Gear Games
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) Evo-Gem
Genre(s) Team-based third-person shooter
Release Date(s)
Turf Wars, Battle Rank, Hero Mode, Challenges, Practice, Arcade Mode
Age Rating(s)
E10+ for Cartoon Violence and Comic Mischief
Series Splatoon
Predecessor (Put any Splatoon game not later than 2020 here)
Cost $29,99 for digital download

$39,99 for retail

Max. amount of players 1 player (Hero Mode, Challenges, Arcade Mode)

2-8 players (Small Stages) 2-40 players online (Big stages)

Splatoon Splash-Out is a team-based third-person shooting game made by Gear Games and published by Nintendo, and available for the Evo-Gem console, seperated in the handheld tablet and home console versions that can be played together in cross-platformer. While the two versions are the same, the differences is that the Hero Mode had different stages, story and its mechanics as well as the final bosses being fought in different order.

The game was a big, but not universal, critical and commercial acclaim, and a huge financial success. It was praised for better graphics and more details on the characters, the epic transformation of Tera Inkling that is a tribute of the classic Kaiji monsters, better music and solved balance issues of multiple weapons, but it was criticized for such Tera Transformation being overpowered (this was only in Big Stages because of that) which requires teamwork to stop one Tera Inkling, balance issues of new weapons and Gadget Weapons, and also misuses of the Miiverse posts, although the latter case is minor and the two former cases would be fixed soon. Another notable critism is the lack of voice chat with other players except in Friend Matches.

Because of being a launch title, Splatoon Splash-Out was sold really well. It is the third highest sold Evo-Gem game next to Kirby & Magolor: Huge Trouble! and Super Mario Maker D.I.Y., respectively as second and first highest, as well as surpassing WarioWare D.I.Y. Again!, the fourth most sold game.


The game retain the traditional gameplay of the Splatoon series but had several tweaks to make the situations much less luck-based. For instance, in Turf Wars, both teams will have nearly equal levels (i.e. all players have around level 20) and in Ranked Battle, the Rank of the players will all be in the same letter (such as all A-, A and A+).

The traditional gameplay is, as an Inkling or Octoling, to splat the other players with the weapons that uses inks, as well as covering the surfaces to become a squid (or octopus in the Octoling's case) to swim through it for increased speed. The goal varies from Turf Wars, Ranked Battle and Casual Wars in multiplayer, but splatting an opponent will only cover more grounds, as there is no Deathmatch or any alike in this game.

The players have four arsenals; the Main Weapons, the Sub Weapons, the newly introduced Gadget Weapons and Special Weapons.

  • The Main Weapons is used for main combat, and is categorized into Shooters, Chargers, Rollers, Sloshers, Splatlings and the new type, Squirtlers.
  • The Sub Weapon are small, alternative weapons that consumes more Ink than any shots from Main Weapons. It can be useful for certain situations.
  • The Gadget Weapons is a new slot of a weapon that, while most do not harm enemy Inklings, does give a very different utility such as traveling more distance without being spotted, heal its near teammates, drain the enemies' Ink, and more. It consumes less Ink than the Sub Weapons and the Main Weapons, but need to recharge for several seconds to avoid spamming.
  • The Special Weapons requires of the special gauge filled by splatting the field, but are powerful most of the times and can turn the tide of the fight when used right.

The most notable addition is the Tera Transformation. It is temporary in the small areas (4-vs-4) but permanent-until-defeated in larger areas (20-vs-20). The two ways to become a Tera Inkling/Octoling is to eat a Super Sushi hidden around the field (where it is generated near the losing team's spawnzone) or as a Revenge Rampage (when splatted by the same opponent four times).

The Tera Inkling and Tera Octoling are huge and powerful version of Inklings and Octolings, respectively, and can defeat any regular enemies in one stomp or tentacle swing, or by using the multiple-thrown Sub Weapons (if the Sub Weapon is not offensive, spit an Inkshot). It takes a huge amount of damage but as they are six-time the size of the regular players, they become easy targets. A defeated Tera Inkling/Octoling will splat out and cover a big area, which is significant in a small stage. However, the Tera Inklings and Octolings are immune of water, and can swim through there to sneak through, although whatever they are on land or on the water, they cannot perform a Super Jump and for some reason, unable to shift into their squid form. This is possibly to be consistent of the Kaiji monsters reference.

The two aesthetic but fun way to interact with other players are Show-Offs and Taunts. Show-Offs are used in both entrance and in Inkopolis and do a showy pose, or other action such as a cut-throat, a grimace or even wish them good look, either sincerely or sarcastically. Taunts can be performed in battle but unlike Show-Offs, all have a different effect, and few of them can actually work better as a Tera Inkling/Octoling.

Most Taunts are fast and short but other are holdable and can make longer effect. It should only be used when really safe, as most of them have effect on allies and those who affect negatively the enemies have a very long range, but only if the player's character can see them.


There are old and new modes included in this game. The Turf Wars, Ranked Battle, and Casual Wars requires online connection such as Connext to play with other players and level up or gain a new rank, but all can be played locally and the aforementioned three can be played with up to four players with the addition of computer-controlled players.

There are now three places to visit; the Tradink Town (based on Traditional Japanese) where the player can rest and chat with the other players, the (city from Splatoon 2) and Inkopolis. The latter two retains all of the previous features but some Weapons and other features are exclusive to one to another.

Turf Wars

The Turf Wars is the simple and classic gamemode of the game. The goal is to cover as much floor as possible (walls do not count) and prevent the enemy team from doing so. If the losing team is on danger for thirty seconds, the latest splatted player of that team will undergo a Tera Transformation to turn the tide.

The team who covered the floor the most, after the timer runs out, wins the match. This type of match will raise your Coolness Level (the same level from the Splatoon original game) and you will gain more as you win and also by covering more turf.

The Turf Wars is available from the start and the player can enter this gamemode at anytime.

Ranked Battle

The Ranked Battle is different from the normal Turf Wars; it include various objectives other than covering the most turf and instead of giving levels, it will instead change the Rank of the player. Unlike most Splatoon games, this game instead change your rank depended how active you are and how much focus you put on the objective, instead of winning or losing that decide it.

Also this time, the player will win quite more Rank Points than usual and loses less, but the player will automatically Rank down if caught for cheating (via hacking) or not doing the objective unless getting splatted constantly. The losing team's players will not lose any Rank Points if there is a teammate that disconnect before or during the match. Unlike the previous Splatoon games, the player will actually gain as much experience points and Coins as the winning opposing team as long as it does not slack around.

The player requires the Coolness Level 10 to be allowed to play any of these matches. Also, the Ranked Battle will cycle at four hours, preventing the same Ranked Battle type from being constantly chosen.

Ranked Battle Type Description

Splat Zones

The Splat Zones take place on covering ink in one or two zones. One of the teams must capture it first by covering 75% of that zone, and the other team do the same. If one team had covered the zone(s), then the opposing team can get it back by splatting more then 50% of that zone. Each team have a countdown of 100, which goes down when the zone(s) are their own, but also get penalized when the opposing team had completely covered the whole territory.

Tower Control The goal is to bring the Tower to the team's goal spot. In order to control it, the players must stand on the tower in order to advance it to their goal spot, but players who are in the Tower will be main target of the enemy team. The player must splat the Tower of their team color for needed safety. Up to five players of the same team can hop into the Tower and make a total of 1.55x speed. The team who reached their goal spot with the Tower or whom the Tower is nearer to their goal spot than the enemy team does win the match.
Rainmaker The goal is to bring the Rainmaker to the enemy's team or your team's goal spot. The Rainmaker spawn in the middle and center of the map and you have to bust the shield so that you or the teammate will pick it. The carrier can charge and fire tornadoes that instantly splat the enemy players and also heavily damage Tera players. If the carrier must deliver this quickly, because there is a bomb timer that ticks faster if retreating to their team zone or getting into prohibited zones, and once it reaches zero, that carrier will blow up, and under any circonstances, the Rainmaker will be put back to the middle unless if the carrier got splatted by the enemies.
Tower Racing (New!) This gamemode is similar to Tower Control, but there are two towers for each team. The allied team cannot take control of the enemy team's tower and vice versa, and the goal is to make make the tower to reach your team's goal before your enemy does. Both Towers' path crosses each other, which means that it is more than likely that both team would end up to pressure each others when both are nearby.
Splattey-Ball (New!) A dodgeball-soccer mix in which the goal is to throw the Splattey-Ball to the enemy's goal. The Splattey-Ball carrier can hide in the ink, but cannot use weapons of all kind while carring it, and requires teamwork to get through the defending team. If the carrier get splatted, then Splattey-Ball will return to neutral state and can be grabbed again by either team. The Splattey-Ball can also thrown like a weapon, in which can take down enemies by surprise, but can be stopped by multiple splatting shots. There are five minutes, and the team who score the most goal wins the game.
Ink-Core Dual (New!) This particular gamemode contains two special castles that contain an Ink-Core, a core covering in the team's respective ink color. The goal is to destroy the Ink-Core of the enemy team, but the infiltration is not easy does to the enemy castle being protected by small, weak but numberous Sentry-Inks. Tera players cannot directly enter the castles, but can interact with many parts exclusive to Ink-Core Dual mode. The team who successfully destroy the Ink-Core of the enemy castle, or deals more damage to the enemy Ink-Core than the enemies does to that team's own Ink-Core, wins the game.

Causal Wars

Causal Wars Type Description

Casual Turf Wars

Tera Juggernaut
Squid Racing
Inklings vs Octolings
Turf Control
Tera Tag

Hero Mode

The new Hero Mode take place in the Rebellous Oversea (not an actual sea but is on a drought formations of big sea shells, corals and sea sponges). It is revealed that DJ Octovio would not be a final boss but might be faced in the middle of the mode.

Also unlike the previous Hero Modes, the player have to face the Inklings and Octorian alike does to them being controlled by an antagonistic Inkling called Seafear, who despite her species name, is immune of water and can even control it. The bosses will also include various species, like a jellyfish and a new Octorian boss, as well as species never seen in Splatoon before such as a lobster and an oarfish.

It is revealed that the game itself take place after the events of Splatoon 2, five years ago, after a prolonged drought during the previous year before the current event.

Arcade Mode

Server Mode

Dropping Power-Ups

In Casual Wars or on certain servers, there are Power-Ups dropping from the sky. The player simply have to touch it or splat it to gain the boost. Some of them actually only affect normal Inklings/Octolings, as Tera Inklings cannot be affect by the mentioned Power-Ups. Certain Power-Ups do instead give negative effect on the splatted opponent when the latter one will respawn.

Power-Up Description Frequency

Limitless Ink

The player have unlimited Ink for several seconds. This is useful when equipped with Ink-consuming weapons, especially Sub Weapons such as a Splat Bomb. Common
Growth The player had gained bigger size, thus gain much more resistance and a bit more firepower but need more inked floor to move in Squid/Octopus form and unable to use a Roller in a tight path. Can be stacked up to twice. Common
Shrink The player shrink the victim into nearly half size once he/she splat that victim for fifteen seconds. Common
Running Speedster The player's running speed (while on humanoid form) is increased for five seconds. Common
Risky Runner The player's speed on anything (including Super Jump) is increased but is more likely to be splatted. Only affect the Tera player's running speed. Common
Jumpy Squid-Octopus Jump even higher as a squid/octopus. Does not affect Tera players. Common
Special Killer Become immune of Special Weapons and empties the victim's Special Gauge by twenty-five more percent (+25%). Uncommon
Squish-Proof Cannot be rolled by a Roller, stomped by a Tera Inkling/Octoling and squished by any hazards. Uncommon
Vampire Absorb Get healed at each damage dealt on enemies for six seconds. Uncommon
Ink-Absorber Gain 50% Ink when splatting a foe, and that foe will start with only 25% Ink once it respawn. One-use. Uncommon
Insta-Special The player's Special Gauge is instantly filled up. It does not refill the Special Weapon under the usage and will not work if the player had just used a Special Weapon since less than ten seconds. Cannot work with the Tera players. Rare
Super Sushi Become a Tera Inkling/Octoling, and rampages through the stage. The effect is temporary in small stages but permanent-until-splatted in larger stages. Rare


Playable Characters

Inkling Types

Inkling Type Description Hero Mode Ability


The basic Inkling and the most populated that existed since the squids involved into them. Also have more varied personality between individuals.
  • Extra Ink: Have more Inks than the other types, and can generate quicker too.
Giant Not really giant, but still the tallest (size reduced in Multiplayer). A bit shy but also very intellegent, they always think before they strike (unless you, the player, screw it up).
  • Distant Striker: Have longer range in any weapons than any other types.
Colossal Not really colossal not unlike the Giant Inklings, but are more brawn than brain (usually) and tend to strike before thinking. A foil to the Giant Inklings.
  • Heavy Attacker: Slow down in both walking and swimming movement, but is even more resistant than everyone else. (Taken to extreme as a Tera Colossal Inkling!)
Neon-Flying Had a habit to fly very often than walking or swimming on their ink. Prefered to do aerial attacks than taking enemies from the ground as a results.
  • Aerial Striker: Hold the jump button to glide and you can perform any attacks from the air. It also allow you to reach faraway places.
Bobtail A bit of a rebel and likes to mess up where even the other Inklings think that it is not nessesary. Also a bit nuisance for the Octorians, but Bobtail Inklings are the most agile Inklings.
  • Agility: Move faster than everyone else in any movements but take a bit less damage before being splatted.
Bigfin Considerably more elegant than other Inklings, they are quite vanity and are more defensive as a results. They just don't like getting inked at all!
  • Elegance: A bit faster and a bit more damaging than most others but when inked a bit, they get a bit slower and the damage return to normal until gotten rid of enemy's ink.
Vampire A bit more sinister-looking but actually more moral and calmer than other Inklings. They do seems to have thirst they hold it back until they splatted their own rival when not seen.
  • Ink-Thirsty: Regenerate health and ink when splatting an enemy. A stronger one heal you much more.
Firefly The most agitated and boisterious Inklings, and while look like the Standard Inklings, bright up in dark zones or in the night. They are also had a bit of a short-temper, however.
  • Risky-Throw: The Sub Weapon are much more efficiant and have larger range, but can also affect the user when directly hit.

Octoling Types

Octoling Type Description Hero Mode Ability
Standard Like the Standard Inklings, these are the standard Octolings that existed since the octopus evolved into various Octorians. Varied personality, but don't like to have their clothes inked up.
  • Extra Try: Have an extra chance, but the first chance give less ink available for the Octoling.
Blanket Wears blanket as natural part of their body. Like the Bigfin Inklings, they are quite vanity but also more open-minded when it is comes to working with anyone that can be trusted.
  • Serene Shooter: Splatting an opponent will give it a slight boost of speed and damage.
Coconut These Octolings are more shy than even Giant Inklings and will not hesitate to hide themselves or attack as a self-defense when feel threatened.
  • Hard-Shelled: Take much less damage than any anyone else except for Colossal Inkling but damage is reduced a bit.
Blue-Ringed A selfless type of Octoling and usually a big team-player. Focus on planning more than directly attacking the enemies, but dislike when someone who spoiled their plan.
  • Tactician: Can detect hidden objects. Also capable to destroy mechanical enemies like a Squee-G.
Dumbo Not really dumb but can sometimes be forgetful. They can detect enemies with their antenna-like tentacles and can take a role as a sentient radar. Who can still splat the opponents.
  • Radar: Can detect nearby enemies, even those who hide in their ink. In multiplayer session of Hero Mode, their signal can be also be seen by allies.
Pygmi The shorter Octoling. They have a bad short-temper and will not like that anyone mock their size. However, they can easily get along with people who do appreciate their size.
  • Quick-Swimmer: A bit slow on land but swim way faster. The ink spread is also increased.
Giant Pretty much the Octoling counterpart of Giant Inkling, albeit more "scene-savoring" outside and more aggressive in the battles. Quite a rival of Colossal Inklings.
  • Berserker: Firepower will increase the more the Giant Octoling take damage. Have the most resistance next to Coconut Octoling and Colossal Inkling, respectively.
Mimic They do resemble Standard Octolings but they also have sharper fangs and tentacles. They are a bit of pranksters and pull out tricks on friends and foes alike.
  • Disguise: Mimic the appearence of an enemy Inkling or Octoling. The disguise went off when colliding with an enemy, or when the player shoot up or walking on enemy ink.

Supporting and Shop Owners

Name Description

Squid Sisters

The two sisters actually cousins who give out news and announcements, and also host the New Splatfests. Their elegance and their signature catchphrase "Stay fresh~!" made them the most popular Inklings around. After several years of absence, they returned in Inkopolis after missing their fans Inklings and the "good time" in this city. It is also because of the threat coming from Seafear and her Rebellious Oversea Empire.

(For seperate informations about Callie and Marie, see information below.)

Callie The more excitable magenta-and-black Squid Sister. She is quite arrogent and often think that she is the better Squid Sister than Marie since she won more Past Splatfests than her, but she is also a bit overly noisy at times...much of her bright green counterpart's annoyance.
Marie The more laid-back but friendlier white-grey-and-bright-green Squid Sister. While much less arrogent than Callie, she is not above to give stealthy insult to her, and is a bit lazy. She also don't like when Callie get overly-excited, either. However, she is still friendly and is an expert of impressions.
Cap'n Cuttlefish You may think that he is crazy, but he is pure hearted. He may look like an old man, but he is also was an important hero of the Great Turf Wars. His main concerns is the Inklings' general past times that make them too distracted on about what is actually happening...and that the music from a threatening Inkling had controlled a large part of them.
Crusty Sean The outgoing Japanese tiger prawn shopkeeper of Shrimp Kicks. He sells shoes and feet-wearing accessories for you, albeit he got quite surprised with the success with the newly introduced "Pants-Fashion" and attempt to convince the player not to go "shoes-less", which is unlikely for the Inklings. He had a undeniable fear of Tera Inklings and Tera Octolings for his personal reasons...
Sheldon The nearsighted military fanatic who owns the Ammo Knights, the weapon store of Inkopolis. He remembered about Seafear but should not talk about it unless if it is Agent 3 during the middle of the Hero Mode progress. He often mention his "grandpappy" whatever he talk about an old or new weapon, so this might be a headache for some shoppers.
Annie and Moe Annie is the shy sea anemone who runs the Cooler Heads. She loses some of her regular customers because Moe had sent "Splat Threats" constantly which ended up to lose her temper and put him on the aquarium with a fake anemone-like toy (much of a rejoicement for those who dislike Moe) so that no one would hear him too easily.
Jelonzo A charismatic shopowner of Jelly Fresh and is claimed by the youngsters as a "fashion god". Jelonzo may have an odd way to say grammars when he speaks, but that is the way that he gain up regular customers. Like other jellyfishes, he can stretches his arms to pick up faraway objects. The other jellyfishes cannot communicate with the Inklings too well, so apparently, different species have different languages.
Sharp E. Tooth The hammershark who owns the Shark Pants. He is stressed but otherwise polite and friendly, and was once a young member of the army before getting betrayed by traitorous soldiers. He do not appreciate rude people and had a big grudge against the now-psycho-hypocrite DJ Octovio.
Spyke An odd individual who is charismatic when respected well, but also, as believed by Sharp, quite of a rebel. He not only will help the player (with a level high enough) to buy something rarer (but not event nor exclusive) but also add an extra ability slot or reroll them all for 30,000 coins, or at any level, a Super Sea Shell. The reason why he accept the Super Sea Shells is...quite scary when you think deep enough.
Ruffer Fin A pufferfish who give text communication for the player in the Hero Mode. He will alart the players when a Tera Inklings/Octolings are nearby, how many health the boss left via Health Scan and tell the player where is the important object thanks to his radar. He is optional but the player might need this if they want to watch out for Tera Inklings and Tera Octolings, to see how much HP the boss had left and to find some important objects.


Name Description
Seafear The main antagonist Inkling who goes much more sentient than the other Inklings and who, despite her species' name, is immune of water and can even control it. She can even use her custom-made music with her beautiful voice to not only control most of the Inklings, but also the Octorians too! However, for someone of her name, she do not appreciate to be compared with DJ Octavio.
Octorians They are not under control of DJ Octovio this time...but they are still your enemies. Some of them are laughably weak but others are no jokes, especially when facing the controlled Octolings. This time the latter one had variations of types, like the Pygmy Octoling and the Blue-Ringed Octoling, each having a different strategy!
Enemy Inklings They wear a distinct clothes and head-mask to distinct them from player Inklings. They don't actually fight like the enemy Octolings, though; they fight together and this is the most bothersome part about them. Fortunately, they are a bit too aggressive to think wisely and you can trick them real easily. Too bad that there are variations and even the introduced Elite Inklings.
Striking Sea Army The other type of enemies-- no, bosses -- of the game. Each of them requires different way to defeat them like how you handled the Octoweapons, but all of them seems to consumes the Ink Sushi to play your own game! They can respawn like the player once they are defeated (as a possible benefict of the Ink Sushi), so you might face them again in the same boss stage if you wanted to.
DJ Octovio He had gone solo after abandoning the Octorians as he saw them as "worthless", albeit it have something to do with his psyched-up conditions from his contineous defeat by Agent 3. It is unknown what he is up to now, but he is certainly have no friendly terms with neither Cap'n Cuttlefish and Seafear.


Name Description
Sportacrab the Ruthless Crab Sportacrab is not the brightest of the Six Strikers but he know what he is going; take down all creatures that oppose the force of the Rebellious Oversea. His armor are so thick that even an Inkstriker wouldn't do the trick. In order to take him down...shoot at his face. He is so arrogent that he think a face-place is no uses as all he have to do is to be aggressive. If he sees you in Tera form, he cowers and try to avoid you as much as possible, and your attacks can actually break his armor, causing him to run away in fear.
Splattlestation the Battle Oarfish Splattlestation is a big oarfish who float in the air, and is the longest of the Six Strikers. He is armed with a lot of ink cannons. His cannons can be destroyed but this will speed him up little by little. When all cannons are destroyed, he will try to spit bubbles at you which can trap and damage you, but you can strike back by shooting inks at his mouth or better, throw a Splat Bomb or its variations at his mouth!
Jay-Jammer the Hijacker Jellyfish Jay-Jammer is the female jellyfish who is untrustworthy (even Seafear doubt about her) and thus tend to misuse or abuse her teammates. Her capacity to hijack machines is rather phenominal, and her stealing on DJ Octavio's original machine from the first game is somewhat seriously incredible. She use electricity instead of ink and other stuff, but the way to destroy the Octavio Machine is almost the same from the original Splatoon.
Octo-Rotor One of the two locked Octoweapons, deemed too dangerous for even the Octorians. The Octo-Rotor is a swimming machine capable to spit out ink on the floating platforms. This can make the battle against it very difficult if you are very careless about it. The best way to defeat it is to get its attention by being behind or above a metalic wall and it will ram at it instead of you, leaving it vulneable and expose its weak point; the tentacle, like the other Octoweapons. Not a smart machine, this is for sure.
Lardan the Stealth Wolffish
Mantré the Aerial Giant Mantra
Sputkrill the Antarctic Krill
DJ Octovio, Octobot King
Seafear, Empress of the Ocean


There are old and new stages that can take place in Turf Wars, Ranked Battle and Casual Wars. There are the old stages and the 20 new stages, which old stages means that they are from the original Splatoon game while new stages can be settled in either small or large.

Old Stages

The old stages had changed both does to the events during six years since the original Splatoon and also to accomodate with the Tera transformation as well as new Main Weapons and Gadget Weapons.

Stage Name Description

Urchin Underpass

Walleye Warehouse
Saltspray Rig
Aromawa Mall
Blackbelly Skatepark
Port Mackerel
Kelp Dome
Bluefin Depot
Moray Towers
Camp Triggerfish
Flounder Heights
Hammerhead Bridge
Museum d'Alfonsino
Mahi-Mahi Resort
Piranha Pit
Ancho-V Games

New Stages

Stage Name Description
Eel Lighthouse This place is a vertical level, but both teams will start at the bottom, and the objectives are all above. The place is also very dark, and have a lot of places to hide from enemies' fire. There are multiple platforms to climb and to cover from attacks from the underside. There are also the light bulb at the top, which if the Inklings/Octolings had splatted the whole light bulb in the team's color, the light will have the same color of the team but is purely aesthetic. The tower of Tower Control is found at the top of the Lighthouse, while the Splatzone is also at the top where the lightbulb is.
Pufferfish Pyramid
Salmon of Liberty
Taj Mollusk
Uaru Hotel
Great Wall of Dab
Sawfish Subway A sprawling subway area that runs under Inkopolis as both a form of travel to the stages as well as a stage itself, now that it has gotten renovations much like the rest of the city. The area is a very linear and long area much like Hammerhead Bridge, but unlike Hammerhead Bridge there are various small trains that travel through the middle of the stage from both bases. These trains can be splatted on and ridden so that Inklings/Octolings can be on top of the train and splat stuff on top of the train while it is moving. The tower for Tower Control is found on the in the middle of the train tracks that trains travel on, while the Splat Zones are two small zones on both ends of the tracks on the middle of the stage.
Whale Ben The ruins of a giant clock tower on a abandoned civilization that seemed to have loved tea and were known for being prim and proper. The clock tower is a extremely vertical stage and both players have to climb from opposite sides of the tower to reach the middle. To make the climb easier conveyer belts have been built that can be splatted on, and there are also ropes that the Inklings/Octolings can climb to get higher without wasting ink to splat the walls. The very top of the tower, while hard to reach, is where the tower is located in Tower Control, and the Splat Zone can be found nearby the top of the clock tower.
Cabali Carnival A glamorous and grand carnival that is mainly a travelling place, although it can stay in a place for a few weeks from time to time. The stage is in the middle of a carnival tent and is a completely circular stage with a few walls on each side of the base to keep balance. Throughout the stage are rings of various size which you can hop through in your squid/octopus form to gain a boost to the Special Meter, with a bigger boost the smaller the ring you jump through. In the middle of the circus tent is the tower if your playing Tower Control, and if you are playing Splat Zones, the two zones are found in front of the two walls closest to the middle.
Galliwasp Graveyard A spooky and scary stage where there are multiple tombs and dead trees as covers, but the rest of the stage is near flat. There are also small pitfalls that, while not fatal, will waste the players' time if they fall in it shall they become too distracted, but those pitfalls can be splatted on in order to get out of there. There are bigger tombs that, while giving better covers, will also have a chance to summon ghosts of dead sea animals to scare off the players for some seconds, but will flee if they saw a Tera Inkling/Octoling. The tower of Tower Control is located in the middle of three circling tombs, and in Splat Zones, two szones are found from each far away sides with a big tombs.

Hero Mode Levels

Coming soon.

New Weapons

As mentioned above, there are four type of weapons that are available in Splatoon Splash-Out. Most new Main Weapons are either Rollers, Chargers, Sloshers, Splatlings or Squirtlers, considering the large amount of Shooter Weapons in the original Splatoon.

It is now possible to mix and match the Main Weapon, the Sub Weapon, the Gadget Weapon and the Special Weapon, but to obtain any of the latter three, you need to buy the Main Weapon that have a set of any of above you haven't obtained yet.

Main Weapons

For Rollers, Chargers and Sloshers, the Damage is the average of any circumstances combined


Shooter Name Description Weapon Stats

Splattershot Elite

The elite Splattershot, with better range comparable to a charger and bigger damage, but spread ink even less and had lower fire rate.
  • Range: 90/100
  • Damage: 70/100
  • Fire Rate: 25/100
  • Ink Spread: 40/100
Splasher Tsunami A Shooter designed by the Rebellious Oversea, with water replaced by ink. It shoot massively fast, making comparable to the Splatlings, but it consumes ink quickly.
  • Range: 50/100
  • Damage: 40/100
  • Fire Rate: 100/100
  • Ink Spread: 60/100
Barnacle Blaster A Blaster that have lower fire rate than other blasters, but make up for it for being capable for extreme damage and reasonable ink coverage. It also have excellent range.
  • Range: 90/100
  • Damage: 100/100
  • Fire Rate: 15/100
  • Ink Spread: 60/100
Splat-Thrower A Shooter that is modeled like a flame-thrower...that fires Ink instead of flames that is. While it can cover an insane amount of territory, it have limited range and can only cover the front.
  • Range: 40/100
  • Damage: 30/100
  • Fire Rate: 80/100
  • Ink Spread: 100/100


Roller Name Description Weapon Stats
Roller ReCaller An extremely wide Roller with heavy weight that had lower ink speed but with intense damage that reflect any shots, excluding those of Special Weapons.
  • Range: 100/100
  • Damage: 80/100
  • Weight: 100/100
  • Ink Speed: 20/100
Oar-Roller A Roller based on the oarfish. It can spread ink in reasonable speed, but it weight is average and unable to reflect too much enemies' fires.
  • Range: 60/100
  • Damage: 80/100
  • Weight: 50/100
  • Ink Speed: 60/100
Angler Brush A quick brush that allow the player to run with it with high speed, faster than other Brushes are able to. The main flaw is that it cannot reflect any enemy fire, so only use it for attacking assault.
  • Range: 30/100
  • Damage: 80/100
  • Weight: 10/100
  • Ink Speed: 100/100
Tri-Brush This type of brush can spread ink very well, but it also make it a bit slower. However, the swinging speed is still less slower than you expect and can quickly splat any careless enemies.
  • Range: 80/100
  • Damage: 80/100
  • Weight: 50/100
  • Ink Speed: 40/100
Stomperfish A particuliar roller that, while its Ink Speed is give insane air speed and give a splash of the player's ink at a cost of some portion of the player's own ink. That splash works even during a Super Jump!
  • Range: 50/100
  • Damage: 100/100
  • Weight: 100/100
  • Ink Speed: 5/100
Racer Roller The fastest roller of the coral abyss! Or in the world, while we are here. It speed can rivalize those of the Angler Brush, and it can spread reasonably well, too. However, it cannot splat an enemy by just rolling them without going at full speed.
  • Range: 50/100
  • Damage: 30/100
  • Weight: 20/100
  • Ink Speed: 100/100
Giant-Squid Brush The biggest brush the Ammo Knight had made yet. It is modeled after the giant squid. Its speed is painfully slow but it can be used as a distant weapon, flinging ink far away, even able to reach a far away Charger! Doing so also drain your ink tank fast, sadly.
  • Range: 100/100
  • Damage: 100/100
  • Weight: 40/100
  • Ink Speed: 10/100


Charger Name Description Weapon Stats
Sea Dodge Charger This Charger have low charging rate but have better damage and mobility to make up for it. You can move faster while charging, allowing you to enemies to lose their aim.
  • Range: 100/100
  • Damage: 80/100
  • Charge Rate: 30/100
  • Mobility: 100/100
Bamboozler 28 Mk 0 A Bamboozler with two cannons instead of one, to makes two shots after fully charged. This can double the damage but also have a slightly lower charge rate. Use this when you think that the Bamboozlers are too weak.
  • Range: 80/100
  • Damage: 60/100
  • Charge Rate: 70/100
  • Mobility: 100/100
Hydro-Charger Replica An Hydro-Charger copy based on the Rebellious Oversea empire's original and water-only Charger. It charge superfast and can make demonic damage, but it also slow the user down very much.
  • Range: 70/100
  • Damage: 100/100
  • Charge Rate: 100/100
  • Mobility: 20/100
Hydro-Charger Scope The same Hydro-Charger (replica) but with a scope. It can strike notably longer range thanks to its scope but also take a bit longer to charge. Like the non-scope Hydro-Charger, it also slow down the user.
  • Range: 90/100
  • Damage: 100/100
  • Charge Rate: 80/100
  • Mobility: 20/100
C-Wail Boomer The explosive Charger that make explosive shots. While the ink spread is comparatively smaller and have average stats, the C-Wail Boomer can make an explosive shot when hitting a wall, and the explosion can even instantly splat an opponent!
  • Range: 70/100
  • Damage: 80/100
  • Charge Rate: 50/100
  • Mobility: 70/100
D-Vile Splasher This Charger, while charging a bit slow and slow down the user a bit, can spread an enormous amount of ink on the front! Its powerful Damage and amazing Range can really make up for it, too!
  • Range: 90/100
  • Damage: 90/100
  • Charge Rate: 40/100
  • Mobility: 60/100


Slosher Name Description Weapon Stats
Heavy Bucket Slosher Its range and attack spread is low, but the damage is extreme and can easily wear down an Inkling in few hit. However, the weight of this prevent this from spreading ink very well.
  • Range: 40/100
  • Damage: 90/100
  • Attack: 40/100
  • Weight: 90/100
Aqua-Bucket Originally built for the Rebellious Oversea's water-filled bucket, it become an useful weapon for the Striking Sea Army, and this one obtained for the player is a replica. Its range is high but cannot do as much damage as other Sloshers, making it more effective to cover the floor in ink than directly taking on enemies.
  • Range: 80/100
  • Damage: 70/100
  • Attack: 70/100
  • Weight: 70/100
Flying Fisher The Slosher built and designed after the flying fish species. It have the highest range but is weaker than even the Aqua-Bucket, but its fire rate is the highest among the Sloshers next to the Squiddo Slosher.
  • Range: 100/100
  • Damage: 50/100
  • Attack: 90/100
  • Weight: 40/100
Squiddo Slosher A small Slosher that while low ranged and low damaging, it can be fling insanely fast and can cover even the sides, useful to cover itself from dangers.
  • Range: 65/100
  • Damage: 65/100
  • Attack: 100/100
  • Weight: 50/100
Slosh-tron V1 A futuristic Slosher designed for massive damage in exchange of an ugly low range but also able to stop any shots except of those of the Special Weapons.
  • Range: 20/100
  • Damage: 100/100
  • Attack: 40/100
  • Weight: 100/100
Slosh-tron V2 A lighter but weaker Slosh-tron that can spread ink better than the first version, making it more useful to fill in the objective than directly attacking the targets.
  • Range: 60/100
  • Damage: 70/100
  • Attack: 70/100
  • Weight: 80/100
Mega Slosher The biggest Slosher to date, and also have high stats on most but in exhange, slow down the user in ground and swimming speed because of its weight.
  • Range: 90/100
  • Damage: 90/100
  • Attack: 60/100
  • Weight: 100/100


Splatling Name Description Weapon Stats
Power Splatling The powerhouse type of a Splatling. While it is quite heavy and thus give it low mobility, its charge rate is insanely fast and its power combined with that will be a grvae danger for even Sloshers, but still not a problem for Chargers.
  • Range: 50/100
  • Damage: 80/100
  • Charge Rate: 90/100
  • Mobility: 20/100
Rattling Splatling A particuliar type of Splatling; it start with awfully low range and slow fire rate but increases as it charges. At maximum, it reach insane range and extreme fire rate. It also will not stop shooting until manually stopped, running out of ink or interrupted.
  • Range: 30/100 > 100/100
  • Damage: 60/100
  • Charge Rate: 70/100
  • Mobility: 60/100
Neon Splatling A Splatling with neon that goes bright even during the day. It is for stylish splatting and stylish territory coverage, but not so much for distant strike and mobility.
  • Range: 50/100
  • Damage: 90/100
  • Charge Rate: 80/100
  • Mobility: 40/100
Blazin' Splatling A fire-patterned Splatling with fiery firing speed and damage, as well as great distance, but also charge a bit slow and it consumes Ink quickly does to it faster firing speed.
  • Range: 80/100
  • Damage: 90/100
  • Charge Rate: 70/100
  • Mobility: 60/100
Duo Splatling A particuliar Splatling that have two-cannon instead of one. This doubles the damage and distance, as well as firing speed, but it also consumes twice as much as Ink, forcing the player to use it quickly against enemies.
  • Range: 80/100
  • Damage: 100/100
  • Charge Rate: 70/100
  • Mobility: 50/100
Octo-Splatling A Splatling replica designed for the Octorians, or more specifically the Octolings, before the original got accidently trashed, then found by Sheldon, then purchased by the disguised Seafear. This one deals more damage and more mobility but alas, it also offer less shooting range.
  • Range: 90/100
  • Damage: 80/100
  • Charge Rate: 60/100
  • Mobility: 70/100
Splash-Splatling This is a replica of a Splatling made for the Rebellious Oversea, with sea waves patterns. It offer the best mobility and reasonable charge rate, but it damage less than regular Splatlings. On second thought, you can still move fast while charging!
  • Range: 80/100
  • Damage: 40/100
  • Charge Rate: 80/100
  • Mobility: 100/100
Mega Splatling The slightly bigger Splatling patterned after the Tera Inklings. It allow insane charge rate, great damage and the best initial distance to date, but in exchange it slow down the user even when not using it.
  • Range: 100/100
  • Damage: 80/100
  • Charge Rate: 100/100
  • Mobility: 10/100


Squirtler Name Description Weapon Stats
Squirtler (Basic) The new type of Main Weapon introduced in this game. The Squirtler is shooting a quick but usually weak shot, but it can hijack Sub Weapons and with good precisions, Rollers and Sloshers, and even some Special Weapons like the Inkstrike. The higher the Backfire Rate is, the more powerful the enemy's weapon backfire is.
  • Range: 70/100
  • Damage: 40/100
  • Backfire Rate: 70/100
  • Splash Rate: 60/100
Cross-Squirt A silent and strong Squirtler designed like a crossbow that can shoot arrow-like shots. While the Splash rate is low, the Backfire Rate is more powerful.
  • Range: 90/100
  • Damage: 70/100
  • Backfire Rate: 90/100
  • Splash Rate: 30/100
Scope-Squirt A Squirtler with a scope, which increase accuracy. Charge it in order to increase its damage. While the Backfire Rate is a bit weak, it is more accurate and more splashing than other Squirtlers.
  • Range: 80/100
  • Damage: 70/100
  • Backfire Rate: 50/100
  • Splash Rate: 80/100
Charging-Squirt The uncharged shot is weak and little splash, but as you charge it, you can fire it further and make it a bigger splash.
  • Range: 30/100 > 100/100
  • Damage: 20/100 > 70/100
  • Backfire Rate: 70/100
  • Splash Rate: 10/100 > 80/100
Cuttle-Squirt A Squirtler that is automatic and can shoot many shots at a time, but the splash is a bit low and the total range is not that fantastic.
  • Range: 60/100
  • Damage: 60/100
  • Backfire Rate: 80/100
  • Splash Rate: 50/100
Shark-Squirt A powerful Squirtler shaped like a white shark! It have powerful damage and amazing splash rate, but the backfire rate is rather weak.
  • Range: 75/100
  • Damage: 80/100
  • Backfire Rate: 40/100
  • Splash Rate: 80/100
Whale Squirtler A bigger version of the Squirtler...say, since the XL weapons become a style? Anyway, it does more damage and more splash rate than other Squirtler, and average stats on the rest, but a big weapon like this also slow down the user.
  • Range: 60/100
  • Damage: 100/100
  • Backfire Rate: 60/100
  • Splash Rate: 100/100
Clownfish Squirtler The "joker" of the Squirtlers, modeled after a clownfish. This can be as annoying as Moe, as it have the highest range and backfire rate at date, but its awful splash rate and mediocre damage means professional uses required.
  • Range: 100/100
  • Damage: 30/100
  • Backfire Rate: 100/100
  • Splash Rate: 10/100

Sub Weapons

Sub Weapon Name Description

Sponge Bomb

A sponge-like bomb that convert collected ink into the player's. After some seconds or when absorbed enough Ink, it will blow up and the explosion radius and damage varies on the amount of ink absorbed.
Bowling Bomb A bomb based on the bowling ball. It rolls straight on flat ground and roll around until several seconds passes or hit a hard object or character like a wall or a Tera Inkling/Octoling, respectively.
Hijacker A little sentry that shoot arrow-shaped ink similar to the Squirtlers. While very weak, it have perfect accuracy and turn any enemies' projectiles, including from powerful Special Weapons, into the player's own ink, but it shoot quite slowly.
Splat-Rampoline Make a trampoline-shaped gimmick that bounces the Inklings/Octolings very high for instant Super Jump. It can also be used to change the color of the enemy ink into yours with normal projectiles and most Sub Weapons, as well as hurting enemies attempt to jump on it.

Gadget Weapons

Gadget Weapon Name Description


Give the user a temporary lift and hover over the ground for up to three seconds. The player can use a Main Weapon at the same time.
Sponge-Cube Install a sponge that grow up in size when absorbing ink from either team. It can either be used to reach extra reach or to block the enemies, but misusing it could also block you and your allies.
Speed-Jet Give a slight speed boost to the user. A burst from the back also pushes the enemy.
Spreader Spread ink when in Squid/Octopus form, but when entering enemy ink it will consume ink faster.
Power Shot The next five shots (or the next shots with the Squirtler and the Charger) will be stronger.
Ink-Sinker Absorb ink of other to convert them into yours. Ideal to refill your Ink but watch out for Squirtler shots.

Special Weapons

Special Weapon Name Description


Install a sentry that shoot rapid fire ink, but is stationary and cannot strike from the behind.
Songshell A musical shell that attract opponents then explode when near enough. Can be destroyed.
Mega Jump Locate any location, then launch yourself into the selected zone. While the Mega Jump can be interupted by splatting the user, it deal even more damage than the total amount from the Inkstrike and can thus possibly OHKO a Tera player in the right spot.
Surf Attack Do a frontal dash that can be steered a bit. While less damaging than the Kraken, it can push anyone on the user's way and cover more ink.
Splat-Shield Put up a big shield from a little device that block all shots, even from the Inkstrike.
Super Ink Unlimited ink, faster fire rate and swim faster for seven seconds.

New Gears

Head Gears

Head Gear Name Description

Maid Hat

Part of the Maid Set. Fitting for Inkling Girl but manly Inkling Boys don't usually wear that. Nevertheless cute with the complete costume.
Hard-Worker Hat Good for construction site to avoid falling tools to injure your head, but it don't give protection from any kind of ink or water at all.
Archer Hat Based on the hat wore by the legendary archer from the human-medieval time. Don't steal the rich for the poor though, as there is a good reason why this should be avoided.
News-Boy Hat Extra! Extra! You just got splatted by the mighty pro of gossips, reporting and also champion of pain-of-the-neck! Based on stereotypical news boy's usual hat.
Film Maker Beret Cut! You there, stop squiddin' around and move like a kid and fight like a man! Excellent! Now that's the wrap!
Artificial Halo Want to feel like an angel? This halo should to the job. The trick is, if you wanted to be a prankster, this one is a classic way to be deceiving when someone suspected ya!
Dragon Helmet Nothing feel more awesome than feeling like a dragon. Except until you ended up to breath fire for real which is scientifically impossible to do so, thankfully.

Upper Body Gears

Upper Body Gear Name Description

Eau de Mer-Maid

A classic maid upper set. Cute isn't it? While it is very fitting for shy or classy Inkling Girls, it also fit on anyone else, really, but it would probably felt awkward for Inkling Boys. Probably.
Dragon Clothing An upper Japanese clothing, modeled after eastern dragons. We don't think that dragons really exists, but if water cannot put them into instinction, then this mean that there are chances that the legend should be real!
Splatoon T-Shirt Well, what do you know? It seems that the Splatoon Squadron is famous enough to have a stylish shirt after those...what do you mean, that it rather refer to the game itself? Quit being meta, will ya?
Frenchman Apron Artist often wear those when painting. Between you and me, there is a lot of arts in Ancient France!
Rebel's Scales Don't even try to be edgy. But if you do wanted, this one will be quite reasonable. Scales that looks like fishes', but make you as sharp as crocodiles.
Baker's Apron This apron is often used by bakers, especially in Ancient Dutch. Clown Fishes often mistook them for cook's apron...well, they might not have the greatest sight around.

Legs Gears

Legs Gear Name Description



Hands Gears

Hands Gear Name Description



Other Gears

Other Gear Name Description



Other Features


Daily Hero Events

Amiibo & VirtualCards Challenges




  • Does to the Tera Inkling's size, it is often joked that the Giant Inklings and Colossal Inklings are couple of irony, despite the former being the tallest and the latter the second tallest of regular Inklings.

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