Splatoon: Inkventure!, is a platforming spinoff game to the popular Splatoon. This game uses amiibo, and is for the New Nintendo 3DS only.


One day in Inkopolis, a bunch of Inklings have been seeing posters about a trip around the world. They were very happy to see this, as it could be any Inkling's dream to travel the world. They went to the the base, where the trip was starting, via a short walk outside of Inkopolis. Only to realized the spunky, and excited Inklings were locked into a trap made by the Octolings! They transformed them into evil Octopi!

One day, the new Octopi monsters went to destroy Inkopolis with all of their might!

In the destroyed city, a young Inkling (determined by the gender you pick) was confident enough to stand up to the Octolings devious act! He was ready to stop the rivalry!

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