Spirit Mummy
Spirit Mummy
Spirit Mummy's Sprite
Species Origin Mummys
Rarity Common
Spirit Mummys are ghost-like Mummys that are found in ghost houses, if mario comes too close to them, It would attack Mario by charging into them, if jumped on, it will disappear leaving behind smoke and reappear after 5 seconds, to defeat it is by sliding into it, throwing a shell at them, etc., it follows mario with a speed of a normal goomba, while they are charging, their speed is fast as Wario's bash attack


They look like Terraria Mummys, it's palettes are taken from the Spectral Mummy and it looks like a normal Mummy, it has dark blue eyes.

Level Appearance

They appear in several Ghost Houses and Haunted levels


The sounds they make is moaning, that means if the player hears it, that means there is a Spirit Mummy


  • Spirit Mummys are not one of the species of ghosts as they look solid and easy to defeat.
  • Mummys do not have spirits of their own as they are undead beings, but this monster is a ghost version of a mummy
  • Somehow, E. Gadd calls these creatures "Ghost Mummy" because when jumped on, they will disapear leaving behind smoke and reappear after 5 seconds.

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