Spirit Symbol

The symbol that appears on a Spirit's metallic cuffs.

A Spirit is a major entity within the Akuma no mon series of video games. Spirits are the names given to various beings that several specific individuals are capable of transforming into. People who are able to summon their Spirits are descendants of a small group of Humans, and these people have been dubbed Spirit Mediums.


The Demon Realm, and its ruler XIV, once experimented on the various humans they captured and dragged into their home to increase the population of Demons. One of these experiments mutated their test subjects into various creatures burning with flames and with chains linking their arms together, though could be broken at will. XIV and his team of scientists named these creatures the humans' Self, as they believed this to be the true appearance of a human being. They released these humans back into the world, in order to see how they would fit back into normal human society after learning about their new transformations.

Five of these twenty humans committed suicide after learning of these transformations, though the other fifteen went on to live relatively normal lives. In 1971, two of the original humans, now elderly, experimented on their bloodstreams to find the cause of the Spirit transformation, dubbing the creatures the name that would later become popular. The two managed to find the cause of the bloodstreams, though when trying to isolate the gene from their bodies, they were mutated into their Spirit forms and be unable to change back. This change caused the two to commit suicide.

What Spirits actually are remains a mystery, as the only two people to have researched their origins committed suicide after concluding their research. Those capable of transforming have created many theories for the origins of Spirits, though none actually know what they truly are.

List of Spirit Mediums

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