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Spikeyfruit 3: The Race Against Time (abbreviated as SF3:TRAT or SF3) is game made by BreakfastSquad and published by Sony for the PlayStation in 1996. In it, Spikeyfruit must save Fruitopia from Centipede's time paradox.


Spikeyfruit is walking around one day when he sees a hole in the sky. Spikeyfruit thinks nothing of it and leaves it to consume objects.

Later, another hole appears. Spikeyfruit attempts to fight back, but fails, being sucked into the portal. Centipede congratulates Robofruit meanwhile, claiming that "(his) paradox is complete."

Spikeyfruit arrives in Fruitopia, 100 years ago, where Spikeyfruit's biological origins, Durianoid, is fighting Millipede, Centipede's legendary father. Spikeyfruit suddenly sees Centipede appear and kill Durianoid with a pincer. Enraged, Spikeyfruit kills Millipede, and Spikeyfruit II sprouts from the Spikeyfruit Tree.

Spikeyfruit comes to a purple hub devoid of life. Centipede's voice cries out "Stay a while, stay forever!". Spikeyfruit sees 5 portals, each labeled with a time frame name.

After going through all 5 periods, Spikeyfruit gains the Jeticopter, a device made by Technofruit. Spikeyfruit jumps in it and flies towards the void, where Centipede is waiting.

Centipede, angered at the victory of the spike-headed hero, fights him. After being defeated, Centipede creates a loophole in time and becomes Darkipede, who is a Darkfruit version of Centipede.

After his defeat, Centipede escapes Spikeyfruit by using a dummy of Luv Lee, which explodes upon touching the ground. Alas, Spikeyfruit rejoices, having saved the world...for now.


  1. Ancient Egypt
  2. Ancient Greece
  3. The Future
  4. Jurassic Period
  5. The Great War
  6. The Void


  1. Mega Crustacean (Begin Bay/Tutorial)
  2. Clayopatra (Ancient Egypt)
  3. Greek Firefruit (Ancient Greece)
  4. Robofruit 6.0 (The Future)
  5. Tyrantasauraus Wrecks (Jurassic Period)
  6. Millipede (The Great War)
  7. Centipede (The Void)
  8. Darkipede (The Void)


  • The part where Centipede uses a time loop to transform is a reference to Final Fantasy, where Garland, the game's main antagonist, creates a time loop to transform into Chaos, the game's final boss.
  • This was the first Spikeyfruit game not made for a Nintendo system.
  • This was the first Spikeyfruit game made for a Sony system.
  • This was the first Spikeyfruit game to feature FMV (Full-Motion Video) cutscenes.
  • This was the last Spikeyfruit game in the original trilogy.

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