Splatoon: L.A.N.O.X
Developer(s) Nintendo, Reaper Games, Destructive Creations
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) Wii U, Nintendo Destiny, DarkReaper.
Release Date(s)
Single player, cooperative muiltplayer,
Age Rating(s)


Genre(s) Action-adventure, first person shooter
Series Splatoon: Gems of Darkness
Predecessor Splatoon: Code Angkor
Successor Splatoon: High Voltage

Splatoon: L.A.N.O.X is the sequel to Splatoon: Code Angkor.


A flashback plays after defeating Dr. Max Angkor and finding the data from District L.A.N.O.X.  Farley and Mohacas are accompanied by Agents 8 and 9, aka Rufus and Veigas, are sent to the planet Starlox to investigate District L.A.N.O.X to eliminate the Mollix Rabbits and get the second Gem of Darkness, but find out that Inkopolis's Great Zapfish is losing power...


1: Space Galaxy

2: Mollipolis

3: District L.A.N.O.X

4: L.A.N.O.X Labs

5: Mollix Starship

6: The Mollicore

7: Gem's Altar

New Features

Buzzsaw Claw

  • Slice robots to pieces!
  • Slice rabbits heads off!

Custom Weapons

  • Instead of building weapons, you can dismantle enemies weapons and turn your CustomShot into their weapons!
  • Install mods, barrels, sights,


You start with the same 3 weapons, except you take barrels, sights, mods from enemies and treasures. Some of them have special variables, like 3-shot in 1 cost, ricocheting, lasers, freezing, increased damage, etc.



  • Turn invincible!


  • Bulldoze enemies to shreds!
  • You can still be killed by toxic ink, though.


  • Smuggle vaults to get treasure!
  • Find weapon parts, barrels, sights, etc.

Carmilla's Blood I

  • Empower you magic techs!
  • Never run out of magic or ammo!

Maximum Strike

  • Fires 6 shots that pierce enemies!

Tatyana von Mollix

Tatyana von Mollix is a local singer from Mollipolis. Due to contract obesity with District L.A.N.O.X, and the four agents' battle, she is not allowed to sing for Mollipolis anymore, but is willing to sing for Inkopolis, the Squid Sisters, and her determination. Her songs are in Mollinese, which is a language based on Japanese.

Number Songs Time
1 I am the Siren 3:30
2 Squid Sisters Splatfest (Mollinese) 2:10
3 Inkgrounds Anthem 2:50
4 It's Time to Splat :EXPLICIT: 3:25
5 Succubus :EXPLICIT: 3:10
6 Dancer in the Dark 3:40
7 Fuel the Melody (Mollinese) 2:30
8 Just Darkness 2:25
9 Void's Wrath 3:00
10 You and Me (Mollinese) 2:45


  • L.A.N.O.X stands for Lyrian Annual Notes of XenoRabbits.
  • The rabbits were a abandoned concept in Splatoon, but they sprung into life as a new species known as the Mollix.
  • Inkgrounds is named after Newgrounds.
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