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Spikeyfruit RPG
Developer(s) Scarce Gaming
Publisher(s) Scarce Gaming
Producer(s) Scarce Gaming
Spikeyfruit RPG (Stylized as Spi<eyfruit rpg) (called 究極のドリアンRPG '98 in Japan, translating to Kyūkyoku no Dorian RPG '98, or Ultimate Durian RPG '98) is an RPG developed and published by Scarce Gaming for the SNES on July 19, 1997 (1998 in Japan). In Cartridge 1, it takes place in the land of Obstopie, the moon opposite Fruitopia. Following Obstopie's destruction, Cartridge 2 takes place on Erf, where the remaining humans - renamed "Humen" - live. In general, it follows the adventures of Spikeyfruit as he tries to solve a time paradox and defeat Centipede. The game was split into two cartridges that kept the data in the system long enough to carry character levels over, via a special chip.


Mech Battles

For some bosses, they are sometimes giant. For these cases, they are fought in a giant mech suit. For these battles, they are less of RPGs, and more of basically Punch-Out. Both the player's character and the boss have an HP bar, which goes down a bit after each hit on them. There are 5 moves the player can use;

  • Punch (A Button) - Throw a punch at the enemy.
  • Kick (B Button) - Kick the enemy.
  • Grapple (X Button) - Grab the enemy and slam them down.
  • Spin (Y Button) - Grab the enemy by their legs and spin them around, throwing them after enough spinning.
  • Eject (L+R) - Eject Spikeyfruit into the enemy while he basically turns into a chainsaw. Does the most damage.

Duel Battle

For the final battle, Centipuppet challenges Spikeyfruit to a one-on-one duel. During the battle, the other party members stay on the sidelines, and throw recovery items to Spikeyfruit. Spikeyfruit will only have the ability to do normal attacks, and cannot use items or Prowess Moves, due to not having partners.

Prowess Moves

Prowess moves are similar to a step-up from the game's special attacks. For a prowess move to be used, there must be two party members or more alive. Prowess moves use two party members.


Cartridge 1

Location Name Boss #1 Boss #2 (If any) Description
Cozy Cove Para Dox A cove by the ocean.
Pirate Field Squidly N/A. A region of the ocean dotted with pirates.
Pagoda Town Sensei Sensei (Giant) A stereotypical town where everyone is a samurai.
Cyan Fields Weedfruit N/A. The hub world. A plain with cyan grass. Weedfruit's stage from Spikeyfruit 1.
Launch Pad Swamp Starfruit Rocket Squad (Minigame) The opening from Starfruit's Spikeyfruit 1 stage, remade into a world.
Platinum Kingdom Dragonfruit N/A. Dragonfruit's stage from Spikeyfruit 1, remade.
Burning Arctic Flamefruit Burning Army (Giant) Flamefruit's stage from Spikeyfruit 1, now with less friction!
Vagabond Bridge Robofruit N/A. Robofruit's stage from Spikeyfruit 1, and the water under it, too.
Jalapeno Mansion Ghostfruit Jalapeno Mansion (Giant) Ghostfruit's stage from Spikeyfruit 1, remade.
Chuck-ha Temple Giant Chuck-ha N/A. Giant Chuck-ha's stage from Spikeyfruit 1, remade. The last canon appearance of Chuck-has.
Hangar Bay Darkfruit Dark Mech (Giant) The first part of the final level of Spikeyfruit 1, remade.
Otherworld Centipede Dark Crystal (Giant) The final world of the Cartridge 1. Basically, the inside of a black hole, minus spaghettification.

Cartridge 2

Location Name Boss #1 Boss #2 Description
Skycade Pixelfruit Pixel Squad (Giant) An arcade in the clouds.
Yelp Yard Maniac Jeistro Wolf Sentient (Giant) The first world of Spikeyfruit 2 for the NES, remade.
Platz Field N/A. N/A. The hub world. The only world in the game not to have a boss.
Platz Mine Platz Junge Platz Monster (Giant) A mine with four quadrants; Red, Blue, Green, and Yellow.
Humen Farm Corn Bob Chicken (Giant) A farm made by the Humen race.
Attack Hangar Fighter Squadron (Minigame) Recon Assist Mecha (Giant) A hangar bay created by Centipuppet.
Magma Mound Claws Bony Claws (Giant) A giant volcano. The lava slowly rises both in and out of battle.
Delirious Desert Pyram Osirius (Giant) The most stereotypical world ever. With blackjack! and pyramids!
Gill Graveyard Sham Eggplant Semi-Darkfruit Mech (Giant) The second world of Spikeyfruit 2's NES Version, remade. The second-to-most volatile world in the game, due to water.
Vocal Valley Enemy Army Enemy Army (Giant) The third world of NES Spikeyfruit 2, remade. It's bosses reference SNES Spikeyfruit 2's giant enemies for bosses.
Teal Ocean Centank Centipuppet Corpse (Giant) The final level of Spikeyfruit 2, remade. It's abandoned, and there are only turrets, the unmanned Centank, and Centipuppet's Corpse.
End of The World Mega Crustacean (Bonus) Darkipede (Bonus, Giant) The last world before Croak Confines, and is very small, only having two bonus bosses as references to Spikeyfruit 3, and no enemies.
Croak Confines Centipuppet/Centipede Millipede (Giant) The final level of NES Spikeyfruit 2, remade. It's on a cliff face at the End of The World. The inside is much more detailed and mechanical then the original.


Cartridge 1

Note: All partners from Cartridge 1 (Excluding Angriff Hummer.) are transported across the universe at the end of Cartridge 1 by going into the black hole.

Name Species Found In Purpose Description
Tsue Ken Human Pagoda Town Breaks down cracked walls with his cane. The only member of Pagoda Town that isn't a Samurai. Says "Huzzah!" after every sentence.
Angriff Hummer Lobster Cyan Fields Walks the others across water. The only living lobster on Spikeyfruit's side of the universe. (Well, that is, if Earth isn't dead in 5 million CE. If it is, he's the only lobster in the Milky Way.)
Fireball Torgovets Unknown Launch Pad Swamp Burns fire-sensitive objects. Hidden under a spacesuit. Recognized as a Cosmonaut by his equals.
Retourner à L'expéditeur Skellie Platinum Kingdom Hits objects from afar. Has a stereotypical French accent. Wears a beret.
Barapha ārōhī Anthropomorphic Alpine Aster Burning Arctic Climbs up walls. Constantly stutters when she speaks.
Bản Sao & Phó Bản Anthropomorphic Durians Vagabond Bridge Solves two-person puzzles together. Silent protagonists. both he (Bản) and she (Phó) have negative colours to that of Spikeyfruit.
Spiorad Na Dorchadais Spirit Jalapeno Mansion Passes through solid surfaces. Has a heavy Scottish accent.
Contorcono Nel Dolore Chuck-ha Chuck-ha Temple Moves things. The last Chuck-ha to appear in Spikeyfruit's canon.

Cartridge 2

Name Species Found in Purpose Description
Angriff Hummer Lobster Cartridge 1 Walks the others over water. The only party member from Cartridge 1 that's still in the party.
Yelps Manic Jeistro Yelp Yard Breaks cracked walls with his voice. The only party member that's a creature from Spikeyfruit 2 on the NES. He replaces Tsue Ken.
Platz Tochter Human Platz Field Clones himself 3 times at once to solve puzzles. Replaces Bản Sao & Phó Bản from Cartridge 1. She has an Australian accent.
Sap Hire Gem Creature Platz Mine Moves things. Silent protagonist. It replaces Contorcono Nel Dolore from Cartridge 1.
Sox Blu Robot Humen Farm Hits things on high walls. Replaces Barapha ārōhī from Cartridge 1. It uses slang and baseball similes often.
Wing Ding Human Attack Hangar Flies to objects afar and hits them. Replaces Retourner à L'expéditeur from Cartridge 1. She speaks only in gestures.
Vuur Natlei Skellie Magma Mound Burns fire-sensitive objects. Replaces Fireball Torgovets from Cartridge 1. He's the only Tribal Skellie, other than the rest of his tribe.
Rwh Wukir Anthropomorphic Passionfruit Delirious Desert Walks through solid objects. Replaces Spiorad Na Dorchadais from Cartridge 1. Everything she says is part of a joke, a pun, or is wordplay.
őszirózsás Forradalom Anthropomorphic Aster Gill Graveyard Becomes a rope for climbing upwards. The first member to have a purpose unique to Cartridge 2. Her name is a pun related to her species.
Technofruit Anthropomorphic Durian Vocal Valley Makes himself stronger, and then throws the others across gaps. The second member to have a purpose unique to Cartridge 2. He's from Spikeyfruit 2's Versus Mode, unique to the SNES version.
Darkfruit Anthropomorphic Durian Teal Ocean Creates Mirrored Worlds to get past obstacles. The final member, and the third member to have a purpose unique to Cartridge 2. He's completely silent.

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