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Spirits are a gameplay element found in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. The souls of beloved characters take on these mysterious forms after the events of the adventure mode, World of Light. Spirits, once rescued, can be assigned to a fighter to boost their fighting capability, but must be fought first.

What Is A Spirit?

Puppet Marth

A Marth Puppet Fighter

That's a tough question. Spirits were once the famous characters we know and love, such as Mimikyu, Waluigi, and Silver. A mysterious entity known as Galeem sent all but Kirby to the World of Light. Fighters were transformed into Trophies, and the newly formed Spirits can do nothing but possess the forms of these Trophies - known as Puppet Fighters - to express themselves and fight

These Puppet Fighters attack the player with traits of the spirit possessing them, mimicking battles the best that the Puppet Fighter can with their moveset. For instance, a battle with Sonic the Hedgehog under the control of the Able Sisters' spirit will have three Sonic the Hedgehogs attack with drills. Each Spirit battle is unique and tailored to that spirit's traits, making these fights fairly unique even for Smash.


The horde of Puppet Fighters seen in World of Light

Once a Spirit's Puppet Fighter has been defeated, the player can fire an attack at the puppet fighter within to free the Spirit trapped within. They are surronded by a shield with a opening, so timing is key. However, if the player hits the shield instead, the part of the shield that was effected will be destroyed and the player can fight the Spirit again to free them. Then, the Spirit is ready to help out the fighters and get back to the real world! Spirits can be equipped to give the fighter unique abilities, boosted stats, items, or anything of the sorts! It's all dependant on the Spirit chosen, and the supporting Spirits.

Only a single Primary Spirit can be equipped at a time, and will be either leans toward being a Attack, Grab, Defense, or Balanced spirit. The triangle of Attack, Grab, and Defense works like this:

  • Attack beats Grab
  • Grab beats Shield
  • Shield beats Attack

Add-On Spirits

Spirits coming from Nintendo franchises, or series associated with the Super Smash Bros. series... or even outside of it. That being said, Fanon characters should be added from the Fanon header below. Feel free to add your own!

Spirit Description Puppet Fighter
Sun Moon Acerola
- Start the battle wearing a Franklin Badge 240px-ZeldaSSBU
- Enemy has a tendency to use Phantom Slash more often than usual
- Very floaty
- Has extended invincibility frames

SMP Pom Pom
Pom Pom
- Start the battle holding a Boomerang 250px-Squirtle SSBU
Squirtle x4
- Item tidal wave: Boomerang
- Enemies easily distracted by items

★★★ ACE
- Heal over time Corrin SSBUltimate (Female)
Corrin x4
- Enemy will gradually recover health
- Attacks have greater range

- Extended dodge roll and grab range
King Dedede SSBU
1200px-Pikachu SSBU Pichu
King Dedede
Pikachu x3, Pichu x3
- 3 tiny Pikachu and Pichu
- Large Dedede must be defeated
- Item tidal wave: Boss Galaga

★★★ ACE
- Extended grab range 1200px-Samus SSBU
- Tends to grab
- Tends to go after items
- Never uses any special move

Risky Boots full body 2
Risky Boots
★★★ ACE
- Extends projectile range.
-Boosts power of projectiles by 1.25x
Bayonetta SSBUltimate
BowserJr SSBUltimateBowserJr SSBUltimateBowserJr SSBUltimate
Bowser Jr. x3
- Bayonetta only taunts the entire match
- Bowser Jr.s only fire cannon balls
- Bowser Jr.'s strength is buffed by 1.30x

- Increases power by 3x
- Weakens defense by 3x
Ness SSBUltimate
- Ness's power is increased by 3x
- Ness's defense is descreased by 3x

SPM Tippi
- Grants the fighter an extra jump
- Causes fighter to fall more slowly
Peach SSBU
Peach x8
- Enemy Peaches are tiny and speedy
- Item tidal wave: Tanooki Leaf

- Boosts power of Fire based attacks by 25% 1200px-Pikachu SSBU
- Weight is increased by 25%
- Item tidal wave: Superspicy Curry

King Wart
- Jumps are now longer by 2x King Dedede SSBU
King Dedede
- Jump is now longer by 2X
- Only uses Side and Up B
-Taunts a lot

- Kicking power increased by 1.5x.
- Kicking attacks decreases target's physical attack power by 1.12x
Bayonetta SSBUltimate
- Bayonetta will often make use of Witch Time
- Bayonetta's other attacks are kicks, will never use Bullet Arts
- Item tidal wave: Lip's Stick

Frost Man
Frost Man
★★★ ACE
- Boost the power of ice-based attacks
- Boost Smash damage and knockback
DonkeyKong SSBUltimate209px-IceClimbers SSBU209px-IceClimbers SSBU
Donkey Kong
Ice Climbers x2
- Donkey Kong tend to use Hand Slap more often and have ice property for all of his attacks
- Ice Climbers only uses their Special Moves
- Tidal wave item: Freezie

- Boost the power of recovery items Mega Man SSBUltimate
Mega Man SSBUltimateMega Man SSBUltimate
Mega Man x3
- Mega Man will never use his Mega Buster attacks (neutral and side attack, side smash attack)
- Mega Man's power is increased by x1.6
- Item tidal wave: Food

Petey Piranha MPSR
Petey Piranha
- Boost the power of all non-special attacks by 1.5x PiranhaPlant SSBUltimate
Piranha Plant
- Item tidal wave: Ramblin' Evil Mushroom
- Size increased by 2.5x
- Piranha Plant's smash attacks can cause a mushroom to grow on the player's head.

Peter Griffin
-Jumps have 1.5x less height Wario SSBUltimate
- Wario only uses standard attacks and Wario Waft

052Meowth XY anime 4
- All stats are boosted temperoarily 1200px-Pikachu SSBU
- Enemy starts with Superspicy Curry, only it doesn't have a firery effect

- Starts battle with a Fire Flower Sonic SSBL
- Enemy starts with a Fire Flower
- Grabs are replaced with a grappling hook

Mach Rider Render-0
Mach Rider
- Speed stat gets a big boost 240px-WarioSSBU
- Enemy is always on his bike

★★★ ACE
- Is 3x normal size for the first 20 seconds. 240px-YoshiSSBU
- Enemy is 3x normal size
- Enemy is 3x more powerfull

Egg Dragoon
- Starts battle with a Super Mushroom and a Drill ROB JPN SSBUltimateROB SSBUltimateROB SSBUltimateROB SSBUltimate
- Enemy is 3x normal size
- Enemy always has a drill
-All enemies only use their neutral special

Yiga assassin
Yiga Assassin
- Healing items heal 30% more damage.
- Invisibility is granted if you stand still for five seconds
Diddy Kong SSBU
Diddy Kong x8
- Item tidal wave: Bananas
- Enemy is distracted by items
- Enemy turns invisible if standing still for at least five seconds

Metal Sonic-2
Metal Sonic
★★★ ACE
- Starts the battle with Metal Box, Blaster & Jet Pack Sonic SSBL
- Enemy starts with a Metal Box, Blaster & Jet Pack
- Power increased by 2x

Godzilla 2
- Start the battle 3x bigger 240px-Bowser SSsBU
- Enemy is 5x bigger
- Mostly only uses standard attacks and Neutral B

- Starts the battle with Bomber PiranhaPlant SSBUltimatePiranhaPlant SSBUltimate
PiranhaPlant SSBUltimatePiranhaPlant SSBUltimate
Piranha Plant x4
- All enemies start with Bomber
- Enemies consistently pursue player
- Tidal wave item: Bomber

Pink Gold Peach
- Start the battle wearing a Metal Box Peach SSBU
-Enemy always has Metal Cap
- Speed is 3x increased

8Bit Mario
8-Bit Mario
- Start the battle with a Koopa Shell or Fire Flower
-Jump high increased by 2x
250px-Mario SSBU
-Starts battle with unlimited Shells and Fire Flowers
-Randomly gains Invincibility Star
-Jump high increased by 3x

The Grinch
- Bathe in the tears of the people who thought the leak was real. Ken SSBU
-Assist Trophies of Shadow and Issac appear to help Ken.
Sakurai's Mii Fighter, Incineroar and Piranha Plant will appear to assist you.

Pauline 3d Artwork
- Up B goes higher by 2x
-starts battle with Spring or barrel item
Peach SSBUDonkey Kong SSBU
Peach and Donkey Kong
-Donkey Kong will often protect Peach via carrying her
-Peach only uses standard attacks and Up B

Batman sideview by makiskan-dav0ood
- Strength is increased by 2x
-start battle with boomerang or grappling hook
-Player will alway be in darkest alt
250px-Link SSBU
-Starts battle with smoke bomb
will only use grabs, Side, and Up B
-Strengh increased by 3x
-Male Robin and Bayonetta will assist opponent, like Dick Grayson and Batwoman

Sakurai SSBV
Literally Sakurai
★★★★★ Sakurai
- Remove your opponents from the game. Sakurai SSBV
-You instantly die if you try to play against him.

SBE Goku
★★★ ACE
- Player gains the ability to float
-Strength increases as more damage is taken
-Opponent can float
-As he takes more damage, he gets stronger
-Pokeballs spawn but only spawn Raquaza (and only 7 will spawn per battle

The Batter
The Batter
★★★ ACE
- Your fighter becomes 2x stronger
-Items and Pokeballs will become more damaging
Sonic SSBL
- Can only use Forward Tilt, Forward Smash, and Side Special
-Final Smash balls will become more often to appear

★★★ ACE
-Food (cake) has a chance to spawn near the player. Each item heals 10%. Jigglypuff (SSBVMK)
-Minute time limit
-Enemy has a tendency to use Sing more often and will avoid conflict
-Enemy will be assisted by Marth and Ridley

Joseph Joestar Battle Tendency
Joseph Joestar
★★★ ACE
- Increases projectiles' power by 50% WiiFitTrainer SSBUltimate (Male)
Wii Fit Trainer
- Prefers to stay away from the player
- Deep Breathing's speed and effect duration do not decrease after it is used
- Item tidal wave: Boomerang

Caesar Anthonio Zeppeli
- Increases the power of water moves Greninja SSBUltimate
- Increased Jump height.
- Enemy prefers to use Water Shuriken.

Part 4 Jotaro
Jotaro Kujo
- The character your playing as will go farther in range Bayonetta SSBUltimate
- Bayonetta has faster firing rate and shoots for a longer period of time
- Bayonetta will prefer to use Witch Time when up close

Jolyne Cujoh
- Items will be more often to be picking up, as they will gravitate to you quickly Little Mac SSBU
Little Mac
- The stage shall be in Flat Zone X
-Items will spawn a lot more
-Little Mac will be able to tank some hits

Morpho Knight
★★★ ACE
- Heal over time Meta Knight SSBL
Mega Meta Knight
- Enemy eqiupped with Black Hole

- Stage is Omega Great Cave Offensive

★★★ ACE
- Boosts resistance to darkness Incineroar SSBUltimate
- Match is stamina

- Enemy equipped with Staff and Super Leaf - Standard Attacks are boosted by 2x - Enemy taunts after you lose a stock

- Boosts item transformation time DrMario SSBUltimate
Dr. Mario
- Enemy's defense is lowered by 1.5x.

- Taunts after getting a hit in. - King Dedede will appear after a minute to defeat him if you don't.

Heaven Ascension DIO
Heaven Acension DIO
- Rewrites every move to not happen Palutena SSBUltimate
- Cannot attack otherwise you instantly lose

★★★ ACE
- Boosts damage to enemies' backs Shulk SSBUltimate
- The enemy will occasionally turn invisible
- The enemy favors Side Specials
- Successful Back Slash attacks will deal increased damage

Ninja Turtles
★★★ ACE
- Start the battle with Killing Edge
- Speed and jump height boosted for the first 30 seconds
Sheik SSBUltimate
Sheik x4
- The enemies will attack as a group
- They regularly use Killing Edges and Deku Nuts
- Team-based attacks deal increased damage

Carly Rae Jepsen Render
Carly Rae Jepsen
- Start the battle with Killing Edge
- Sword attacks boosted
Lucinaultimate61 - Bayonetta
Lucina, Bayonetta
- The enemies love to taunt
- They're also merciless
- Good luck

Fanon Spirits

Spirits based on fanon characters and original characters. Feel free to add your own!

Spirit Description Puppet Fighter
★★★ ACE
- Boosts the power of electricity-based attacks 250px-Link SSBUMega Man SSBL
Link, Mega Man
- Link and Mega Man fight in unison
- Link's sword has electric properties

- Projectiles move faster
- Metal Shift
Bayonetta - Bayo2 render
- Always uses Bullet Arts
- Never uses Witch Time
- Metal Shift

★★★ ACE
- Special Moves are boosted by x1.25
- Puppet Fighter takes more damage
Corrin SSBUltimate (Female)
- Never uses Counter Surge
- Prefers offense to defense

Rei Carnation
- Increases speed by 1.25x Girl Villager SSB4
- Consistently uses Lloid Rocket
- Prefers dodging to offense.

- Temporarily increases the user's power upon completing a taunt animation Incineroar SSBUltimate
- Replaces attacks' fire properties with electric properties
- Attack power and size are both decreased by 20%
- Taunts after attacks that launch the player

- Increases jump height by 1.5x Isabelle SSBUltimate
- Item tidal wave: Bunny Hood
- Size is decreased by 0.05x
- Runs away from the player

Zmey the Dragon
Zephyr the Dragon
★★★ ACE
- Boosts the power of electricity-based attacks
- Special Moves are boosted by 25%
Ridley SSBUltimate
- Flawed AI
- Size is increased by 5%
- Prefers offense to defense

Rapunzel Portrait New
- Increases the range of attacks and grabs Peach SSBUPiranhaPlant SSBUltimate
Peach, Piranha Plant
- A massive Piranha Plant will do all it can to protect Peach
- Lip's Sticks will appear often

Meta-Form (New)
★★★ ACE
- Transformation effect lasts 1.33x longer
- Smash Attacks have faster starup animation and reduced endlag by 1.2x each
600px-R.O.B. SSBU600px-R.O.B. SSBU
R.O.B. x2
- The smaller R.O.B. have infinite jumps but have 0.75x defense
- Main R.O.B. Rage's multiplier is increased
- Metal effect for main R.O.B. until 100% damage reached

Slanito (Samtendo)
- Poison effect immunity
- Fighter's projectiles may inflict a poison effect.
PiranhaPlant SSBUltimatePiranhaPlant SSBUltimatePiranhaPlant SSBUltimate
Piranha Plant x3
- Poison Mushrooms will make Robin grow instead of regular effect, and this effect stack up to four times
- Piranha Plants only use the Putrid Plant Special Move
- Tidal wave item: Poison Mushroom

Princess Bowser
- Start round equipped with Super Spicy Curry
- Boost power of physical attacks by 1.5x
Peach SSBU
Princess Peach
- Princess Peach is permanently equipped with both Super Spicy Curry and a Fire Flower
- Princess Peach's physical attacks are boosted by 1.5x in power

- Start round equipped with a Killing Edge
- Boost power of smash attacks by 30%
Link (Dreams)
- Link is permanently equipped with a Killing Edge
- Link will only use sword attacks and said attacks are boosted by 50% in power

Tyler W.I.P. Render
- Start round equipped with a Killing Edge
- Boost power of smash attacks by 1.3x
Marth SSBL
- Marths sword has a ice effect on it
- Marth will only use sword attacks and said attacks are boosted by 1.5x in power

★★★ ACE
- Doubles the rate at which the Final Smash Meter fills
- Decreases weight and fall speed by 30%
Captain Falcon SSBU
Captain Falcon
- Consistently uses Falcon Punch
- Increases speed by 30%
- Decreases weight and fall speed by 30%

The Green Gatling new
Green Gatling
- Start the battle with reflector Toon link render by kamtheman56-dbukyb1
Toon Link
- Strength and Speed is increased by 2x
- Only uses standard attacks and Grab


- Instead of using Inhale, he screams Kirby SSBU
- Only screams, at random intervals

★★★ ACE
- All attacks are “imbued” with a shadow-esque aura, doing 1.1x more damage. Incineroar SSBUltimate
- Trips at random intervals.
- Cannot use grabs.
- Slightly higher speed and jump height

Fruit Punch Punch
- Causes Food items to randomly appear when the user takes damage from attacks. 240px-Piranha Plant SSBU
Piranha Plant
- Doubled movement speed.
- Slowly recovers health when not being attacked.

Ronnie & Claire
- When the user is K.O.'d, their teammates' power increases temporarily and they regain some health Ridley SSBUltimate
Isabelle SSBUltimate
Ridley, Isabelle
- The Puppet Fighters' speed is increased by 15%
- The Puppet Fighters' weight is decreased by 15%
- Ridley will prioritize protecting Isabelle
- If Isabelle is defeated first, Ridley gains a large power boost for the rest of the fight
- If Ridley is defeated first, Isabelle's health is fully restored

Transparent gln
Glenster 'Navy' Salt
- Jump height is increased by 1.25x
- Everyone starts with a 'Beastball'
Ness SSBUltimate

- Ness' bat has a 'Poison' effect
- Health slowly heals up if left untouched for 5 seconds
- PSI is increased by 1.5x

Vahala Dragon
- Fire-based attacks increase in power by 66%.
- Start the battle with Superspicy Curry
-Start the battle with 50% damage.
Charizard SSBUltimate

- Charizard starts with Superspicy Curry.
- All fighters are easier to launch
- Charizard will use Flare Blitz more often.


Super Smash Bros. Great Fray

Spirits returns in Super Smash Bros. Great Fray, although those appearing in Great Fray are actually duplicates as the original had returned to the real world, allowing the Spirits to return to their physical forms. The duplicates are also easier to manipulate than the original Spirits, as all Spirits can have up to three Support Slots, can have permanent Attack and Defense boost (up to 10000), and have their Rank powered up to increase the power threshold. In addition to all that, those without a effect can be given one by one of the new Master Spirits, Midbus.

The Spirits are also easier to get, as the battles are redone to be able to change in order to avoid getting overwhelmed by four players, especially during Spiritual Crisis, and as a result, the battles become more fair as in those with excessive difficulty had been toned down, but those with Novice and Advanced rank are also made quite more difficult. This is because all non-Legend Spirits can be upgraded into Legend Spirits. In Spirit Board, the minigame required to fully obtain the Spirits is fully removed, and the player can also have access for Pinpoint to get a missing Spirit that is not a Boss.

That said, the duplicates plays a fair bigger role than the original Spirits in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, as in the Story Mode: Spiritual Crisis, they were being used by a known but mysterious Nintendo villain that aims to reset the multiverse by becoming the "Singularity". Eventually, it is revealed to be Andross, but his motivation to do this is yet to be seen.

The evil army didn't collected enough of the duplicated Spirits to allow the mad scientist to become the Singularity yet, but the guardian of the duplicated Spirits, Vizior, aim to get them back and protect them by spreading them out, slowing down the mad monkey's process, and allows Master Hand, Crazy Hand and the fighters to take them away from Andross, but Andross also managed to created a new variants of Spirits; Fusion Spirits, also known as Fusion Bosses.

Fusion Boss Icon (SSBGF) Fusion Spirits Fusion Boss Icon (SSBGF)

Fusion Spirits, also known as Fusion Bosses, are a variant introduced in this game, combining the effects of all Spirits used for the fusion. Because of that, they have a unique Rank called Fusion, with the stars being replaced by the Fusion Boss icon, and the player can modify the Rulesets to ban usage of Fusion Spirits or allow them because of their power being overwhelming, even compared to Legend Spirits.

However, they (and the Spirits that are used for fusions) can be only obtained by defeating the respective Fusion Boss in Revenge Rematch, where they get considerably tougher than they already are.

In fact, Fusion Bosses are very powerful and all have two phases, meaning that they can take much beating while able to rack up damage to the fighters, making them tough tests to the players. That being said, they also have weaknesses, such as weak spots, that allows the players to turn the tide when used against them correctly. It is unknown how many Fusion Bosses would there be.

Fusion Spirits reappears in Average Smash Bros, albeit in a different function and no Fusion Bosses are shown to be existing in this game, unlike in Great Fray, but the fusion concept is expanded upon, allowing new combinations to be used to make a new Spirit, similar to the Summon method. In fact, the results in Average Smash Bros. are much safer than those in Great Fray, as they do not transform into violent or diabolical fusioned character.