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Spikeyfruit 4 (Durio Kutejensis 4 in Japan, Spikeyfruit IV in PAL regions) is a 2D platformer created and published by Scarce Gaming for the PlayStation 4, Wii U, Xbox One, and AtHome Conduct on November 7th, 2015. It takes place shortly after Spikeyfruit 3D, and is an indirect follow-up to Spikeyfruit 3, which was released 19 years earlier. It is only downloadable.


Spikeyfruit is jumping around, when he suddenly sees an electric, metal mountain off in the distance. Knowing that Centipede is the creator of it, Spikeyfruit runs off towards the construction, and ends up in Rhetorical Glade, a grassy place where enemies aren't very fluent, and rocks and grassy hills litter the area.

Upon reaching the end of Rhetorical Glade and defeating Goldy Moldy, a silhouette of a Spikeyfruit with his left spike ripped out partly hits Spikeyfruit, causing him to fall into Answered Cove.

Upon reaching the false mountain (named Sentence Zone), Spikeyfruit discovers that it was a launch site for Centipede's newest creation, Corona, a giant mechanical monster made of trash and magnetic pull. Spikeyfruit decides to fight the behemoth.

After Corona is defeated, it comes back to life, on battery power, and the mountain dissolves into trash. Corona picks up these pieces and becomes massive. The previously sky-high mountain falls, and Spikeyfruit, Centipede, and Corona fall.

Spikeyfruit wakes up in a hollowed and dark cave, and sees a huge, looming form of Corona arising from the depths. Spikeyfruit notices stalagmites hanging above Corona, and decides to fire at them. As Spikeyfruit fires, the stalagmites destroy the floor, while Corona slightly loses it's space at each hit.

After all the ground is destroyed, Corona jumps, and ends up boosting Spikeyfruit and itself into the sky. Spikeyfruit grabs onto a rocket for shelter, and Corona's legs are torn off as a rocket is put in the place of them. Spikeyfruit must dash into Corona, which would be easy if Corona didn't start an attack a second after the previous one.

After being defeated, Corona dissipates into the atmosphere, and the rocket explodes. Spikeyfruit jumps off the rocket and plummets to Fruitopia. Upon landing, Centipede swears that he'll get Spikeyfruit next time, and phases away.


  1. Rhetorical Glade - A hilly, grassy, and rocky area. The boss is Goldy Moldy, a golden mole.
  2. Answered Cove - An underground watery area. The boss is Prima, a clawed fish.
  3. Question Tundra - A snowy, woody area. The boss is Eraquto, Centipede's gunship.
  4. Comma Forest - A woody aerial area. The boss is Meridian, a fire-breathing arachnid.
  5. Exclamationopolis - A city area with some ghosts. The boss is Horizon, an invisible wraith of darkness.
  6. Period Jungle - A watery woody area. The boss is Axis, a giant lizard.
  7. Sentence Zone - Centipede's electrical metal mountain. It's a mix of aerial and rocky. The bosses are Centipede's Armada, Silo, who is a giant gecko. Darkfruit, and Corona.
  8. Chaotian - The skies above Fruitopia. The boss is Corona, a behemoth made of magnetic trash pulled together.

Downloadable Content

Spikeyfruit 4 has DLC for extra stages, bosses, and trophies. Extra Bosses could also be unlocked with amiibo in the Wii U version, but only one per amiibo.

Stage DLC ($3.99)

  • Timestream - An aerial area in space. It's the area where the final battle of Spikeyfruit 3 takes place.
  • Destructosphere - A snowy and aerial area. It's where the final battle of Spikeyfruit 2 takes place.
  • Tech Tower - A mechanical and somewhat aerial area. It's the final level of Spikeyfruit 1.
  • Darkosphere - A floating, multicolored area in another dimension. It's the secret level of Spikeyfruit 64.
  • Mormon Mountain - An alternate Sentence Zone with Medusal Lurker enemies.
  • Fallout Forest - An alternate Comma Forest with nuclear radiation.
  • Chaotic City - An alternate Exclamationopolis with broken buildings and more enemies.
  • Turmoil Tundra - Same as above, but with Question Tundra.
  • Crazy Cove - Same as above, but with Answered Cove
  • Gallows Glade - An alternate of Rhetorical Glade with water.
  • Jelly Jungle - A bouncy Period Jungle.

Extra Bosses ($7.99)

  • Spikeyfruit 3 Bosses# - All the Spikeyfruit 3 Bosses return in Boss Rush Mode.
  • Spikeyfruit 2 Bosses@ - All the pre-picked Spikeyfruit 2 Bosses return in Boss Rush Mode.
  • Spikeyfruit Bosses! - All the Spikeyfruit 1 Bosses return in Boss Rush Mode.
  • Spikeyfruit 64 Bosses^$ - All the Spikeyfruit 64 Bosses return in Boss Rush Mode.
  • Boss Remix - All the Spikeyfruit 4 Bosses, toughened up in difficulty.
  • Starmaster D.A.R.K. - The oldest brother of Spikeyfruit's family is in Boss Rush.
  • Centipede (2) - Centipede's shape-shifting form returns in Boss Rush Mode.
  • Transforming Centipede - Gives Centipede the ability to transform from any boss.

Trophies ($5.99)

Pack 1

  • Stickman - Nobody has ever heard of him before, but he seems to be a flat Spikeyfruit without spikes. He really likes fireworks, though.
  • Carter - He runs the Downloadable Content services. Without him it'd be a lot harder to get this trophy! He's very friendly and will give you hints if you're stuck.
  • Spikeyfruit Family - Spikeyfruit and his family. In Spikeyfruit they were the bosses of the areas leading to Centipede, but old habits die hard. Literally. Darkfruit's a bit foreboding, though. Could he be evil?
  • Sludgehammer - A mysterious race which Centipede is a member of. It's unknown what they look like, as Centipede's transformed into another form. They're said to be a living clay-like sludge. Makes sense.
  • Starmaster D.A.R.K. - A familiar face is behind this mechanical madman. Whoever the silhouette is, he must be defeated at all costs! A twisted allegiance, this silhouette of Spikeyfruit is always ready for death.

Pack 2

  • Dark Centipede - Centipede's atoms twisted around into ions to make this twisted, insane form of him. He's similar to Darkfruit and Centipede, but he's got a face, and is purple. The time-stream's done it again.
  • Centipuppet - Centipede's twisted plantlike and mechanical puppet. It's unknown why he made it, but likely as a ploy to lure Spikeyfruit while he recovered inside the puppet.
  • Corona (Rocket) - Corona's magnetic body not only attracts trash, but also rocket ships! In it's last stand, it attempts to defeat Spikeyfruit, who grips to a small missile.
  • Corona (Mega) - Corona's magnetic body being beaten causes Sentence Zone to explode into trash, which Corona uses to grow massive.
  • The Dark Side - Centipede, his cronies, and Darkfruit are some of the villains of Fruitopia. The end of the world is said to come when these forces unite.

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