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I Do Not Copy Everything, That Was My Idea

Splatoon 2 Ink Me Away Logo

Splatoon 2: Ink Me Away (As Known As Splatoon NX) Is A Sequel To Splatoon , It Was Made For Wii U , 3ds , And Nintendo NX ,an action packed third-person shooter for the Wii U. It involves the race of squid-like Inklings participating in turf wars by shooting ink on the battlefield. This game outshines its predecessor when it comes to modes and sheer content. The Rating For The Game Is E10+

New Features

New Team Colors

White V.S Black

Pink V.S Red

Brown V.S Green (Tree Colored)

Silver V.S Gold (Unlocked When Level 5)

Ruby V.S Emerald (Unlocked hen Level 10)

New Lobby

After The Final Splatfest , The Residents Of Inkopolis Moved To The City Of Squidtopia Due To Octarians Taking Over Inkopolis And Renaming It To Octopolis , Squidtopia Is A City Of An Underwater Dome , And Is Much Larger Than Inkopolis! , It can be explored and houses many easter eggs.

Underwater city

Squidtopia Concept Art

The Easter Eggs Are:

1:Raz And Her Pirated DVD SHOP Has Some 10 Bootlegged DVDs

1: Sushi Party (Sausage Party)

2: Jellies (Trolls)

3: The Powerpuff Squids Movie (The Powerpuff Girls Movie)


5: Monsters Ink (Monsters Inc)

6: My Neighbor Octotoro (My Neighbor Totoro)

7: Splatted Away (Spirited Away)

8: Teen Octitans: Trouble In Inkopolis (Teen Titans: Trouble In Tokyo)

9: Jellyfish Little (Chicken Little)

10: Lilo And Squid (Lilo And Stitch)

2: Jay B. Jelly Was Inspired By Tom Nook From Animal Crossing

3: Octopolis Is A Refrence To Inkopolis With More Octo Like , It Has Octo Ink , Octarians Everywhere , And The Booyah Base Was Changed To Oooh Base (A Refrence To Go Go Away From The Movie "Shrek The Third")

4: Mr.Trooper Is A Refrence To Mr.Resetti From Animal Crossing

5: Latex Is A Refrence To Laharl From Disgaea

6: Cancer Is A Refrence To Chiyo Chan From Azumanga Daioh (She Is A Transfer Name From A Zodiac Symbol Cancer)

7: Octo And Pus Are The Refrences From Kat And Ana From WarioWare

8: Hero Mode Is The Refrence To Super Smash Bros Brawl Adventure Mode And The Movie Shrek The Third

9: A Squid Girl Outfit Returns!

10: The Back Of The Amiibo Box Returns!

11: Puzzle And Splaction Is The Refrence To Puzzle And Action

12: Kissandra Is A Refrence To Cammy From Street Fighter

13: Splatthrower Is A Refrence To Flamethrower

14: Barney Is A Refrence To Venus


All the freshest Inklings carry around an inkPhone! Your inkPhone allows you to keep in touch with various Splatlantis residents via instant messaging. Though these did appear in the original as a means of knowing when your order from Spyke comes in, the use of this handy device has been expanded. As well as updates from Spyke, you may recieve messages concerning your Squid Squad, such as a challenge from an opposing Squad. As mentioned before, the Secret Sea Snail Society will let you know when new challenges are available. Finally, when other players rate your Pad, your inkPhone will alert you. You can recieve messages even when offline to read later, so inkPhones are very handy for keeping up with Splatopia

Turf War , Battle Dojo And Puzzle And Splaction

Theese Wars Has Three New Modes "Time Trial" "Graffiti" And "Big Bang"

Puzzle And Splaction Is Announced , Where You Can Challenge 14 Puzzles While Your Turfing At

Playable Races

The Inklings are a race of squid-like creatures who love nothing more than Turf Wars. They can take the form of a squid and shoot ink using their various weapons. They're a fashionable bunch and can be seen around Splatlantis wearing all sorts of attire.

Inkling smashified by hextupleyoodot-d8vc3v5

This Was Owned By Creator Of Smashified

Like Inklings they have the ability to transform, but into octopuses. Octolings can switch between octopus and humanoid form at will. They make up an elite corps of the Octarian forces, and are heavily armed with bombs and ink guns.

Tumblr nplmys6BSw1rqz5qko4 r1 500

This Was Originally Created By The-Regressor

Fireheads Are Inspired By Inklings And Octolings , They Have Burning Cool Tattoos , When You Evolved Into One Of Them! ,They Can Use Deadly Weapons Like The Splatthrower And The BurningBrush

Firehead Inkling Girl
Firehead Inkling Boy



Macey Is An Inkling With Pink Hair , She Follows Cap'n Cuttlefish , Agent 1 , Agent 2 , Agent 3 , Agent 4 , And Agent 5 All The Way To Her Base With Her Gang


Barney Is An Inkling With 2 Twin Eyes (Inspired By Venus The Cat) , He Was A Kind And Friendly Boy , He Was Trying To Impress Kissanda , But She Won't Listen To Him Sometimes


Devil Is A Firehead With Flames On A Back Of his hair , He Was Calling Inkling , Octoling , And Firehead Girls "Sexy" And Inkling , Octoling , And Firehead Boys "Dude" In Front Of Him , He Calls An Octoling Named Shina Sexy , Which She Didn't Like It , She Slapped Him In The Cheek , Causing Him To Be Dizzy With A Bunch Of Zap Fish On It


Kissandra Is A Firehead With A Hat (Inspired By Cammy From Street Fighter) , Her Favorite Color is Camo And She Liked Barney So Much , She Was Many Weapons In Her Jacket , Her T-Shirt Has A Camo Matching Jacket


Princess Kit Is An Inkling With School Clothes , She Retired From The SeaKingdom And Moved Into Squidtopia , She Warns The Player That Inkopolis Is In Danger , She Set All Kidnapped Residents Of Inkopolis And Squidtopia Free From King Octobot , She Was Later Sent Into Slavery By Him Because Of Senting Them All Free , She Was Rescued In The Final Boss Area


Raz Is The Firehead Inkling Who Is Macey's Sister , She Has A Collection Of Pirated DVDs , She Was Caught By The Polices Because The DVDs Are Already Released , She Was Put To Squidtopia Jail , You Can Meet Her In Prison Cage Number 10 , Because Her Job Is A Bad Idea , She Escaped From Squidtopia Jail After Beating The 4th Boss The Trooper Bros , So She Say That She Won't Let It Happen To Her Again

Shina Is An Octoling With Seaweed On Her Head ,She Lives In Squidtopia And Was Being A Good Octoling Along With Her Sister Shera And Katrina And Her Brother Zack She And Her Sisters And Brother Caught King Octobot In The Act Because He Thinks He Was Blamed For Kidnapping All The Inklings And Fireheads And Putting Them Into "Slavery" , He Was Being Guilty And Setting All The Inklings And Fireheads Free Like Princess Kit , She Thinks She Was The Good Girl Of All

Shera And Katrina Are The Sisters Of Shina , They're Good Octolings Along With Her Sister Shina And Her Brother Zack , They Suprise The Player With The Word "Boo" That Jumpscares The Player Into Mr.Trooper's Helmet , He Caught Both Of Them , They Are Sorry For Doing That To Him Mr.Trooper Said "Don't To That To Me Ever Again!" He Was Apoligized From That

Octoling boy by miaokep-d91b80r.png

This Was Originally Made By Miaokep

Zack Is An Octoling With His Smooth Hairstyle , He Is A Good Octoling Along With His Sisters , Shina Shera And Katrina , He Uses The Key To Let Princess Katrina Out During The Final Boss Battle , He Likes To Hang Out With Boys And Call Fireheads "Flame Dudes" , Kissandra Raz And Devil Liked That ,He Placed A Pallette Cake Beneath Prison Number 10's Cage For Raz Because He Give Tribute To her!

The Squid Sisters (Japanese: シオカラーズ Shiokaraazu lit. Sea O' Colors) are an idol group in Inkopolis, consisting of Callie and Marie (アオリ、ホタル Aori and Hotaru). They are the hosts for the Inkopolis News program, which announces events, new DLC and other battle-related news. They also host Splatfest, an event in which players pick one of two sides and fight the opposing team in turf wars. After players are done battling it out, Callie and Marie reward them with Super Sea Snails depending on their performance. , When first beginning Splatoon's Hero Mode, Cap 'n Cuttlefish refers to the player as 'Agent 3' referencing that the player is the third Agent to fight off the Octarians. He even states that the equipment given to the player is a hand-me-down from the previous two agents. Towards the end of Hero Mode, it is revealed that Agents 1 and 2 were in fact Callie and Marie respectively, although not directly said. The Squid Sisters will then help the players until DJ Octavio is defeated. Also, as stated in the sunken scrolls and the second time of fighting DJ Octavio, Callie and Marie started their career after they won a singing contest.

Annie is extremely reserved and constantly ruminating, but she has many secret fans. Moe the clown fish lives atop her head. He talks a big game, but he staunchly refuses to leave the safety of Annie's head. [1]

Annie has a mass of fluffy pink-and-green anemone tendrils on her head, and wears thick-rimmed glasses, a colorful jacket, dark green dress, orange and black tights, and black boots. She also keeps a pair of large purple headphones around her neck and wears a starfish like a hair beret. It is not known if the starfish is real or sapient like Moe is.

It is hinted at in the nineteenth Sunken Scroll that Moe , the clownfish in Annie's hair, is the one manipulating Annie. It states "Is the big fluffy one providing shelter for the little fishy one, or is the little fishy one manipulating the big fluffy one? We may never know... 

Twin Sisters

Shera And Katrina Shooting Their Octoshot!

Sheldon is a genuine military fanatic and is fascinated by his weapons. He has developed nearsightedness due to staying up late every night messing around with small parts.[1]

Though he is a horeshoe crab, Sheldon wears his whole shell on his head, like a hat. He also wears a pair of goggles, a khaki scout uniform, and a red scarf around his neck. He has buck teeth and pale yellow skin. 

Jelonzo is the charismatic clerk that runs the clothing shop. With his uncanny sense for the hottest trends, he is viewed as a fashion god of sorts by all the young squids in town. He hails from distant waters and has a strange way of speaking that can make it difficult to understand him, but that may be one of the secrets of his success.[1]   He looks much like the other jellyfish in Inkopolis , albeit larger. His jelly is blue-purple, and he wears a white and purple baseball cap with a purple brim, a blue and black striped scarf, and a white t-shirt bearing the image of some sort of fuzzy black eyeball.

Crusty Sean is known to be carelessly friendly and is obsessed with wearing many of his favorite shoes all at the same time thanks to having many legs.[1] While his "fried" body gives him the look of a tempura, it is actually just a slightly morbid designer jacket.[2]

Sean is a bright red prawn. Besides his fluffy tempura jacket, he wears a blue beanie and sneakers on all of his legs, execpt his front claws. He stands on one pair of legs while keeping the other three pairs folded in front of him. He also has a pair of antennae sprouting from the sides of his face.

Upgraded Octoling version 2 with seaweed

Shina And Her Two Sisters Shooting Their Octoshots At The Left

Judd was born with the incredible ability to judge turf area at a glance to separate the winners from the losers. It may look like he’s wearing a snazzy cat tuxedo, but that’s actually just the naturally occurring pattern of his fur. He is also a bit lazy just like most cats, although he does wake up for Splatfest. [1]

Spyke is a slender sea urchin with pale orange-tan skin and a mass of black spikes with purple tips growing from his head that partially hide his face. He wears a poncho, multi-colored bracelets, and clogs. He sits on a rug that looks similar to his poncho. He also wears multiple bangles on his left wrist.

When players first visit him after reaching level 4, it enables them to order gear that other Inklings are wearing in the plaza. Players can order up to three pieces of gear at a time, but are only able to buy one each day. If a player orders more then 3 pieces of gear, another order will have to be cancelled to make room for it and the new item will appear at the back of the queue.

Spyke's prices for gear are quite a bit higher than in the store. If the gear is not bought during the day its available, Spyke will get rid of it. Spyke will not trash gear in your queue in the days you don't play Splatoon.

Spyke has the chance to get the same abilities as the original wearer on the clothing you ordered. This chance goes up with the player's level, and the more abilities that the item has, the more expensive it is. Even if no additional abilities are obtained, the item's price is still increased.

Once players reach level 20, they can ask Spyke to add a slot to existing equipment for the price of 30000 coins or one Super Sea Snail. If the equipment in question already has 3 sub-slots, then the player can use this to re-roll them. The main slot cannot be re-rolled.



The Mighty Octostomp is a large cube, with four different layers to its face being the main base, another square which comes out slightly more, the main face area which sticks out more than the second layer, and the eyes and mouth which both stick out of the face. When on the ground face-first, the Octostomp’s face will flatten, but during combat it will have all four layers stick out; each more than the last.

It is mostly metal with a grey body. The Octostomp’s face is covered in Purple ink, with its lips being a slightly darker purple and its eyes being green. 

The Octostomp has two amusingly small legs with black socks, which are somehow able to make the massive body jump, although they aren't very useful for getting back onto its feet. Underneath it also has some hanging wires.

On the back of the Octostomp is a small circle filled with ink, where a tentacle can enrage. It can use this to steal Zapfish, but unfortunately also works as it's weak point which the inklings use to destroy it.

The Octostomp's sides and top are comprised of 9 different panels each, which the inkling can use to get onto its back once the Octostomp is stuck on its face. However, as the battle continues the amount of panels will decrease, leaving empty gaps with electric currents coming out of them.

It has the appearance of a carnivorous fish or shark that swims in the ground (leaving a trail of ink behind it). It attacks by swimming towards the player and, once directly under them, it uses its teeth as a cage that surrounds the player and it attempts to eat them. The player has to shoot its teeth and break them so they can swim out of the way of its attack. The Octomaw will then come up from the ground. The player must shoot away enough teeth to lob a Splat Bomb into the centre of its open maw, after which the weak point will be revealed and must be destroyed. This process must be completed 3 times to defeat the boss. The first time it will have normal white teeth, the second time metallic silver teeth, which are stronger, and the third and final time it will have shining golden teeth, which take many hits to destroy. If the player dodges the boss' attack but does not reveal and destroy the weak tentacle, any remaining teeth turn into homing missiles that must be destroyed. Upon its defeat the player is awarded a Zapfish and the Sunken Scroll blueprints for the New Squiffer. When the player is hiding, it will start swimming around the corner.In the amiibo challenges, defeating Ravenous Octomaw with a Charger, Roller, and Kraken respectively will unlock the arcade games Squid Ball, Squid Racer, and Squid Beats respectively.

Cap'n Cuttlefish

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