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Spikeyfruit 64 is a 3D platforming game created by BreakfastSquad and published by Fantendo on August 12th, 1997. The game focuses around Spikeyfruit trying to save his planet from extraterrestrial invaders, while also obtaining the Spike Shards, the power source of the planet.


The game opens up with a cinematic featuring many Spikeyfruits running away from an explosion. One is unfortunate and gets taken alive. After this, the BreakfastSquad logo appears, and the title also appears.

Spikeyfruit, meanwhile, is watching the explosions. A strange creature named Starmaster appears, wanting to help Spikeyfruit get to the enemy fortress. Spikeyfruit agrees, and Eggplant flies with Spikeyfruit.

Spikeyfruit goes through 6 worlds. Once he gets to the 7th world, he fights every boss thus far, and gets to the final battle; Centipede, the main final boss of the Spikey Easy. Boom. Dead.

Now, if Spikeyfruit collected all 14 Spike Shards thus far or not, there will be a different cinematic. If Spikeyfruit did not collect them all, then Spikeyfruit will jump on Eggplant and fly away. But strangely, the boss music will still be playing. If Spikeyfruit DID collect them all, Starmaster will grab Spikeyfruit and Eggplant and fly to Rainbow Star.

After getting to the final boss level in Rainbow Star, Starmaster will appear with a Final Destination-esque stage. Starmaster takes 21 hits to defeat instead of 3. After defeating Starmaster, Spikeyfruit will fly away on Eggplant as Rainbow Star crumbles.

Suddenly, Starmaster reappears, but Darkfruit comes out and reveals that Starmaster was simply a life-support system after his last defeat in the original Spikeyfruit. Darkfruit then fights Spikeyfruit while they are on their vehicles. After being defeated, Darkfruit explodes into the old Spikeyfruit explosion, before 3-D. The classic victory theme will then play.


  • Spikeyfruit: The main and titular protaganist. Fights against every threat in the system to save his planet. His Helicopter Jump returns as a normal move.
  • Eggplant: The secondary protaganist. Is a Goal Eggplant from Spikeyfruit 1 and 2. Can shoot lasers, unlike the others.
  • Starmaster: the final boss. Is actually just life-support for Darkfruit.

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