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Spikeyfruit World (ドリアン・ワールド in Japan) is a 2D Platformer developed and published by Scarce Gaming for the Game Boy on July 22nd, 1991. It focused on the adventures of Spikeyfruit in the Minorinoōidesu Archipelago.


Unlike most Spikeyfruit games, Spikeyfruit World has power-ups that Spikeyfruit can use to destroy his enemies.

English Name Japanese Name Description
Heart Weed ハートの花 Heals one quarter of Spikeyfruit's health.
Pogo ストンプ Allows you to jump on enemies to kill them.
Fire Mints ファイアーミント Lets you breath fire.
Chomps 食べる Lets you eat enemies up close. Gives you double points!
Sun Shake ソーラー・コーラ Gives you 30 seconds of invincibility, with a backwards version of the main theme played quick.


Unlike Spikeyfruit 1, Spikeyfruit World is split into 7 worlds, (8 if you count the optional world.) All of which are islands or groups of islands, excluding the last world.

English Name Japanese Name Stages Description
Jikani Isle -World 1 じかに島 5 A mountainous island, with a small cove as the only entrance.
Tsurī Isle - World 2 ツリー島 7 A tree-covered island.
Shitsugen Isle - Bonus World 湿原島 6 A swampy, marshland island where it's always sunset. Reached by a secret exit in the first level.
Bāningu Isle - World 3 バーニング島 8 A volcanic island where it's either always raining, or always burning.
Tetsudō Atoll - World 4 鉄道島 9 An atoll that links the islands together by way of railroad. Every level is a train level.
Furosuto Isle - World 5 フロスト島 10 A former tropical paradise, frozen to abandonment by Centipuppet.
Yami Island - World 6 影島 11 A crashed galleon, turned into a fortress by a band of Stickmen.
Dark Crystal - World 7 カオスクリスタル 3 Centipuppet's crystalline spacecraft, installed with a laser that uses life force as energy. It crashes into the center of the Minorinoōidesu Archipelago at the end of the game.


All bosses take 9 hits to defeat, like always. A note is that the bosses are named after the area they're found in for the English version, but are all puns in the Japanese version. Excluding the Dark Crystal's bosses.

English Name Japanese Name Description
Jikani ストーナー A stone golem. It throws rocks at Spikeyfruit from the background and foreground. The only boss who's immune to fire mints (Excluding Bāningu, but he's just immune to everything.
Tsurī ウディ An ent, basically. It drops apple bombs, uses it's roots as swords, and attacks using bird minions. It has to have it's attacks reflected at it, but Fire Mints will do him in.
Shitsugen ゴブ A serpent. It sprays fire, tries to bite Spikeyfruit, and makes waves. It must be killed with Fire Mints or reflecting the fire spray.
Bāningu インター火災 A man on fire. He attacks by running into Spikeyfruit. Water must be dumped on him from the sides to defeat him. The only boss that cannot be defeated via conventional means.
Tetsudō 悪・イン・トレーニング An evil train engine. It attacks by blowing steam at Spikeyfruit, sending hot coals flying towards him, and trying to knock him under the tracks.
Furosuto 雪のジョーク An evil snowman. The Super NES loves these ice people. He attacks by throwing snowballs. That's it.
Yami 影戦い Centipuppet's head...sort of. It's got only one claw, even more insane eyes, and a "3" on it. Huh. It attacks by grabbing and crushing Spikeyfruit, and is the only boss, (Other than Centipuppet.) to have an insta-kill attack.
Darkfruit ダークフルーツ Spikeyfruit's main rival. Unlike Spikeyfruit 1, Darkfruit can stomach up to 9 hits, but at the cost of not mirroring Spikeyfruit's every move. However, he does use them all at a rather fast pace.
Centipuppet 百足形 Spikeyfruit's worst enemy, with two heads. It can attack by crushing Spikeyfruit with it's pincers, slapping Spikeyfruit with it's heads, punching him with a wall of fists, and shooting fire out of it's eyes.
Centipede 百足 Spikeyfruit's worst enemy. He can use every one of Spikeyfruit's moves, including Powered-up ones. He can also use a crushing attack, and all the moves of the bosses thus far. He's the final boss.

Level Types

Every level in the game has a type.

Name Description
Beach The first level of every world. (Excluding Dark Crystal, Furosuto Island, and Tetsudō Island.)
Wilds Peaceful fields of grass. The grass is always green, just like the rest of the game's screen.
Mountain Stone mountains that are sometimes cold.
Cavern Caverns, with mines inside. They mostly mine emerald, judging from the colour of the ore. Sometimes contains lava.
Swamp Marshes with lots of trees, water, and fog. Incredibly hazardous.
Train Trains on bridges, near the water. Need I say more??
Arctic There's lots of ice, which you can fall through if you fall or jump from high enough. And then you're dead. Too much water kills plants, too!
Sky Boss levels (excluding Darkfruit and Centipuppet) are always here.
Dark Crystal (Out) The stormy clouds surrounding the Dark Crystal, as well as it's approaching cargo. Darkfruit is fought here.
Dark Crystal (In) The mechanical inside of the Dark Crystal. Centipuppet is fought here.
Dark Crystal Innards Human-esque innards of the Dark Crystal. Centipede is fought here.

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