Splatoon: The Movie
Splatoon the movie
Director Nikki Kaji
Producer(s) Nintendo, Kaji Productions
Studio(s) Nintendo Animation Studios
Distributor(s) Sony Pictures Animation
Type Anime
Genre(s) Action-adventure
Country of Origin Japan
Theatrical Release Date(s)
December 14th, 2017 (JPN)
January 2nd, 2018 (NA)
January 5th, 2018 (UK)
Home Edition Release Date(s)
January 30th, 2018
Age Rating(s)
PG-13 (NA)
PG-12 (JPN)
Original Language Japanese
Budget 13.5 million
Box Office 75 million
Runtime 92 minutes

Splatoon: The Movie (Splatoon Xtreme in Japan) is an anime-styled movie developed by Nintendo in collaboration with Kaji Productions based on the popular third-person shooter games Splatoon and it's successor Splatoon 2: Let's Get Kraken!. It was first released in Japan on December 14, 2017, 7 months after the game's release. It was later dubbed in english and released on January 2nd, 2018 for the U.S and January 5th, 2018 for the U.K. The home edition was released worldwide on January 30th, 2018.


With the sale success of both Splatoon games, it was decided that Splatoon should make it's first debut on the big screen. They decided that the movie would give a more detailed story behind the inklings. Nikki Kaji announced that the Splatoon movie would be heavily inspired by the game, but also with additional features that would give the characters more personality and detail.


The movie starts off with Lula, an orange-colored inkling who lives in Squidville. She is waking up on her 14th birthday, the day she finally gets complete control of her transformation powers between turning into a squid or a humanoid. But this is also her moving day. Whenever an inkling turns 14 and gain control of their powers, they are sent away to live in Inkopolis and meet other kids their age, training and competing in turf wars.

That morning, Lula is greeted by her parents and little brother, who is still a squid and cannot control his powers yet. Her mother had already packed Lula's bag, which sat next to the door and was ready to be picked up when she left. After the small birthday party, Lula prepared to leave her home town and discover a new destiny, her family wishing her the best of luck. Realizing she is running late, Lula runs to the train station.

Once at the train station, Lula gets on her train just as it was about to pull off. She changed into her squid form and launched herself onto the side of the train, sticking to the orange ink splattered on the side of it. Making her way to the door, she is greeted by other orange inklings who help her into the cable car. On the tv screen against the wall, Callie, Marie, and Sadie appear performing one of their hit singles live, Lula taken away by their singing and dancing.

After the performance on tv, Lula looks outside the window and sees all of Inkopolis in amazement. A huge megapolis surrounded in water, populated with young inklings of all different colors. There were also other islands surrounding it, where what appeared to be turf wars going on against different teams. The scenery was taken away when the train entered another tunnel, where they rode towards Inkopolis.

As the train arrives at the station and everyone is walking off of their respectivec-colored trains, Lula is shoved by a group of green inklings, snickering as she falls over and drop the folder in her hand, papers scattering across the ground around her. As she picks them up, a male blue inkling walks up to help her, pulling Lula off of the ground. He introduces himself as Zach, saying that the greens are known for being jerks. He asks what Lula's name is, but before she can respond, Zach's friends start calling his name teasingly, making him walk over to them.

Lula straightens up the papers, holding her folder against her chest with one hand and dragging her luggage with another, taking in a deep breath followed by a sigh. Walking out the automatic doors, she was exposed to the outside once again, the sun shining brightly as several teenage inklings walked around Inkopolis, chatting and holding their ink weapons. The curious inkling looked around, not knowing where to go first. Lula walked towards another female inkling, tapping her shoulder, surprised to find out it was Callie from the Squid Sisters.

Callie welcomed Lula to Inkopolis, able to tell she was a newcomer because Lula didn't have a weapon. The popstar offered to walk Lula over to Mayday Mall, where they could supply Lula with a weapon and then give a tour around Inkopolis. Lula gladly accepts, catching sight of that charming blue inkling from before hang out with his friends.

Lula and Callie walk into Ammo Knights, where Sheldon greets the newcomer and asks for her resident file. Lula searches her folder, only to find that her resident file is gone, panicking. But before things could get too bad, Zach shows up and says he believes something belongs to Lula, handing her a paper that he'd found at the train station and forgot to give it to her. Lula thanks him, finally telling him her name and proceeds to choose her first weapon.

After a few seconds of thinking, Lula finally chooses the Splattershot. After paying a small fee, she is given her weapon, along with a container of orange ink. Callie offers to help Lula with training, but Zach takes up the offer instead, the two inklings leaving Mayday Mall and heading towards the arena.

The arena is actually a high-tech simulation device that's able to generate an entire new small world and is usually used for training. Zach and Lula walk into Inkopolis tower, where there is a line to 8 different stations, two groups of different inkling colors disappearing in the blink of an eye. Lula questions the system, Zach explaining that it's only teleporting them to the next battle arena, questioning Lula if she's scared. Lula denies that she is scared, standing tall to try to show whatever confidence she had.

As they get near the front of the line, Zach leaves Lula's side to join his colored inklings, Lula joining hers. One of the orange inklings, Penny, questions Lula that she has a boyfriend of a different colored inkling, Lula flabbergasted by the question, but wonders why two different colored inklings going out would be questionable. Another orange inkling tells Lula that it was a tragedy from the past, saying a red and yellow inkling were going out once, but right before the Great Turf Wars, the girl went missing, disqualifying the yellows from the tournament. Many believed that the green turned on his girlfriend just for his team's advantage.

Penny laughed, telling Lula that it was just a myth, but since people never actually figured out what happened to that girl, different colored inklings weren't supposed to be together often. The team of 4 finally entered their respective transporters, the blues on the other side. There was a countdown, a ray of light overcoming Lula as she felt as if her body was getting lighter. All of a sudden, it felt as if she was going down a steep hill on a roller coaster when she felt herself covered in ink. Standing up, she formed out of her orange ink alongside her 3 teammates.

Penny told her to cover as much of the area as she could, shoot all targets, and show no mercy. Music started playing overhead in the dome, an announcer yelling "Start!" as everyone ran off, shooting their ink along the ground. Lula followed them clumsily, hearing shouts over all the action about how you had to disguise yourself as a squid in your ink and refill your tank by diving in your ink only.

Lula ran up a flight of stairs, coming across a blue inkling that automatically started shooting at her. She quickly hid behind a wall, blue ink splashing the side of her face as she tried to shake it off. She waited a few seconds, gripping her weapon firmly and turning the corner, shooting. The blue inkling suddenly exploded, orange ink splashing everywhere.

Behind her, Lula felt the presence of another inkling, her heart beating quickly as she turned around and aimed her weapon, only to see Zach aiming at her as well. He grinned, saying that it didn't hurt much. But before he could shoot, Penny came in from the side and shot him instead, Lula screaming for her to stop only after it was too late, Zach exploding into a pile of orange ink.

However, what she didn't notice was another blue teammate approaching. Penny was hit from the side, and all of a sudden Lula only saw a splatter of blue ink shot directly at his, panicking and turning into her squid form, trying to swim away. She was the only orange left on the field, and two blues were still on the chase. After a while, she was cornered by two Splattershot users, as they showed no mercy and fired their weapons. 

Lula tried to block the ink, and soon found herself back in the Inkopolis Tower, still scared. Zach walked up to her and tried to comfort her, saying it was over. She didn't listen, pushing him out of the way as it was announced that the blue team had won. Lula stormed out of the Inkopolis Tower, Zach chasing after her.


Name Image Age Inkling Color Description
Lula Inkling girl transparent by sean the artist-d8vcial 14 Orange Lula can be described as curious and adventurous. She moves to Inkopolis on her 14th birthday to train and become a skilled turf war competitor. Lula is a big fan of the Squid Sisters, secretly wanting to become a part-time performer. On her first days in Inkopolis, times are rough. However, with the help of her new friend, Zach, she can fulfil her target goal and raise her chances of participating in the Great Turf War.
Zach Inkling4 15 Blue Zach is a returning turf war elite, returning to Inkopolis so he can participate in the next Great Turf War. Despite only controlling his transformation powers a year ago, Zach has completely mastered after months of non-stop training. He befriends Lula and helps her with training, only to be looked down upon by others because of helping the opposing team.
Callie and Marie Callie&Marie 15 Purple and Green Unlike in the mainstream games, Callie and Marie are twin sisters, despite their totally opposite personalities. Callie is more of an edgy, tomboy while Marie is more timid and careful. They are a part of the Squid Sisters, a popular girl group in Inkopolis. But they have lives outside of just singing and dancing. They are also news reporters.
Sadie Sadie Summer Ham 14 Cyan Sadie is the adopted little sister of Callie and Marie, and is a new member of the Squid Sisters. Instead of reporting on news, she secretly wants to become a master at turf wars, occasionally disguising herself in a hero's outfit so her sisters won't find out. She befriends Lula and Zach, but knows that the friendship will be difficult because of their separate inkling colors.
Penny SquidOrangeSplatoon 14 Orange Penny is an orange inkling and is a first-year turf war student. She's very serious about her training, and show no mercy against others in turf war. She can be very honest and is nice to her team.


English Cast

  • Lisa Ortiz as the voice of Lula
  • Wendee Lee as the voice of Callie
  • Laura Bailey as the voice of Marie
  • Monica Rial as the voice of Sadie
  • Roger Craig Smith as the voice of Zachary

Japanese Cast

  • Tokui Sora as the voice of Lula
  • Mimori Suzuko as the voice of Callie
  • Hori Eriko as the voice of Marie
  • Ayana Taketatsu as the voice of Sadie
  • Katsuyuki Konishi as the voice of Zachary