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Spikeyfruit 2's American and European Box Art

Spikeyfruit 2's NES version (Durio Kutejensis Ni in Japan.) was created by Scarce Gaming and published by Fantendo on November 27th, 1991. The plot is Spikeyfruit attempting to defeat Centipede, who has risen from the dead.


The game plays similar to Spikeyfruit and Kirby's Adventure combined. Spikeyfruit retains all his basic moves from Spikeyfruit 1 (plus his first special move.), yet the levels are played in a style like Kirby's Adventure. Unlike in Spikeyfruit 2 for the SNES, the bosses are set.


  1. Yelp Yard - A grassy area with a lake, volcano, and mountain. It's boss is Maniac Jeistro.
  2. Gill Graveyard - A watery area with haunted vessels. It's boss is Semi-Darkfruit.
  3. Vocal Valley - A hilly area where there are many storms. It's boss is Sham Eggplant.
  4. Howl Hill - A hill at night. It's boss is Wolf Sentient.
  5. Croak Confines - A flying airship. It's bosses are Centipede and Super Centipede.


  1. Maniac Jeistro - A giant Jeistro enemy. It attacks by whipping it's hat at Spikeyfruit, spitting Fire Pellets, and juggling dangerous items and throwing them. Defeating it unlocks Gill Graveyard.
  2. Semi-Darkfruit - A ghostly version of Darkfruit. It attacks by using Spikeyfruit's abilities, teleporting and a "Mirror" ability, which allows him to copy Spikeyfruit's next move. Defeating it unlocks Vocal Valley.
  3. Sham Eggplant - A dark Eggplant Goal. It attacks by grabbing Spikeyfruit with a fishing pole, shooting lasers at Spikeyfruit, and creating poison gas. Defeating it unlocks Howl Hill.
  4. Wolf Sentient - A living werewolf statue. It attacks by suplexing Spikeyfruit into the floor, throwing boulders, and digging underground. Defeating it unlocks Croak Confines.
  5. Centipede (1) - Spikeyfruit's nemesis. He attacks by crawling under the platform and pounding on it, clawing at Spikeyfruit, detaching his head and using it like a clawed basketball, and firing electricity at Spikeyfruit. Defeating him turns him into...
  6. Centipede (2) - Spikeyfruit's nemesis, mixed with Darkfruit. He attacks by copying Spikeyfruit's abilities, teleporting, clawing at Spikeyfruit, and firing electricity at Spikeyfruit. Defeating him turns him into...
  7. Super Centipede - Spikeyfruit's nemesis, made golden and gigantic. He attacks by firing lasers, clawing at Spikeyfruit, and firing electricity at Spikeyfruit. Defeating him ends the game.

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