Splatoon 2: Revenge of the Octarians is the 2nd installment & the successor to Splatoon that is expected to come out in 2016 or 2017 for the NX.

Splatoon 2: Revenge of the Octarians
Developer(s) MarioKartPlushies Inc.
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) NX & an unannounced Nintendo console
Release Date(s)
2016 or 2017 (NX)
Story Mode, Turf War, Battle Dojo, Splatfests, Splat Zones, Tower Control, Rainmaker, Calamari Supremacy (new), Deep Sea Conquerors (new), Octo Valley Chuting (new), & other unannounced modes
Age Rating(s)
E10 & up
Genre(s) 3rd person shooter
Series Splatoon
Predecessor Splatoon
Successor N/A
Media Included N/A
Storage Needed An unknown amount of megabytes


New mechanics in the game includes a new 1st person perspective, the ability to dive in swimmable water (non swampy green water,) a special effects feature (activated by pressing both sticks,) & even the ability to quadruple jump etc.

Story Mode (Octo Gulf)

Like in Splatoon the enemies are once again the Octarians & the Story Mode takes place in the Octo Gulf this time around. There is 9 worlds with a total of 60 levels with more being possible as part of a Story Mode DLC. The goal is also to once again collect Zapfishes with villain Zapfishes appearing this time around along with Ceels & other new enemies. Unlike Splatoon you can buy clothing & unlock weapons that can be bought with Inkdots & rare Merits which get you a free weapon of your choice if you have enough. All DLC additions are also added to Story Mode. There is also Story Mode exclusive weapons & playing through the Story Mode gets you weapons for purchase in Online game modes. Sunken Scrolls & Inkdots return as collectibles along with new ones such as Merits & Octomedals etc.

Lobby Tower

Unlike in Splatoon there is voice chat & even more new modes including DLC additions & better matchmaking etc. All modes, most maps, & weapons from the original Splatoon returns. There is also a new feature where you can make tournaments & even make crews that people can join where you can go against other crews, choose an ink color (hex colors & RGBs are supported,) battles against other members, & exclusive bonuses etc.

Online Game Modes

  • Turf Wars (a mode where you can go 1v1 to 4v4 to 8v8  or any combination selected. Also up to  99 mins. to collect turf.)
  • Battle Dojo (a mode that works just like its predecessor except you can go up to 4v4.)
  • Splatfests (same as its predecessor except that you can also be rewarded Merits for your Story Mode campaign.)
  • Splatzones (same as its predecessor except that you can have as much players as with Turf Wars in this game.)
  • Tower Control (exactly the same as its predecessor.)
  • Rainmaker (N/A as of yet.)
  • Calamari Supremacy (a new mode where you can go 2v2v2v2 to 4v4v4v4 to raid the other 3 team's Calimari Castles.)
  • Deep Sea Conquerors (a new mode where teams of 4 have to shoot ink out of a submarine (1 person) or deep sea diving suits (3 people) & conquer the deep oceans.)
  • Octo Valley Chuting (a new mode where you go 4v4v4v4 while shooting ink on as much spots as possible while parachuting.)
  • Uncharted Turf Wars (same as Turf Wars except without teams & only 4 players maximum are allowed.)


Unlike its predecessor weapon sets can be completely customized to your liking with a limit of 1 main, sub, & special weapon. You can also put suppressors on most weapons etc. so custom weapons also do not appear. But sets have to be approved by Sheldon first

Main Weapons

  • Splattershot Jr.
  • Splattershot
  • Splattershot Pro
  • Hero Shot
  • Hero Roller
  • Hero Charger
  • Aerospray MG
  • Aerospray RG
  • .52 Gal
  • .96 Gal
  • E Gal (new) (DLC)
  • Blaster
  • Carbon Roller
  • Classic Squiffer
  • Dual Squelcher
  • Dynamo Roller
  • E-Liter 3K
  • Jet Squelcher
  • Splat Charger
  • Splatterscope
  • Krak-On Splat Roller
  • L-3 Nozzlenose
  • Luna Blaster
  • N-Zap
  • Rapid Blaster
  • Splash-0-Matic
  • Splat Roller
  • Platinum (new) (A magnum.)
  • Single-Splat (new) (DLC) (A single-shot pistol)
  • Axillerator (new) (A shotgun)
  • Shokotah (new) (DLC) (A shotgun)

Sub Weapons

  • Splat Bombs
  • Suction Bombs
  • Ink Mines
  • Fire Bombs (new)
  • War Shields (new) (DLC)
  • Disruptors
  • Echolocators
  • Point Sensors
  • Seekers
  • Splash Walls
  • Sprinklers
  • Squid Beakons
  • Smoke Bombs (new) (DLC)


  • Bomb Rush
  • Bubbler
  • Inkstrike
  • Inkzooka
  • Killer Wail
  • Kraken
  • Airstrike (new) (DLC) (Story Mode only)
  • Mini Machine (new) (DLC) (A minigun)
  • Mounted Machine (new) (A chaingun)
  • Homing Inkzooka (new) (DLC) (A homing missile launcher)
  • Flame Squiffer (new) (DLC) (A flamethrower)
  • Kannon (new) (A mounted cannon)
  • Alien Demolishioner (new) (DLC) (Story Mode only) (A railgun)


  • Annie
  • Cap'n Cuttlefish
  • Callie
  • Crusty Sean
  • DJ Octavio
  • Inklings
  • Jellyfishes (playable in a Story Mode DLC.)
  • Jelonzo
  • Judd
  • Marie
  • Moe
  • Octarians
  • Octoballs
  • Octolings (playable in Online after 100% completion of Story Mode.)
  • Octosnipers
  • Octostamps
  • Octostrikers
  • Octotroopers
  • Sheldon
  • Shielded Octotroopers
  • Spyke
  • Squee-G
  • Squid Squad (now makes a major appearance.)
  • Bone Head (new) (lets you sell him shark teeth in exchange for gold.)
  • Agent 12 (a hybrid transformation of Callie & Marie.)
  • Agent ∞ (the undercover & controllable form of Cap'n Cuttlefish.)
  • Fryed Shrymp (new) (lets you buy food & eatable armor.)
  • Ceels (new eel like enemies shielded in ice)
  • Firefishes (a new fire variation of the Zapfish)
  • Icefishes (a new ice variation of the Zapfish)
  • Octopanzers (new) (DLC) (a variation of the Octostrikers that shoots lock on rockets)
  • General Sheldon the 2nd (new) (the grandpa of Sheldon that sells scuba equipment etc.)

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