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Splatoon: Rise of Evil is a fan made DLC add-on for Splatoon. This DLC is purely fictional, so don't go looking for it on the eShop!

DLC Overview

The Splatoon: Rise of Evil DLC was announced in a special Ninendo direct starring the Squid Researchers on February 4th, 2016, explaining it. It was then released on March 12th, 2016 on the eShop in North America and on march 15th, 2016 on the eShop in Europe. The add-on costs $4.99 in the US, $6.50 in Canada and €4.70 in Europe. The DLC adds a second single-player campaign to the game, named Splatoon: Rise of Evil. However, this campaign is rated separately from the game, as the campaign is rated T.

Campaign Overview

Splatoon: Rise of Evil aims to take a slightly more serious look at Splatoon and its characters. Like the first campaign, Splatoon: Rise of Evil is a third-person 3D action shooter and plays similarly to Splatoon in that you play as an Inkling, a human-squid hybrid that can shoot ink and then swim in in in its squid form. However, there are lots of differences between Splatoon and Splatoon: Rise of Evil.

Hubs, Menus and Selections

Unlike Splatoon, Splatoon: Rise of Evil does not have a hub like Octo Valley. Instead it has menus similar to the options page in Splatoon.

To access the campaign, just enter the grate by Judd in Inkopolis to get to Octo Valley, like you did to access the first campaign. Then, simply enter Captain Cuttlefish's hut to access the main menu of the campaign.

Title Screen

Rise of Evil Menu 1

The title screen of Splatoon: Rise of Evil goes with the basic New Game, Continue, Quit format that a lot of other games use. It has the same background as the loading screen, with squid moving across the screen vertically. It also has the same cursor as the lobby, being an orange squid that extends and retracts itself repeatedly. You can also press ZL to exit the campaign and return to Inkopolis' spawn point to play multiplayer. Note that the font of the text in the 'screenshot' shown here is not the font that Splatoon uses normally (excluding the 'back to Inkopolis' text, which is taken from in-game). If this were to be a real DLC, the font would be Splatoon's regular font.

Rise of Evil Menu 1A

Meanwhile on the gamepad, there is a screen which shows the player's progress throughout the game. This includes their completion percentage, the amount of Sunken Scrolls collected, amount of pearls, and their chosen main weapon and secondary weapons as well as the level for those. The Ink Phone is also visible beside the weapons. If the player hasn't started the game yet, this screen will be blank.

By selecting 'new game', the game automatically brings you to the opening cutscene for the game, starting you off easily. By selecting 'continue', the game loads for about 2-4 seconds, then starts you at the cutscene that you viewed last or the level select screen, depending on what point you are at in the campaign.

Level Select Screen

Rise of Evil Menu 2

The level select screen is designed similarly to the title screen, having the same background, button style and cursor as it. Players can easily play levels by scrolling through them and selecting their chosen level. They can also press + to view their collected sunken scrolls and - to view cutscenes.

Rise of Evil Menu 2A

on the gamepad, the layout is similar to the title screen's gamepad layout as well, with the player's selected weapon, bombs and Ink Phone visible. This time however, there is buttons below these things, selected by touching them with the stylus or your hand. The bombs have an 'upgrade' button below them, while the weapon has an additional 'change button'. The Ink Phone has a 'use' button below it, allowing players to utilize their Ink Phones to play games or check things.

New Mechanics and Concepts

The following is a list of mechanics and concepts introduced in Splatoon: Rise of Evil, as well as concepts that may have changed a bit.


In Splatoon, all that was heard from the characters were text boxes accompanied by blurbs of gibberish. However in Splatoon: Rise of Evil, there is much more storyline, so this must be accompanied by cutscenes.

In Splatoon: Rise of Evil, the cutscenes will usually take place before and after levels. They can also take place at different checkpoints in levels, but these are usually short. The longest cutscenes are the cutscene at the beginning of the game, lasting about 7 minutes, and the cutscene at the end of the game, lasting about 11 minutes with the credits included. Cutscenes are unskippable, with the exception of the credits portion of the final cutscene and if you are replaying a level. Cutscenes can also be viewed separately from levels by pressing - in the level select screen.

The cutscenes are supposed to be designed to look like 3D animated movies, using the same graphics from the game. However, these cutscenes have the characters speaking proper english with actual voice actors instead of text boxes.

Ink Phone

The Ink Phone is a new concept introduced in Splatoon: Rise of Evil.

The Ink Phone is a utility that the player can use during levels or on the level select screen. During levels, the Ink Phone can only be used when prompted to by another character or on certain objects, yet it plays an important role in the game. The player can use the Ink Phone to call other characters, locate certain characters or objects, hack into devices and play minigames (only on the level select screen). The Ink Phone is used in cutscenes as well, mainly to call other characters. You can also customize your Ink Phone using the customization program, however this costs pearls and and doesn't do much other than change the look of your Ink Phone. There is also a program store where you can use pearls to buy more programs such as games or utilities.

Returning Mechanics and Concepts

Below is a list of concepts and mechanics that have returned from Splatoon that haven't changed.

  • Sunken Scrolls
  • Pearls
  • Weapon and Bomb Upgrades

New Characters

Below is a list of new new characters appearing in Splatoon: Rise of Evil. I don't wan't to make this article too crowded, so I will be making separate pages for them, which you can view by clicking on the links provided here.

  • Sarah (Inkling)
  • Dann (Inkling)
  • Satany (Octarian)