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Spirits of Importance

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The Spirits of Importance are items in the RenarioExtreme series. They are used to represent the goodness of the Gold Master. They were once created by the Gold Master to stop the Shadow Lord from taking over the PokeMutant World.

Main Spirits

These spirits are the main spirits wielded by the main characters. They were once used by the Gold Master to re-imprison the Shadow Lord back to hell.

Wielder Spirit
Renario "Renan" Extreme Prosperity
Hiroshi the Cyndaquil Peace
Sunshine the Espeon Gentleness
Lenalio "Lenan" Extreme Independence
Rexar the Totodile Honesty
Shel the Oshawott Obedience
Terrell the Turtwig Health
Unity the Lucario Justice

Other Spirits

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