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Splatoon (Anime TV series)
Producer(s) Toei Animation
Distributor(s) Funimation Entertainment
Broadcaster(s) Cartoon Network - USA

YTG - Canada Fuji TV - Japan

Genre(s) Action-Adventure, Comedy
First Air Date(s)
NA- 8-21-15
Season(s) (So Far) 2 Seasons
Runtime 22 Minutes

Splatoon (Anime) is a Sports Anime released in North America, Japan and Canada. The story is loosely based around the story mode of the first Splatoon game while the last few arcs are based around an inkling named Evan trying to succeed in the major league Turf Wars. Along the way, he makes a lot of friends and enemies. Funimation provided the dub for the series.


After graduating Jr. High for Squids, Evan, a 14 year old inkling from a unknown town leaves his home town for Inkopolis looking to make it big in the Turf War league. Soon though he's pulled into trouble when he gets involved in a battle between the Octolings and Inklings. Evan along with Agents 2 and 1 quickly stop their evil plans. After saying goodbye Evan plays some turf wars and eventually lands a spot in the major league.


Season 1

  • A new problem
  • Meet Captn cuttlefish
  • Not so fresh
  • Octolings!
  • Not fun
  • Octolings again
  • Agent 1 and 2
  • breaking through
  • Hidden secrets
  • No escape
  • The true minds
  • End of the Octolings
  • Stay Fresh!

Season 2

  • Karma
  • Shallow Water
  • Get Inked
  • Waters fine
  • Major league
  • Just an education
  • First Ever Splatfest
  • Cats vs Dogs part 1
  • Cats vs Dogs part 2
  • Winners or Losers
  • Meeting the Squid Sisters
  • Karma's old friends
  • Karmel
  • Joining the Major League
  • The past
  • First game
  • play-off
  • Just a game
  • Still not fun
  • Into the dark abyss
  • The Last game
  • The final win!

Season 3

  • 1 Year Later
  • Splatfest returns
  • Planes vs Cars
  • Turf War changes
  • Act 1 - RainMaker part 1
  • Act 1 - rain maker Part 2
  • Act 2 - Control Tower Part 2
  • Act 2 - Control Tower Part 2
  • Act 3 - Part 1
  • Act 3 - Part 2
  • The winner is?
  • Heated battle between Iris and Evan
  • New announcements!
  • World Wide Turf Wars begin
  • The Inklings (Squidopolis) vs the Fresh-mans
  • Race to the top of battle
  • Troubled
  • The final one
  • The Inklings win!
  • A new problem arrives
  • The Octolings fight

Season 4

  • The decision, winner takes all fight
  • Practice doesn't make anything
  • Evans home revelaed 
  • The one and only
  • A test
  • The replacment! (Iris joins team inklings)
  • The games begin
  • Act X - The eliminations
  • You can't win!
  • Act X2 - This won't work
  • Karmel elminated 
  • Problems start in the group
  • Iris is eliminated 
  • Death defying acts
  • Act X3 - Just one more win
  • Evans reveal! He is part Octoling?!?!?!?!??!?!?!?
  • Evan eliminated 
  • Karma vs Omni (The final Act begins)
  • Karma can't loose!
  • But can Karma win?
  • Running into a trap?!
  • Cheaters.
  • We might have lost, who won
  • Inkvasion 
  • The missing Act
  • Act Z - And now, we win
  • Is this goodbye? Evan and Karma's goodbye


Name Art Description
Evan (Kind of)

Evan in the first episode

A 14 Year Old (15 in Season 3 and 4) Inkling from an unknown town. He traveled to Inkopolis in hopes of joining the Major Divisions of Turf Wars. He is pulled into a short battle between the Inklings and Octolings (In actuality, he stops it before it can begin as he was assisted by Captain Cuttle Fish and the Squid Sisters). He's naive but very determined. His main outfit is a construction jacket and a beanie.
Karma Splatoon

Season 3-4 Design

A 14 year old (15 in Season 3 and 4) Inkling girl from Inkopolis. She is Evans rival for the most part of Season 2 in the competition to join the Major Divisions. However, they become great friends (Though they don't go any further than friends) after a while and they both eventually join the team. She's more determined than Evan and sometimes unforgiving. However, she's nice when she needs to be. Her character design is based off of the Inkling girl from Splatoon
Iris Splatoon

Season 3 design

Evan's rival in Season 3 and a part of 4. She is cunning and is the MVP of Evan and Karma's team. However, Evan's sudden rise has created tensions between the two. Evan, Karma and her have many battles during the various Splatfests before she eventually teams with them during the Splatfest to decide the fate of the Inklings and Octolings. After that, the two seem to have silent respect for each other.
Leo Splatoon

Season 3 Design

Captain Cuttle Fish A slightly perverted old man who warned of an upcoming attack from the Octorians. He gave the directions to Evan during the surprise attacks on the Octorians.
Calie & Marie AKA, the Squid Sisters. They are famous all over the world for their music and are especially popular in the area. They both play a part in the first Season but are reduced to announcers for the Splatfests. However, Callie and Marie both do the narration for the "Previously on" segments.

Soundtrack and Animation

The Soundtrack is half retained from the original game from 2015. The rest is composed by the lead composer of Dragon Ball (From 2013 - Present), Norihito Sumitomo. The Animation is split between Super Studios and Swift Studios. Swift produced the best looking episodes while Super produced the ones that were done when Swift had to do Deadly Sin. Super studios however did make some really bad Animation which included Karma in season 2's hair switching from Orange to white in 3 frames each which funnily enough is an error carried on from season 3-6 Sonic Jamz episodes.

Original tracks include -

  • Match of the ages [1]
  • Power of friendship [2]
  • New Team [3]
  • Countdown begins [4]
  • Unusual Circumstances [5]
  • Lies [6]
  • Final Stand [7]
  • Secret [8]
  • The Acts begin [9]
  • Tears [10]
  • Fear of the Unknown [11]
  • Heroes last stand [12]
  • A group of friends [13]
  • Splatfest [14]
  • First match begins [15]
  • Join the club! [16]
  • Friends become official [17]
  • Slice of Life [18]
  • The other team [19]
  • Situation [20]
  • Theme of Karma [21]
  • Past Awakens [22]
  • Friends become Rivals [23]
  • Real or not [24]
  • Fun Time [25]
  • Friends [26]
  • Dark Memory [27]
  • Stay Away From Me! [28]
  • A punch in the gut [29]
  • Time passes [30]
  • Goodbye [31]
  • Next Episode preview (0:00 - 0:01 and 2:20 - 2:34) [32]

Video Game Continuation

Toei approached Vision studios to make a game based off of the final arc of Splatoon in late 2015. The game was released on December 9th 2016 as Splatoon: Winner Takes All to mixed to positive reviews. Vision stated later that they are thinking of continuing the story in a bunch of video game sequels.


The series managed to slightly popularize Sports anime in America.


When the series was reviled it met criticism for its choice in the main protagonist who is a boy, not a girl like in almost all promotional stuff on the oriEvan ginal game. The producers stated that he felt that the girl was overused and decided to do something different. He stated an awkward girl who ends up the hero in the end is a story in almost all media in existence and wanted to switch the gender. The personality of the girl character was turned into Karma. Evan wore a Beanie and never took it off due to reasons unknown. In the episode "Evans Reveal! He is part Octoling!" Evan takes it off during the 3rd X act and his hair was black which was a hair color that no Inkling had but 45% Octolings had. That still didn't cause him hiding his hair from getting controversy however.


  • Evan was originally intended to have dark skin. However, this was changed for absolutely no reason.

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