Spiritus Koopa
Spiritus Koopa
Spiritus Koopa
Full Name Spiritus Koopa
Current Age 19
Gender Female
Species Koopaling
Align Evil
Current Status Alive
Vulnerable To The Following;
  • Jumped On
  • Fireballs
  • Iceballs
  • Tanooki Swipe
  • Cat Attacks
  • Spin Attacks
  • Metallic Flower Attacks
  • Music Note Dash
  • Boomerangs
  • Hammers

Spiritus Koopa is one of the Koopalings and is part of a Sub-Group called the Mythical Koopalings. Spiritus is the second oldest of the seven and is the most philosophical of the lot always trying to get others to see everything as a whole and often getting caught up in her own thoughts as opposed to battling. She controls the power of Electricity.


Both tall and skinny, Spiritus is nearly as tall as Sirenae. Spiritus has Wrist bands like most Koopalings however her's aren't spiked in the traditional form and are rather shaped more like gauntlet wrists. Her hair is relatively short however she has two long strands that stand up on ends, she is able to channel electrical bolts through these strands. Her shell is Cyan in colour and has wide spikes to it. In addition her shell is ovular in shape allowing her to ricochet off of walls.

Unlike other Koopalings, Spiritus has long feet which allow her to move quickly. In addition her tail has two spikes on the end which she is able to swing. Her tail may also be one of the longest relative to her size of all Koopalings.


Through the various pieces of lore scattered across all the Mario Games, it is revealed that the Mythical Koopalings existed a long time ago, inidicating and confirming their lack of proper relation to Bowser. The Mythical Koopalings supposedly were from 300 years before the present day in the Mushroom Kingdom and originally helped Bowser's ancestors take over the Mushroom Kingdom and its neighbours until they were eventually sealed away in a Grand Star and Bowser's Ancestors were defeated.

Spiritus worked closely with Nereium, they captured many Power Plants for Bowser's Ancestors which had the duo working closely and their armies were known to often work in unison with Spiritus' army of Amps and Nereium's army of Boos. Spiritus desired to create Great Thunderstorms that would tear open the land and expose dangerous levels of energy which he could convert into Electricity to increase his army. Spiritus was known to be very power hungry and she is believed to have been a major cause towards the current declining population of Amps in the modern era.

Spiritus was often known to work with Nereium and after Nereium was captured, Spiritus feared her own capture and fled towards the Oceanic Islands of the Planet due to her assumption that the Toad army would use units immune to electricity to capture her. However due to her ignorance of events that had occured between Sirenae and the Ocean Ymps, Spiritus became the sixth Koopaling to be captured.


Spiritus is always questioning the values of various things and their grand scheme in the universe, she often doesn't recognize an enemy initially and will question them as though they were a minion or sibling. She states on multiple occasions that through constantly thinking like this it has allowed her to quickly find the weak point of an individual and maximize on that weakness, whether or not this is true she has yet to display such an ability in combat.


Like most Koopalings, Spiritus is able to spin rapidly in her shell to perform dash attacks as well as spit fire. When Spiritus spits a Fireball, each bounce it makes releases a small electric charge that runs along the ground.

Spiritus' power over Electricity is displayed in her ability to let loose bolts of lightning from the strands of her hair as well as summoning thunder clouds and Lightning Point.

Game Appearances

New Super Mario Bros. Lambda

Spiritus along with the other 7 Mythical Koopalings will appear as Castle Bosses for the 8th to 14th Worlds in the game. Spiritus appears as the boss of the 13th World, Flutterdrop Woods.

Spiritus has a very tricky battle. He is the only Koopaling to be battled throughout his entire stage. During this stage, Spiritus will periodically hover outside of the hollow trees the player/s and fire magical attacks into the trees that if they hit a block will turn that block into an enemy. During the second-third of the level, he will begin to appear inside the trees, launching a blast of electricity down the tree trunk.

After the player/s reach the end of the level, just as they are about to reach the flag pole however, Spiritus teleports in and steals the flag pole, transporting the player/s to a secret room with an electrical barrier around the arena. During this part of the battle, Spiritus periodically electrocutes the floor forcing the player/s to jump in time with the attack, in addition Spiritus will also perform a Lightning Charge which the Player/s must dodge to survive.


  • Spiritus unlike her sibling, Nereium has white padding on the underside of her feet.


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