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Spikeyfruit 2 (known as ☀! スパイキーフルーツ2 in Japan, and Spikeyfruit II in Europe) is a 2D Platformer developed and published by RECHSOFT for the SNES on May 16th, 1993. The game focuses around Spikeyfruit's adventures in Fruitopia.


Painted Hills

Level Name Level Type Level Description
Stonecliff Sailing 2D Platformer A boat level meant to introduce the player to the 2D Platforming.
Marsh Mountain Sliceboard A swampy mountain meant to introduce the player to the Sliceboard.
Sugary Swamp 2D Platformer A swamp with many reeds in it.
Veni, Vidi, Vici 2D Platformer A keep in a swamp.
Matey Marsh 2D Platformer A pirate cove in the swamp.
Boss Battle Boss A boss arena in the swamp.

Hanging Gardens

Level Name Level Type Level Description
Rolling Roses 2D Platformer A level with mothballs and roses.
Terrace Trouble Sliceboard A slide down the ascending terraces of the area.
Garden Gunners 2D Platformer An evasion-based level in a jungle in the gardens.
Perennial Panic 2D Platformer A battle level against humanoid flowers that would eventually create Perennial in Spikeyfruit Shadows.
River Rush Sliceboard A race down the rivers and waterfalls of the gardens.
Boss Blast Boss A boss battle in a waterfall.

Forest Caverns

Iron Tower

Teal Ocean

Urban Warfare


  • Run (D-Pad): Make Spikeyfruit run around.
  • Jump (A): Make Spikeyfruit jump. Hold to jump higher.
  • Crouch (Down D-Pad): Make Spikeyfruit crouch down. One of four attacks that can kill enemies.
  • Roll (X): Make the player's character roll forwards. One of four attacks that can kill enemies.
  • Spike Shot (B): Make the player's character fire off spikes in 8 directions with a 5 second delay. One of four attacks that can kill enemies.
  • Chuck (Up D-Pad): Chuck an enemy or the other player's character upwards. One of four attacks that can kill enemies.
  • Helicopter Jump (A+Left or Right on the D-Pad): Returns from the first game. Unlike in the NES version, where Spikeyfruit would just walk in the air, Spikeyfruit will transform into a whirlwind and fly upwards in the direction on the D-Pad being pressed.


The bosses of the first 7 worlds are just randomly picked giant enemies, but the final and secret bosses are always the same.

  • Centipuppet (1) - A robotic, two-headed version of Centipede that spits fire. It's second head usually hides in the body. However, it occasionally comes out and stabs at Spikeyfruit.
  • Centipuppet (2) - Centipede's head comes out of the body, revealing that he went insane over his hatred for Spikeyfruit due to being defeated in Spikeyfruit 1. Fought while Spikeyfruit rides on the Sliceboard.
  • Centank - Centipede in a tank that fires plasma beams and chases Spikeyfruit
  • Super Centipede - Centipede drinks a Sun Shake, which drives his sanity to the limit. He gains the ability to fire electric jolts and fly.
  • Millipede - Centipede gets longer and gets the ability to fly through the air. This phase must be fought using the Super Scope or SNES Mouse.

Versus Mode

After beating the game, the Versus Mode code will be told: A+B+X+Y with 2 controllers inserted. Versus Mode is 2 player and has 5 arenas:

  • Grassy Arena
  • Sunset Ocean Arena
  • Dojo Arena
  • 8-Bit Arena
  • Hangar Arena

It also features 4 items:

  • Heart Weed
  • Sun Shake
  • Cannon
  • Fake Heart Weed

The mode's characters are Spikeyfruit and Technofruit.


  • If you get 100% completion, both player characters will turn gold.

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