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Spikeyfruit Alpha (☀!スパイキーフルーツアルファ in Japan) is a platformer for the Gameboy Advance created and published by RECHSOFT on October 31, 2002. It's simply a remake of the original 1990 Spikeyfruit.

New Features

  • Multiplayer - Play the original game with multiple players.
  • Minigames - The new minigames are Bridge Ride, which is an infinite version of Bacon Bridge/Robofruit with a timer, and Boss Zone, a boss rush.
  • Voice Acting - Spikeyfruit's high-pitched voice returns, along with a new voice for Centipede.
  • Enhanced Graphics - Self-explanatory.
  • Enhanced Music - The original game's music was remade and published on it's own album in Germany; StacheligObST.
  • New Bosses (Boss Mode Only) - Alphafruit, the original Spikeyfruit sprite from Spikeyfruit 1, is now a boss, along with Timefruit and Centipuppet.

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