This article is about the shells of the Spiny enemy. For information about the Mario Kart item, see Blue Spiny Shell.
Spiny Shell
The Spiny Shell, as it appears in Mario Kart: Top Speed!
Item Type Weapon
Kind of Item Koopa Shell
First Appearance Super Mario Bros.
Homes to the leading opponent and explodes into them
Related Items
Blue Spiny Shell
Black Shell
Spiny Bombshell

Spiny Shells are red spiked Shells worn by Spinies. Mario or Luigi can't jump on the Shell unless they ump on the underside or use Yoshi or a Goomba's Shoe. In Mario Kart games a Spiny Shell with wings called a Blue Spiny Shell is used as an item. It attacks the driver in first place.

Spiny Shells can also be worn as Spiny Helmets, protecting Mario from harm from above when worn. Unlike the similar Buzzy Beetle Helmet, Mario can also damage enemies from underneath that can normally not be harmed, such as Thwomp.


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