A more advanced description of all types of weapons that are accessible in Splatoon: Splashdown.

Weapon Types


Generic guns that are meant for novices and experts alike. They spread ink rapidly through firing small bullets of ink at fast rates. Despite the reclassification of many old Shooter-type weapons, they are still one of the most plentiful types. Shooters are typically considered the cornerstone of Splatoon's combat, and a team without one is usually ill-fit for combat.


Larger rifle-style guns. The charger has a build-up time to a powerful blast that can take enemies out immediately within a long range. It is an ideal weapon for the Inklings on guard, with the option to fire uncharged shots for quicker turf coverage. A variant on this class is the Scoped Charger, which zooms into a first-person view after charging a blast.


Massive paint rollers equipped with ink tanks. The roller has a wide range in painting capability, being able to cover large areas near the player. It is an ideal weapon for Inking on the go, and also has a short-ranged Ink-flinging attack. However, roller users are incredibly susceptible to ranged attacks, especially those of chargers.


Larger, heavier guns and originally a variant on the Shooter class. Launchers pack more ink into each shot than shooters do, making them less efficient and more powerful than their base class. However, while they possess higher accuracy and range, they also have a far lower fire rate. Launchers excel in offensive game modes, while they aren't as good with turf painting.


A bizarre weapon class based on what appears to be a simple bucket. When used in battle, Sloshers fling high-velocity globs of ink incredibly far. While they have a relatively slow rate of fire, Sloshers can be used to take out enemies quickly from far away, while still remaining useful in terms of turf coverage.


Flingers are guns that take on a more bow or crossbow style, compared to the more generic water gun style of the Shooters. Flingers shoot very weak shots that travel incredibly fast, and have relatively good range and fire rate. While they may seem similar to the first game's Aerospray line at first, the Flingers act more like Chargers due to their higher range and lower fire rate.


A stylized umbrella made into a usable Turf War weapon. Tapping the fire button rapidly causes the player's Inkling to open and close the umbrella, shaking off ink. Holding the button keeps the umbrella open as a shield. While open, the umbrella absorbs all enemy ink, and then sprays an equivalent amount when released. Use this to deflect shots back at enemies or protect a vulnerable ally as they recover!




Blasters are versions of Shooters which shoot slow, large bullets that explode in mid-air. These guns are recommended for close-combat rather that inking turf. They are generally regarded as inferior due to their short range and movement impairing side effects, but are useful in more advanced modes such as Tower Control and Ice Rush due to their close-range benefits.


Light handheld weapons that resemble spray bottles. Bottles are similar to the original game's L-3 Nozzlenose weapon, in that they fire multiple shots per button press, but cannot be held to fire. There are two different types of Bottles: Rapid, which work like the Nozzlenose, and Spread, which fire all three shots at once in an angled formation. Bottles are weak, but rather long-ranged and very ink-effecient.


Shockers are incredibly heavy weapons that resemble the Inkzooka and railguns more than they do normal weapons. They effectively act as the opposite of Chargers, in that they have powerful, long-ranged shots, but they have a cooldown period after firing. Shots from a Shocker are one-hit splats, like the Charger, but are thicker, tend to have longer range, and have explosions on the ends like Blasters.

Sub Weapons

Splat Bomb

A small carbon-fiber pyramid stuffed with a plastic sack of ink. When thrown, a second after touching a surface, the Splat Bomb explodes and coats the area in its respective team's color. Splat Bombs will not explode in mid-air; they can only explode after touching an object.

Tips for utilizing the Splat Bomb effectively:

  • The Splat Bomb's deployment timer begins counting down when it initially touches an object. This countdown is paused when it is falling, and resumes when it lands. When throwing a Splat Bomb down at an opponent, it is recommended to first bounce the Splat Bomb off a ledge to begin the countdown timer, thereby giving the opponent less time to react when the Bomb touches the ground.
  • If you notice an enemy player hiding behind a wall or on top of a ledge, a well placed bomb can force them out.
  • At a range of .75 or closer, this weapon will do 180 damage. Below 1.5 it deals a significantly lower damage of 30. Any distance beyond that will not hurt the enemy.

Burst Bomb

A spherical balloon filled with ink. It acts almost identically to the Splat Bomb, but explodes immediately on contact with a surface or object. The Burst Bomb is weaker and covers less area, but is more ink-efficient than the Splat Bomb, and is more useful as a surprise attack.

Tips for using the Burst Bomb effectively:

  • Due to the weapon's nature, Burst Bombs cannot be hacked by Jellyjammers.
  • Burst Bombs can deal between 20-60 damage, with 60 being a direct hit.

Splash Wall

A rod-like device equipped with shower devices. When utilized, it is thrown a short distance forward and activates, spraying the area immediately below it. The Splash Wall forms a temporary barrier of falling ink, preventing enemy fire from passing through.

Tips for using the Splash Wall effectively:

  • Opponents will instantly get splattered if they attempt to walk through the Splash Wall, but the player who spawned the item's teammates will be able to with no effect.
    • These players will also be able to shoot through the wall.
  • When the Splash Wall is shot by enemy ink, the time remaining until it despawns begins depleting faster. Remaining time can be viewed in an ink-filled tube in the middle of the weapon.

Special Weapons


A strange special item shown only as a question mark with cartoonish eyes. While it takes much less time to charge than any other special weapon, the weapon's actual effect is completely random, and can have a massive impact on the battle depending on what it gives the player.

The effects of the Randomizer are as follows:

  • Bubbler: Creates a Bubbler shield around the user.
  • Echolocator: Activates an Echolocator, applying the tracking effect to all enemy players.
  • Giga Disruptor: Identical to the Echolocator, but applies the Disruptor's slowing effect instead.
  • Inkzooka: Grants the user an Inkzooka.
  • Mini Inkstrike: Fires a miniature Inkstrike at a random enemy player.
  • Kraken: Transforms the user into a Kraken.
  • Squid Boost: Boosts all stats slightly for a short time.
  • Options: Spawns two Options to fight alongside the user.
  • Smart Bomb: Spawns a Smart Bomb in the user's hands.
  • Camoflage: Turns the user invisible temporarily.

There is no real strategy with the Randomizer due to its unpredictable nature, but note that specials with duration limits such as the Options or Kraken will not last as long when used by the Randomizer.

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