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Spikeyfruit Tappers is a fixed shooter game created and published by Scarce Gaming for the Nintendo 3DS and Wii U on November 5th, 2015. It features Spikeyfruit attempting to destroy enemies while advancing to Centipede's Flying Fortress.


The game plays similar to Gnat Attack from Mario Paint and Super Mario Maker, with other parts from Galaga and Centipede. The game combines the attacking style of Gnat Attack, Enemy abilities from Galaga and Centipede, and mushrooms from Centipede, under the appearance of Buckethead enemies.


  • Tap - Hit enemy
  • A/X - Hit close-range enemy
  • B/Y - Trash (while grabbed)
  • +/- - Pause Game
  • L/R (Alternatively, D-Pad) - Move


  • Mini-Roach - The Scorpion from Centipede. Turns the Bucketheads into Buckethead Pirates, who's swords will force the boss to the bottom of the screen.
  • Ghost Pepper - The Flea from Centipede. Drops Bucketheads in the path it goes in.
  • Darkfruit - The Spider from Centipede. Stabs Bucketheads and bounces irregularily across the screen.
  • Chuck-ha - Boss Galaga from Galaga. Grabs Spikeyfruit and attempts to bring him into the water on the top of the screen.
  • Boss Enemy - Mix of Watinga of Gnat Attack and Galaga of Galaga. The boss starts at Weedfruit from Spikeyfruit 1, and goes to Darkfruit from Spikeyfruit 64. The boss takes 30 hits to defeat.
  • Centipede - Appears in Level 23, the final level. A combination of each boss enemy from each game. When grabbing Spikeyfruit, he eats him instead of bringing him into the water.

Dialog (By level)

  1. Spikeyfruit: Wow! So many Bucketheads, ya could call 'em an invasive species! | Weedfruit: Hey! There's only one of me, and I'll weed you out personally!
  2. Spikeyfruit: Alright, I shouldn't act spacey, these guys are dangerous. | Starfruit: I'm not cheesy, I can defeat you so easily, you'll be exploding in the air.
  3. Spikeyfruit: Wow, these guys really are cold-hearted! | Dragonfruit: I'll be the judge of that.
  4. Spikeyfruit: These enemies are on fire, in both ways. | Flamefruit: Correct! I am made of 50% Gasoline, 50% Helium, and 100% BURN.
  5. Spikeyfruit: I've gotta make a run for it! I'm late! | Robofruit: I AM THE SUPERIOR USER. BOW TO ME.
  6. Spikeyfruit: Yeesh! These enemies are undead! | Ghostfruit: Insulting the dead, are you? Well, let's see who'll be laughing once you reach your demise.
  7. Spikeyfruit: These enemies are a huge problem. | Giant Chuck-ha: GAHYOOOVAH.
  8. Spikeyfruit: Every time I advance, it's a mirror image! | Darkfruit: Some pests will adapt no matter which spray. You're one of them, Little brother.
  9. Spikeyfruit: Someone's pulling the strings, here. | Centipuppet: Skranger? | Spikeyfruit: Oh, boy. Not you.
  10. Spikeyfruit: This is just insanity! | Centipuppet: HAHAHA. YOU'RE SPINY. I EAT YOU.
  11. Spikeyfruit: I'll have to tank this. | Centank: -POW-
  12. Spikeyfruit: Hey, grassman! | Greek Flamefruit: Shut up.
  13. Spikeyfruit: I'VE GONE INTO THE FUTURE. WHAT? | Robofruit 2.0: An enemy Spikeyfruit's location has been disclosed. Opening fire.
  14. Spikeyfruit: Have I been abusing rum, again? | Buckethead Captain: YAR, OPEN FIRE, BOYS!
  15. Spikeyfruit: Sand, sand, everyway. Not a particle to soil in. | King Tutut: Sshut it, poor sseed!
  16. Spikeyfruit: Back to a universal adventure!
  17. Spikeyfruit: The lights are out!
  18. Spikeyfruit: WATER! NO! TOO MUCH.
  19. Spikeyfruit: Flames. Reminds me of a brother.
  20. Spikeyfruit: I'm off again.
  21. Spikeyfruit: The final battle is coming.
  22. Spikeyfruit: Darkfruit, again! | Darkfruit: Yes. World conquering's the deal.
  23. Spikeyfruit: Centipede! At last, I face you! | Centipede: Ahaha, Spikeyfruit! You'll never have enough power to defeat me! For I can transform again! I haven't been able to for 25 years! But at last, I have the power!


Each Amiibo, based on the Spikeyfruit of one of the games, gives a bonus stage, which can be reached by getting 10,000 points or higher and winning.

  • Spikeyfruit - Gives the BONUS 1 stage, which has Centipede's 2nd form as the boss.
  • Journey Spikeyfruit - Gives the BONUS 2 stage, which has Super Centipede as the boss.
  • Legend Spikeyfruit - Gives the BONUS 3 stage, which has Dark Centipede as the boss.
  • Polygonal Spikeyfruit - Gives the BONUS 64 stage, which has Starmaster D.A.R.K. as the boss.

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