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Spikeyfruit 1+2+3 (スパイキーフルーツ1 + 2 + 3 in Japan.) is a 2D Platformer compilation game developed and published by RECHSOFT for the SNES and AtHome Disc on October 15th, 1996. The game is a compilation of Spikeyfruit 1, Spikeyfruit 2 for the NES, Spikeyfruit 2 for the SNES, and the then-new Spikeyfruit 3. The Special Edition also included both Spikeyfruit Shadows games.

Features and Improvements

The main menu is simple. It's a blue tile background a la EarthBound with Spikeyfruit's sprite for each game shown. Spikeyfruit's sprite is an indicator for the game; selecting the sprite from Spikeyfruit 1, for example, will start Spikeyfruit 1. The Special Edition works around Spikeyfruit's sprite being the same for both Shadows games with having Passionfruit as the sprite for Shadows 2.

The NES games have major graphical overhauls and glitch fixes while the SNES games fix as many glitches as could be found and minor graphical improvements. The games all use CGI 3D graphics, along with Spikeyfruit's sprite from Spikeyfruit Shadows in each game. The dialogue from Spikeyfruit 1 and Spikeyfruit 3 was also voiced, and Spikeyfruit's less vulgar in-level dialogue was re-used from Spikeyfruit Shadows.

The game came in two versions; the normal version, containing Spikeyfruit 1, the NES Spikeyfruit 2, the SNES Spikeyfruit 2, and Spikeyfruit 3, and the Special Edition, which also included Spikeyfruit Shadows 1 & 2.

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