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The things people say in Spikeyfruit Shadows.

Warning: May contain extreme pop culture references.

Major Characters


Kushi uses his lines, but in a lower, more human-like voice.

  • "Ow, the edge." -Seeing the Scarce Gaming logo on the boot-up screen.
  • "OOOOH NOOOO!" -Getting crushed by the logo on the title screen.
  • "Well thank you, pal. The day I get out of prison, my own cousin picks me up in a police car." -After reuniting with Kushi.
  • "I crashed into a mill. Now Kushi's gonna catch up to me. Oh, well. Might as well go in the extremely-suspicious-and-probably-evil mill. I am the hero, after all." -Seeing a mill.
  • "Wahoo! Wahoo! Wahoo!" -Starting a level.
  • "The BA-AND!" -Collecting a Stunt Double/1-Up.
  • "Aubergine THIS!" -Clearing a level.
  • "F-AAAH!" -Dying in a level.
  • "Hey! It's William of Red, White, and Blue!" -Starting a boss level.
  • "I don't take this seriously enough." -Defeating a boss.
  • "Hey, you sleaze, my bed!" -Talking to Kushi on the save screen.
  • "Water you gonna do, Diver? You're gonna look pretty funny trying to eat corn on the cob with no effing teeth." -Talking to Diver Durian in Lake Inferior.
  • "Beat it, just beat it." -Talking to Dangerous Durian in Wet Woods.
  • "Can it drill through an annoying-as-hell Passionfruit's brain? If so, I'd like to use it." -Talking to Digger Durian in Magma Mine.
  • "I can't believe it. It's that shit-box dodge again." -Talking to Driver Durian in Smoggy Skyline.
  • "Shake a tail feather." -Talking to Delirious Durian in Tail Feather Tropics.
  • "I'm so effin' cold..." -Talking to Ditz Durian in Nightly North.
  • "Everybody on the whole potted block, was dancin' to the Greenhouse Rock!" -Getting a checkpoint during Greenhouse Rock.
  • "HOLY SHIT WHAT THE HELL IS THAT?" -Seeing Centipede's Cerebrum burst from it's prison.
  • "You got the money you owe me, motherfucker?" -Landing the final hit on Centipede's Cerebrum.
  • "It's good to see you, sweetheart." -Seeing someone on Mukade Mountain."

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