Splatoon (Anime) is a Japanese Sports/Slice of Life Anime based on the 2015 game, Splatoon. The series was split into multiple seasons, each only a couple episodes.

The first season is loosely based on the first Splatoon games story mode. The 2nd and 3rd follow the main characters joining and participating in the Major Turf Wars. The 4th (And originally final season) was completely original.

A new series based on the Splatoon 2 Manga was announced for August 2017 in July. It will be shown on Youtube.

The opening theme for the original first 4 seasons was, Splattack. The opening theme for the continuation is Endolphin Surge (Wet Floor) from Splatoon 2.

The ending theme for the first two seasons was Maritime Memory.

The music is from the first two Splatoon Games while some original tracks are composed by in house composers. The show airs on TV Tokyo on Thursday nights (Usually following the Pokemon Anime). In America, it airs on Nickelodeon on Saturday mornings.


Ditching school, 14 year old Evan is an inkling who wants to join in on the Turf Wars of Inkopolis. However, he has to make a detour with his plans as he is recruited by Captain Cuttlefish in order to help stop the Octarians from invading.

He eventually stops anything trouble from happening is added to the draft. He is added to a team that includes some of the best players and an inner battle between him and the top players begin.


Season 1

Episode Episode Name Description Air Date
1. A New Problem. Welcome to Inkopolis! July 9 2015
2. Meet Captain Cuttlefish. About the Octarians July 16 2015
3. A totally "not so fresh" revelation. How uncultured can we get? July 23 2015
4. The Octolings attack! Evan is on his own July 30 2015
5. A confusing experience. A funny bout begins August 6 2015
6. More Octolings. Evan struggles August 13 2015
7. Captain has been captured? Meet Agents 1 & 2 August 20 2015
8. Breaking through the limits. What lies ahead August 27 2015
9. A Small Test. Agents are delighted September 3 2015
10. Hold up? A break in the battle September 10 2015
11. Into the abyss. The Search for Captain is on September 17 2015
12. DJ Octavia? The One Behind it all! September 24 2015
13. Stay Fresh! The Truth Behinds Agents 1 & 2 October 1 2015

Season 2

Episdoe Episode Name Description Air Date
14. Friends? The girl named Karma April 7 2016
15. Somethings fishy! Shallow planning April 14 2016
16. News up ahead? Get Inked my friends! April 21 2016
17. Leo and Evan. Who's the best? April 28 2016
18. I have to go to school? Just an education May 5 2016
19. The Squid Sisters! The first ever Splatfest? May 12 2016
20. Team Leo vs Team Karma. The official Baseball Episode May 19 2016
21. The announcement. The dreaded. The Draft Begins... May 26 2016
22. The Bet. Karma vs Leo? June 2 2016
23. Not exactly fun and games. The school version of Turf Wars June 9 2016
24. Splatfest begins. Cats vs Dogs June 16 2016
25. Cat and Dog Champions? Karma and Evan Battle June 23 2016
26. An Easy Victory. Who is the true winner? June 30 2016
27. The Surprise Announcement! Evan and Karma have been drafted July 7 2016
28. Meeting our Teams. Leo and Karma?! Again! July 14 2016
29. And Let The Battles Begin. Inner Conflicts Arise. July 21 2016
30. Evan and Karma vs Leo and Iris! Who will prevail? July 28 2016

Season 3

Episode Episode Name Description Air Date
31. A Thing Called Ranked Battle. Confusion. Nov 3 2016
32. Testing it out. The Rain Maker Nov 10 2016
33. Team Fresh vs Team Unison. Rain Maker finale Nov 17 2016
34. The 2nd Act Begins. Control Tower. Nov 24 2016
35. THEY ARE IN CONTROL?!?! HUH!?!? Dec 1 2016
36. A Devastating Loss. Inner Conflict Dec 8 2016
37. The Next Announcement. The Final Ranked Battle? Dec 15 2016
38. Splatzones? An interesting build up. Dec 22 2016
39. Team Fresh fails? The first major loss?!? Dec 29 2016
40. Hold up? New news. The Next Splatfest is coming to town? Jan 5 2017
41. Callie vs Marie? The next Splatfest is unleashed! Jan 12 2017
42. Pick your side. A small, but funny divide. Jan 19 2017
43. The beginning! Let's go Evan! Jan 26 2017
44. A giant advantage! Watch out Leo! Feb 2 2017
45. The Final Countdown. Who will represent? Feb 9 2017
46. Conclusion to an inner conflict. Thank you, friends. Feb 16 2017

Season 4

Episode Episode Name Description Release Date
47. I'm going to be the very best! Meet Candy. October 5 2017
48. Ice Cream vs Cake! The next splatfest! October 12 2017
49. An interesting maneuver. Candy's first move October 19 2017
50. Things get interesting. Does this mean victory? October 26 2017
51. The Draft opens up. This is our new team. November 2 2017
52. Who's at the top? Meet Karma and Leo. November 9 2017
53. Marina and Pearl. Who are they? November 16 2017
54. Callie is missing? Trouble Erupts. November 23 2017
55. I'll be your mission control! Meet Marie! November 30 2017
56. This is it? Joining Team Splat December 7 2017
57. The first battle! Familiar faces. December 14 2017
58. The search continues. Candy vs Octolings. December 21 2017
59. A Strange Omen. December 28 2017
60. January 4 2018

Recurring Cast

Name Art Description
Evan A 14 year old Inkling Boy from the unknown. While originally an outcast, he is befriended by a girl named Karma. Before the draft, he helped stop the Octarians which helped him grow his skills and so by the time the draft finally came around, he was one of the best.

He's quiet but pretty laid back.

Splatoon-Inkling Render 001
A 14 Year old Inkling Girl from Inkopolis. She struggled with making friends before joining the league, however, she was considered a hidden gem as she was one of the best participants in the draft.

Originally she uses a Slosher but moves to using a charger to have tactical advantages in battle.

She's energetic and hyper active but really nice.

Considerably the best in the league. She uses the rare double splatter and is easily the best on her team. She's a lot less cocky compared to her younger brother but still views the rest of her team as fodder. However, she and Evan have mutual respect for each other.
Leo Splatoon
Iris' younger brother. He antagonizes Evan a lot (Both before and after he joins their team) and has always never cared about his team (Outside of his sister). He has hundreds of adoring fans but by the time Evan and Karma join, his rank lowers and he's usually the forgotten member of the team. He's cocky and loudmouthed and annoys literally everyone on his team. His weapon of choice is a splat roller.
Captain Cuttle Fish A slightly perverted old man who warned of an upcoming attack from the Octorians. He gave the directions to Evan during the surprise attacks on the Octorians.
Calie & Marie
AKA, the Squid Sisters. They are famous all over the world for their music and are especially popular in the area. They both play a part in the first Season but are reduced to announcers for the Splatfests. However, Callie and Marie both do the narration for the "Previously on" segments.

In the newer series, they are replaced by Pearl and Marina, two new characters.


Soundtrack Style

The Soundtrack is mostly retained from the original game from 2015 [And eventually the 2017 sequel].

However, the style of the soundtrack would be similar to Jet Set Radio and Sonic Rush.

Video Game Adaptions

Toei approached Vision studios to make a game based off of the final arc of Splatoon in late 2015. The game was released on December 9th 2016 as Splatoon: Winner Takes All to mixed to positive reviews. Vision stated later that they are thinking of continuing the story in a bunch of video game sequels.