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Spikeyfruit DS (Known in Japan as Durio-Kun DS) is a 2D platformer game developed  by BreakfastSquad and published by BreakfastSquad for the Nintendo DS on August 19th, 2007. The game is a remake of Spikeyfruit 2 for the SNES and Super Famicom.

Playable Characters

  • Spikeyfruit (Durio-Kun): The main character. Unlike in Spikeyfruit 2, where he hummed along with the music, he speaks (somewhat). All he says, however, is Kutejensis, which is the second part of the japanese durian spelling.
  • Kutejens (Durio Kutejens): Battle Mode characters. New to Spikeyfruit DS. Only playable in the 4-player Battle Mode. Their appearance is similar to Darkfruit, but Kutejens do not have Darkfruit's torn spine or cloak. Instead, they are Spikeyfruit recolors that are Blue, Red, Green, and Yellow without outlines.
  • Miis (Miis): Battle Mode characters. If Player 1 chooses the Link option, the game will be linked with the closest Wii that is within 10 feet, and Miis can replace the Kutejens. The Miis play exactly like the Kutejens.


  • Spikeyfruit 2 (Durio-Kun 2): Story mode. An update of the standalone Spikeyfruit 2 featuring revamped graphics, edited speech, 3D cutscenes, and new characters.
  • Battle Mode (Kutejens Sento): Replaces the Versus mode of the standalone Spikeyfruit 2. Features 5 arenas, Online mode, 6 items, and spectating. Requires the game to be beaten to be unlocked.
  • Demos: Only in the NTSC and PAL versions. Features Spikeyfruit 1 and Spikeyfruit 3 3 minute demos, which feature World 1, World 2, and World 3 playable.

Changes from the original game

  • Revamped Graphics: The graphics and text have been changed. The font has been changed from Arial to Fixedsys. The graphics have been changed from 16-Bit to 96-Bit.
  • 3D Cutscenes: The game, instead of using the Super FX Chip to make the cutscenes seem 3D, the game uses the 96-Bit graphics to make 3D cutscenes.
  • New Enemies: The game now has new enemies replacing the recolors. The enemies also have 3D models, instead of 16-Bit Sprites. Some enemies have also been recolored (I.E. The Fire Pellet has been changed from red+white to bright orange+dark gray)
  • Battle Mode: The standalone Spikeyfruit 2 had a 2-player Versus Mode with 3 Max. Rounds of combat, 5 arenas, and 4 items. Spikeyfruit DS has a 4-player Battle Mode that features all 5 arenas from Versus mode, 6 items, an 8-player Online Mode, 2 new items, along with the original 4, and online spectating.
  • Demos: Spikeyfruit DS only has Demos of Spikeyfruit 1 and 3 in American-speaking regions. Spikeyfruit 3 replaced by Spikeyfruit 64 in Japan, and Spikeyfruit 1's difficulty was 5 times as difficult on the Famicom.

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