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Spikeyfruit TV (ドリアンアニメーション in Japan, meaning Dorian'animēshon, or Durian Animated) is a Cartoon directed and produced by Scarce Gaming running from June 21, 1997 to that same day, in 2001. It focuses on the misadventures of Spikeyfruit, Centipede, Darkfruit, and the Stickmen, with two arcs in between.


SEASON 1 (1997)
Name Premiere Date Special Character Description
Spikeyfruit Pilot June 1997 N/A. An abridged version of Spikeyfruit 1's plot.
The Whole Nine Yards July 1997 N/A. Spikeyfruit is forced to swim nine yards in order to get to the grocery store.
True Blue August 1997 Bluebell Spikeyfruit is forced to coax the truth of who killed Bluebell out of the frightened townsfolk.
License to Kill September 1997 N/A. Spikeyfruit lazes around, eating popcorn while everyone else tries to kill him.
Dragon Around October 1997 Dragonfruit Spikeyfruit gets dragged about a mountain by Dragonfruit
Hum Bum Ba-Dum November 1997 Homeless Person Darkfruit walks and gets talked to by a homeless person.
Christmas Special December 1997 Partners from Spikeyfruit RPG, Cartridge 1 Spikeyfruit and his partners celebrate Christmas.

Name Premiere Date Special Character Description
Weeding Out The Garden January 1998 Weedfruit Spikeyfruit gets through Weedfruit's hedge maze, and defeats him. Puts Weedfruit into Spikeyfruit TV's Main Cast.
Reach For The Stars (Pt. 1) February 1998 Starfruit Spikeyfruit blasts off into space.
Reach For The Stars (Pt. 2) March 1998 Starfruit Spikeyfruit blasts Starfruit into an asteroid. Puts Starfruit into Spikeyfruit TV's Main Cast.
Dragon Drop (Pt. 1) April 1998 Dragonfruit Spikeyfruit conquers a kingdom...and Dragonfruit. Puts Dragonfruit into Spikeyfruit TV's Main Cast
Dragon Drop (Pt. 2) May 1998 Dragonfruit Spikeyfruit goes another round in into the Dragon's Den.
Baked Alaska June 1998 Flamefruit Spikeyfruit causes global warming. Oh, and defeats Flamefruit, too. Puts Flamefruit in Spikeyfruit TV's Main Cast.
Flying Robots July 1998 Robofruit Spikeyfruit flees from Robofruit, and doesn't care about anyone behind him. Puts Robofruit into Spikeyfruit TV's Main Cast.
Giving Up The Ghost August 1998 Ghostfruit Spikeyfruit doesn't give up the ghost. Puts Ghostfruit into Spikeyfruit TV's Main Cast.
Temple of Doom September 1998 Giant Chuck-ha Spikeyfruit becomes an explorer. Only appearance of Chuck-has into Spikeyfruit TV.
Darker and Edgier October 1998 N/A. Spikeyfruit battles Darkfruit. The only minion fight with someone that's already part of the main cast.
Centi-Clark November 1998 Super Centipede Spikeyfruit battles Centipede and him morphing into everyone else.
Christmas Special #2 December 1998 Partners from Spikeyfruit RPG, Cartridge 2 Spikeyfruit gets kicked out of a charity, and celebrates accordingly; stealing everyone's Christmas trees.
Everything else in SEASON 2 (1999-2000)
Name Premiere Date Special Character Description
Blues Blood January 1999 Royal Blues Family Spikeyfruit becomes king of The Kingdom, (Yes, it's actually called that.) Kingdom of Music.
Oh, Boy! February 1999 N/A. Spikeyfruit gets a son, which turns out to be a shape-shifted Centipede.
Whodunnit? March 1999 N/A. Centipede, shape-shifted into Spikeyfruit, commits murder and frames Spikeyfruit, so Spikeyfruit goes to kill Centipede.
Crash Course April 1999 Racer Darkfruit & Spikeyfruit are forced into a Demolition Derby, with their lives at stake.
Fugitive May 1999 Salami Chicken Spikeyfruit becomes a fugitive, and tries to capture a fugitive to get off it.
Knowledge is Power June 1999 The Intellectual Spikeyfruit gets beaten up by a nerd, so he goes to take revenge in a mech battle.
Almost a Decade July 1999 N/A. Spikeyfruit throws a party in celebration of his game being almost a decade old.
Money Makes The World Go 'Round. August 1999 King Midas Centipede becomes rich, and tries to buy the world in his money-crazed stupor.
Ghost-Writers October 1999 Ghost-Writers Spikeyfruit reads novels written by Ghost Writers...literally.
Campfire Story November 1999 Spikeyfruit's (Human) Parents Spikeyfruit tells the story of him going from a human fetus to a Durian man.
Christmas Special #3 December 1999 Santa Clause Spikeyfruit loses his home, and tries to buy it back from the Scrooge landlord.
Piloting the Plane January 2000 N/A. An enhanced version of the original Pilot episode.
Kick The Bucket February 2000 Bucketheads Spikeyfruit gets beaten up by a bunch of Bucketheads, and it's just laser-guided karma from there.
Kleptomaniac March 2000 Desert Merchant A desert merchant turns Spikeyfruit into a kleptomaniac, and Spikeyfruit gets revenge.
Turn The Tables April 2000 N/A. Spikeyfruit turns into a cruel, evil dictator/big bad, and Centipede becomes the hero. For a day.
Decade-ance May 2000 8-Bit Spikeyfruit Spikeyfruit celebrates his decade-old game anniversary.
Hyper-Bowl June 2000 Stickman Football Players A stickman squad goes to the "Hyperbole." But they take a wrong turn.
4 Years in The Making... July 2000 N/A. Spikeyfruit celebrates the show's four-year run.
Call a Durian a Durian August 2000 Durian Troopers Spikeyfruit fights with an army of Centipede's super-soldiers, Durian Troopers.
Chocolate Pudding September 2000 Jeremy Spikeyfruit and co. get sucked up by Chocolate Pudding, and get taken into a world of dangerous go-karting, life-sized Monopoly, etc.
Ghost Dusters October 2000 Ghost Dusters Darkfruit reads a book as a couple of ghosts spill dust all over his house.
Bite The Dust November 2000 N/A. Spikeyfruit goes to the Wild West.
Christmas Special #4 December 2000 Claws Spikeyfruit and Claws compete to find out who will deliver the most presents.
Spikeyfruit 3D New Year's Eve 2000 2D Spikeyfruit A notice that Spikeyfruit TV will switch to 3D graphics, along with a complaint by the previous animated Spikeyfruit.
SEASON 3 - Head Hunt Arc+Final Episode (2001)
Name Premiere Date Special Character Description
Lost January 2001 N/A. Spikeyfruit gets banished to a far away land.
2 Heads Down February 2001 Obstopie Heads Spikeyfruit defeats the heads of tortured souls from Obstopie.
6 Heads Down March 2001 Obstopie Heads Spikeyfruit defeats more of the tortured souls.
12 Heads Down April 2001 Obstopie Heads Spikeyfruit defeats even more tortured souls.
24 Heads Down May 2001 Obstopie Heads Spikeyfruit finds the entrance to the sewers, and defeats more souls.
Into The Depths June 2001 Centipuppet Spikeyfruit defeats all the heads, and ventures into the sewers.
The End July 2001 Centipuppet Spikeyfruit remembers all the episodes as his life flashes before his eyes, before killing Centipuppet.

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