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Spikeyfruit Shadows 2 (スパイキーフルーツ影2 in Japan.) is a 2D platformer/FPS game developed and published for the SNES & Super Famicom, Sega Saturn, PC, and AtHome Disc on August 29th, 1996, and on Xbox Live Arcade and Wii U Virtual Console on August 29th, 2016. It focuses on the adventures of Passionfruit "Kushi" and Ugli Fruit, Passionfruit's grandson as they try to find Spikeyfruit, who's been lost on Mukade Mountain.


The game starts with the ending of Spikeyfruit Shadows 1, and shows a bit of info on Spikeyfruit, aged 20, and Passionfruit and Ugli Fruit, aged 70 and 18, respectively.

The game then opens up in Lake Humor, one of the Moderate Lakes, and home to three areas; Chaos City, Forest Falls, and Bad Border. After clearing this lake, Kushi and Ugli move on to Lake Mcguffin, home to another three areas; Rock & Roll Rapids, Metal Mainland, and Big Bridge.

Next comes Lake Eerie, home to Mukade Mountain. Reaching the top, they find Spikeyfruit, still 20, but now with a Cossack hat. Suddenly, a shadowy figure appears and shoots Kushi through the head with a pistol, followed by the game cutting abruptly to the credits, and a "Coming Soon: Spikeyfruit Shadows 3!" message


Lake Humor

Chaos City

Level Name Level Code Description
Jailhouse Rock C01 A jailhouse level. No shit, Sherlock.
Writer's Block C02 A city block level.
High Way C03 A highway chase against Starfruit.
Tower of Terror C04 The first FPS level. A reskin of The Elevator From Ipanema level in Shadows 1.
City Falls C05 A reskin of City Falls from Shadows 1.
Ping Pong C06BOSS A rematch against the King Kong parody from Shadows 1.

Forest Falls

Level Name Level Code Description
Keith Suburban F01 The second FPS level. A battle in the neighborhood.
The Conquerer F02 A battle against a Genghis Khan look-alike in the woods.
Pine-Tuned F03 A climb up a Pine Tree while nuts, enemies, and bombs are being thrown at you.
Water You Doing? F04 A lake in the woods.
Falling For Ya! F05 A waterfall.
Unoriginal Tribe F06BOSS A fight against the important figures of the Unoriginal Native Americans in the area.

Bad Border

Level Name Level Code Description
City Chase BB01 A chase in the city.
Taste The Rainbow, Motherfucker. BB02 The third FPS level. A battle on Rainbow Bridge.
Lake to the Party BB03 A boat battle in the lake that uses Mode 7 or 3D to show the water particles and water layers.
Back in Action BB04 Another battle on Rainbow Bridge.
One Does Not Simply Walk Into Border. BB05 A stealth mission on the border.
Border Patrol BB06 A battle against the border patrol.

Lake Mcguffin

Rock & Roll Rapids

Level Name Level Code Description
White Water Drafting R01 A journey across the river on a raft that uses Mode 7 or 3D to show more water.
Rock & Roll R02 A rock-jumping journey in the rapids.
Rushing Water R03 A race against Weedfruit in the rapids.
Class 6 is in Session R04 A swim in the rapids. Terrible idea.
Black Gold R05 An oil-polluted rapid river.
Rapid Fire R06BOSS A battle against an oil tanker robot that's set the rapids aflame.

Metal Mainland

Level Code Level Code Description
Shore Line M01 A 2D shoreline.
Run, Forest, Run! M02 A forest race against time.
Roadside Rush M03 An ATV race.
Lakeside Limbo M04 A rather mid-sized lake level.
Rock & Roll Rumble M05 A battle against the lead Headbangers singer.
Headbangers M06BOSS A battle against the new meaning of "Death" Metal.

Big Bridge

Level Name Level Code Description
Band Together B01 Dodge the cars while driving the Headbangers World Tour bus on the bridge.
Toll Tale B02 The only battle level. A battle at the toll gate. Defeat 90 enemies in 3:00.
Just Jump! B03 A jump off the bridge.
Water World B04 A swim to the nearest land.
Paradise Found B05 The final FPS level. A town on an island.
Mack & Ack B06BOSS A battle against the twin tyrants Mack & Ack.

Lake Eerie

Mukade Mountain

Level Name Level Code Description
Rock Bottom CM01 The sunken ruins of Greenhouse Rock from the last game.
The Long Haul CM02 The climb up Mukade Mountain.
Pissed-Off Perennial CM03BOSS The final battle against the still-young perennial.
Ski-Ba-Bop-Ba-Dop-Bop CM04BOSS A ski down the mountain.

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