Spirit Trap (Temp name)
Developer(s) Violet Enterprises
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) Nintendo 3DS
Release Date(s)
Age Rating(s)
Genre(s) Strategy Action RPG
Manual(s) Guidebook to Spirit Trap
Spirit Trap (temp name) is a 3DS Strategy/Action/RPG game developed by Violet Enterprises and released April 4th, 2014. "We were originally gonna release it on the Wii U, but then development shifted to 3DS, then we had time to make the Wii U port, except by then we'd have to delay the game even further, infact this game was meant to come out on December 5th 2013." A wii U port was eventually announced, but it was shrugged away as a rumor by Spirit Trap's leading developer TerrariaBoss. A book adaptation was eventually released called Soul Trapper: The legacy of Kain which resulted in 2 sequels, those being Soul Trapper Kain and Soul Trapper: Hell's Minions. While the first book was widely received for being true right up to the creatures captured in the story, many were disappointed as the sequels were written by different people who have not played much of Spirit Trap.

Plot Edit

Kain is a average teenager, well in his world atleast. At day, he helps his parents cook, and capture creatures. But at night, he leaves his house and sees which creature his first one would be. Well, he wouldn't have to search long anymore. Kain eventually finds a creature that fits him- but then the witch Titald turns all the creatures evil! Except for Kain's. Now Kain must catch creatures and try to defeat Titald!

But then, when Kain eventually defeats the witch and he runs back home, he finds that his mom has been murdered, his dad is hiding in Kain's room, the village is on fire, and that Titald wasn't the main villain. Kain eventually learns that Titald was actually trying to protect Kain, but he ended up attacking her creatures- causing them to attack back. Kain learns of a prophecy where blood has to be sacrificed, along with 2 creatures of pure essence, and then a great evil named Coothulu would arrive and destroy the world, along with everyone except for the one who summoned it.

Kain defeats Coothulu and comes back to his village one last time, right as a bomb explodes and destroys his village, along with whoever was left- and Kain. The game then transitions to the true final area- Hell itself. You'll find that Coothulu can be revived if the one who summoned him lives, and that someone lives in hell... the hell hotel to be exact, on 50 Hellstreet, right next to mr. & mrs. genericdemon's house.

After defeating the true evildoer, Kain looks at the sky as there's a bright light. Kain feels a tingly feeling- and then he gets stabbed. (Not much blood is shown). (Optional, as is why it's not in the spoiler section)

A girl named Marina wakes up, and hears a growl. She turns to see a doglike creature, chasing her. After running away, she manages to find a abandoned village that seems destroyed, she decides to hide in a treelike house (Kain's house) and stay there for the night. Eventually, she hears a growl, and the doglike creature gets ready to attack it's prey.

After defeating the doglike creature with some sort of psychic powers, Marina decides it's safer to find a unabandoned village and ask someone where she is. She finds a village called Sunny town and decides to explore, looking at the way too cheery locals. Eventually, the spirit of the doglike creature attacks again.

After defeating the creatures spirit, Marina notices that everyones gone. She enters a house and sees a old lady whispering "Gone... gone... everyone will be gone... all because the spirit of our protector is now dead... gone... gone... EVEN YOU WILL BE GONE!" while in a rocking chair. A explosion is heard again and Marina manages to roll away from a piece of falling debris, which instead hits the old lady. A very angry looking creature (which is the size of the house by the way) decides to destroy Marina, as she avoided the debris.

After defeating the final creature in her path, Marina sees a portal. Walking through it infact doesn't take Marina to her home, but instead, she finds herself next to Kain. Her body falls and a bright blue light comes out and turns into a boy who looks like Kain- Who is actually pure essence who got attached to Kain, but accidentally got mindwiped when a explosion attacked. He hugs Kain and Kain can only say one thing: "Hello, friend."

Gameplay Edit

The gameplay is split into 2 main sections in Spirit Trap- Capturing creatures using runes/spells and unleashing them on other creatures that block your path, fighting other creatures in hand-to-hand combat, or fighting other humans. The 2nd section of gameplay consists of using psychic powers (various exclusive spells to marina) and defeating creatures and also some humans too.

Controls Edit

Controls can be adjusted, but these are the default ones

Tilt 3DS: Change camera view in battle 

A: Use Spell/Rune/Psychic Ability

B: Overworld: Run/Battles (or levels): Bring up Rune (draw with stylus)/Spell (weaker then Rune, but you don't draw) Selection