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Spikeyfruit Story is a 3D Platformer created and published by Scarce Gaming for the Sega Saturn, PC, and Nintendo 64 on February 10, 1993, February 10, 1996, and February 10, 1997, respectively. It focuses on the adventures of Spikeyfruit and his friends.


The game plays similar to Sonic Adventure, in the way that each main character has their own story. Each character has a different gameplay style;

  • Spikeyfruit - 3D Platformer
  • Centipede - Puzzle First-Person-Shooter
  • Robofruit - Beat 'em Up
  • Technofruit - Aerial Third-Person-Shooter
  • Weedfruit - Fighting
  • Darkfruit - Racing

The Final Stage is a Mixture of Spikeyfruit, Technofruit, and Robofruit's gameplay styles.



Spikeyfruit defeats Centipede in his Space Station, Crown Base, when the base crashes into the ocean. The water electrocutes the core, and transforms it into an electric monster. Spikeyfruit and Centipede flee the Space Station in time, as it explodes.

Washing up in the sewers of City Sector EAST, Spikeyfruit sees Robofruit's charred outer shell. Touching it, Spikeyfruit realizes that Robofruit is completely intact, as the android drives off with tank treads. Exiting into the bustling city, Spikeyfruit soon realizes that he should meet up with Technofruit, to possibly destroy the electric monster.

Finding Technofruit in LazyBones Lagoon, Spikeyfruit asks to borrow Technofruit's Bi-Plane. Rather than simply saying yes, Technofruit decides to pilot the plane. As they reach Crown Base's remains, they find that the majority of the place is completely intact.

As Spikeyfruit and Technofruit destroy the remains of Crown Base, the Bi-Plane is destroyed by the electric monster. Waking up in the wreckage, Spikeyfruit sees a vine-covered area, where Weedfruit is. Weedfruit attacks him for being in the territory, but is defeated.

Finding Technofruit, Spikeyfruit rushes out of Crown Base as it explodes. Paddling towards Westree Canyon on the wing of the Bi-Plane, Spikeyfruit and Technofruit reach Scarlet Bridge.

Noticing Darkfruit dangling on the bottom of the bridge, Spikeyfruit has a face-off with his older brother. Defeating Darkfruit in a race, Spikeyfruit watches as Darkfruit plummets into the lake.

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