Spins McGee's Wild Escape is an experimental game developed by Laughball Interactive. With a goal to create a game in 24 hours, Spins McGee started and finished development on August 3rd, 2015.


Spins McGee's Wild Escape is a Metroidvania game with RPG elements. Players control Spins McGee, an armless robot who can equip a variety of objects to his body and spin to utilize them.


note: italicized text is optional sidequests

Chapter 1: Welcome Home

Spins McGee awakens in a drab metal room with a sword. He mumbles under his breath about the room's poor condition, before instinctively equipping the sword and running out into the next drab metal room. Confused, he goes back to the first room, then to the second, before realizing where he is - the labs of Voidco.

Immediately trying to escape, Spins panics, setting off the alarms and deploying several Enforcement Units. Grabbing the Beaker from a limping Science Unit, he runs from the law and fights his way to the Food Court. There, he meets Dobo, a walking nuclear reactor. Dobo agrees to fight off the Enforcement Units if Spins can get his licorice for him.

Spins McGee runs to the vending machine and obtains Licorice, which he delivers to Dobo. Dobo quickly stuffs the bag in his radioactive core, compressing it into unstable 'licoricium'. He walks off to deliver this to an unknown source - Spins McGee follows Dobo for a while but gives up before he reaches his destination and looks for the storage sector where his arms should be.

Chapter 2: The Club

Spins McGee reaches the storage unit, now guarded by a machine with several arms. The machine explains that Spins needs to high five him to get into the club, confusing Spins. Attempting to muscle past, Spins gets slammed away.

Chapter 3: What Does God Need With A Spins McGee?


Name Info Use
Sword Where did this come from? Ah well, better grab it if you want to fight. deals damage while spinning
Beaker Science vial! You feel like a real scientist using this. splashes acid while spinning - can deal damage and melt certain walls
Mannequin Arm Not as good as a real arm. required to pass the High Five Machine and access the Club.
Licorice Nasty. Why does Dobo want this? He doesn't even have a mouth. required to appease Dobo


To keep track of development, Spins McGee's Wild Escape features a changelog. All times are in CST.

[PRE-DEVELOPMENT] 4:54PM - Page created.

[PRE-DEVELOPMENT] 4:59PM - Logo added.
[PRE-DEVELOPMENT] 11:24PM - Countdown removed because Pablo is going to sleep and can't remove it at 12am.
[PRE-DEVELOPMENT] 11:27PM - Minor coding changes.
12:00AM - Development begins!
10:15AM - Gameplay, Items, and an empty Story section are all added.
10:22AM - Two Items added.
10:28AM - Chapter 1 has started.
10:35AM - More Chapter 1.
10:38AM - 1 Item, grammar fixes
10:45AM - More Chapter 1.
10:54AM - More Chapter headers.
11:26AM - Chapter 2 started.
[POST-DEVELOPMENT] 12:00AM - Development is over.

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