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Spikeyfruit is the main character of the game Spikeyfruit by BreakfastSquad for the Nintendo Entertainment System. In the game, Spikeyfruit is usually a carefree member of his species, the Spikeyfruit. But when the evil Centipede captures his sister and girlfriend, Luv Lee, he runs towards Centipede's headquarters, the Illusionist II. When Spikeyfruit defeats Centipede, Everyone congratulates him for his victory. But the ending shows Centipede wanting revenge on Spikeyfruit for defeating him and stealing his meal.


Luv Lee

Luv Lee is Spikeyfruit's love interest and sister, who is kidnapped in the beginning of Spikeyfruit.


Centipede is feared by many of the Spikeyfruit for being a Sludgehammer, an anchient predator known to have a love for the juice inside Spikeyfruits and also being able to shapeshift their body parts into different things. As Centipede is a Sludgehammer, Spikeyfruit despises him. When Centipede kidnaps Luv Lee, Spikeyfruit destroys the Sludgehammer, Luv Lee is unbound and peace is brought to the Spikeyfruit once again.

The bosses of the 8 adventures in Spikeyfruit

Spikeyfruit has an on-off rivalry with his brothers. When he discovers his brothers have been brainwashed to guard the Spikeyfruit Juice, juice from Spikeyfruits which is highly explosive. In Spikeyfruit's rage, he defeats all 8 of his rival siblings. Later, after Centipede is defeated, Spikeyfruit's brothers snap out of the brainwash and they celebrate with Spikeyfruit and Luv Lee.

The Chuck-Ha Clan

The Spikeyfruit and the Chuck-ha clans are generally enemies, due to the Chuck-Has being descendants of the Sludgehammers, an anchient species which Centipede comes from. However, when Centipede is seemingly killed, the Chuck-has and the Spikeyfruits have peace while Centipede has, unknown to the clans, survived and is trying to get revenge on Spikeyfruit.


  • Spikeyfruit does not talk in the game itself, due to the NES' limitations, but he is mentioned to being laidback in the manual of the game
  • Spikeyfruit is actually thought to have a more sour taste then other Spikeyfruits, due to his laid-back additude. For this reason, Centipede is trying to gather Spikeyfruit as well.
  • Spikeyfruit and Centipede were thought to be once friends, and are thought to share similar DNA.

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