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Spikeyfruit is a platforming game created and published by RECHSOFT for the NES, AtHome, and Sega Master System in 1990, followed by a Game Gear version developed by Ancient and Aspect on August 9th, 1991. In the console version's plot (which is official canon.), Spikeyfruit is trying to rescue his girlfriend, Luv Lee, from the evil Centipede and his army, the Stickmen.


Console Versions

Spikeyfruit is walking around one day, when he finds that his girlfriend, Luv Lee, has been kidnapped. He believes his girlfriend is in Tech Tower, and must run and jump through 7 long worlds until his lives are all gone away.

The final world consists of 7 completely black clones of the bosses in the previous worlds, followed by a Spikeyfruit with the same pitch-black texture as the bosses before, called Darkfruit/Robofruit, who copies Spikeyfruit/Darkfruit's every move. After the battle, Darkfruit reveals that he is not left-handed, and tells Spikeyfruit to go to the top of Tech Tower. Spikeyfruit obliges, and fights Centipede, who falls off his flying fortress, only to reappear with the abilities of the bosses from the previous adventures. In this form, Spikeyfruit cannot hurt Centipede, but instead must throw Centipede's minions at the crazy leader. after 9 successful hits, Centipede explodes, and Spikeyfruit's family is rescued.

Starting Abilities                                        

  • Run:(Right/Left D-Pad) Run around.
  • Jump:(A Button/1 Button) Jump upwards. Hold to jump higher.
  • Crouch:(Down D-Pad) Crouch down, revealing your head spikes. Hurts enemies dropping from above and enemies from the direction Spikeyfruit is facing.
  • Roll:(A Button+B Button/1 Button+2 Button) Roll in the direction you are facing. Can be directed with the D-Pad buttons.
  • Spike Cannon:(B Button/2 Button) Launch spikes in 8 directions. Takes 5 seconds to charge, leaving you vulnerable in the time being.
  • Chuck:(Up D-Pad) Throw an enemy. (Required to be used to defeat the final boss.)

Playable Characters

  • Spikeyfruit: Player 1, will fight Darkfruit at end of the boss run in the end of Tech Tower.
  • Darkfruit: Player 2, plays through worlds 2, 4, 6, & 8 instead of Spikeyfruit. Fights Robofruit at the end of the boss run in Tech Tower. Unplayable in the Game Gear version.


Console Version

Note that each boss takes 9 hits to defeat, except for Ghostfruit, who takes 3 hits to defeat, and Darkfruit, which takes 4 hits to defeat.

  • Weedfruit: Fires turnips at the player, causing 1 damage to them. Also jumps into the air every 2 hits.
  • Starfruit: Fires stars at the player, causing 2 damage to them. Jumps in the air randomly.
  • Dragonfruit: Fires flame pellets at the player, causing 1 damage to them. Flies with petals instead of jumping.
  • Flamefruit: Runs around, firing flame pellets at the player, similar to Dragonfruit. Does not jump or fly.
  • Robofruit: Flies at the player, destroying the bridge in the process. In this "battle", the player must run or roll forwards towards the Eggplant Goal
  • Ghostfruit: Flies around, invincible to all attacks. If the player steps on the flashing button within 5 seconds, the skylight opens up and shines light at Ghostfruit. This must be repeated 3 times to defeat Ghostfruit. To make this harder to do, Ghostfruit will summon 3 Ghost Peppers above the buttons, meaning you must dispatch them before jumping on the buttons.
  • Giant Chuck-ha: A giant Chuck-ha which will grab boulders, like a normal Chuck-ha, and throw them at the player, doing 2 damage. The player must roll into the Chuck-ha to damage it.
  • Darkfruit/Robofruit: A pitch-black/robotic Spikeyfruit who copies Spikeyfruit's every move. Unlike most bosses, Darkfruit/Robofruit requires 4 hits to defeat, but 4 hits from Darkfruit/Robofruit will kill the player's character, like any other creature.
  • Centipede (1): After the player makes it to the top of Tech Tower, Centipede appears, then sees the player and starts the fight. Centipede can either throw Durian or Stickmen at the player. After he is defeated, the player's character automatically climbs to the roof of the tower.
  • Centipede (2): Centipede reappears with the other bosses' abilities, such as shooting flame pellets, throwing boulders, and launching turnips at the player. The player must chuck enemies at the final boss. and after 9 successful hits, the final boss is defeated, the credits roll, and the screen turns black as the player must reset the NES / Famicom.

Game Gear Version

All bosses are piloted by or are Centipede, and take the normal 9 hits, except Darkfruit, and Death Militia.

Boss Name World Description
Death Rover Hill City A small tank that doubles as an Advancing Wall of Doom.
Death Hopper Spring Chicken A small pod with a large spring coil attached to the bottom.
Death Miner Cave Inn A small pod with a drill attached to it. Spikeyfruit advances after it in a mine cart.
Death Star Space Out A large pod inside the sun. It uses electric power (for some reason.), which turns off every 6 attacks, exposing Centipede.
Death Militia Data Base A stickman army, wearing vaguely Nazi-like clothing.
Death Robot Nuclear Winter A giant Centipuppet. The beginning of the "Centipuppet Saga," which would last until 1997 with Spikeyfruit RPG.
Death Piper Death Factory A pod that rockets up from the smokestacks atop Death Factory. Has no weapons, excluding a pair of spikes on top.
Darkfruit Nightmare Hour Darkfruit. He doesn't mirror the player's movements in this version.
Centipede Nightmare Hour A standard battle with Centipede. He has a crushing attack, a punching attack, and a "pinball attack," where he bounces his head across the room.
Giant Centipede Nightmare Hour A battle on a firework against a Giant Centipede. Plays like a space shooter.

Secret Abilities (Console Versions only)

Spikeyfruit has 9 Secret Abilities. One in the hub area and one in each course, excluding the final course.

  • Helicopter Jump (A+D-Pad): Spikeyfruit will jump into the air and use his spikes as a propeller. However, due to sprite limitations, he simply walks in the air. Whatever way the player points the D-Pad while activating, Spikeyfruit will fly that way. (Hub. After you see the final stage option, jump and invisible platforms will appear. Cross the jumps and there will be another plane of wood like earlier. Walk across it and it's at the end.)
  • Bomb Roll (R+B): Spikeyfruit will roll like normal, but whenever he hits an enemy, the enemy will explode. (Weedfruit. At the bottomless pit, run and there is a secret area. Go to the end and it's there.)
  • Slam Dunk (Up D-Pad+A): Spikeyfruit will grab the enemy nearest him, roll into the air, and chuck the enemy forwards and down. Recommended for the final boss. (Starfruit. keep walking after you see the rocket, and it's on the ground at the end of the stage.)
  • Life Ringer (^ ^ v v < > < > B A Start): Gives Spikeyfruit 5 seconds of invincibility. (Dragonfruit. At the castle, use Helicopter Jump or Slam Dunk to get on top of the castle and it will be collected.)
  • Fireball Throw (>+A): Makes Spikeyfruit throw a fireball to the right, destroying anything it touches. If it touches a boss, the boss will take 2 hits of damage. (Flamefruit. Can be obtained if the player waits 6 minutes in the boss area without doing any damage. The player will then be taken to a completely white room, and the level will instantly end, with the ability collected.)
  • Wavedash (>+^): Makes Spikeyfruit quickly fly forward with his arms out, similar to Superman. If he encounters an enemy while Wavedashing, the enemy will explode. It's pretty much Bomb Roll except Spikeyfruit's standing sprite is flipped, his arm sprites are flipped forward, and he flies over pits. (Robofruit. Jump over Robofruit. A small island will be there to save you. Upon collecting it, the level will be complete.)
  • Backflip (< <): Teleports the player back a 10th of a screen. (Ghostfruit. Go through the fake wall behind the starting area, it'll be there.)
  • Rock Throw (B+v+>): Makes Spikeyfruit throw a rock. Behaves exactly like a Chuck-ha rock, except it goes in the other direction, and doesn't damage Spikeyfruit. (Giant Chuck-ha. Don't move at the beginning of the level. Spikeyfruit will be given it as soon as the screen scrolls past him.)

Game Gear Version

A Game Gear version of Spikeyfruit would be released on August 9th, 1991, developed by Ancient and Aspect, who would later go on to develop the 8-Bit versions of Sonic 1 and Sonic 2, respectively.



The Game Gear version lacks the original soundtrack, an extremely strong point of the Console versions. It does, however, have a much darker soundtrack, and introduced Centipede's trademark deep, evil laugh, which stayed the exact same for over 20 years, until Shadows 3 retired the laugh with a remade, more booming laugh.


All the levels in the game were completely changed to fit the different plot in the game. Each world has 3 levels (Episodes.) and a boss, and the worlds are as follows;

World Name Description
Hill City A city surrounded by hills. More of a rural area, despite the name.
Spring Chicken A bouncy world taking place in a mine shaft.
Cave Inn A cave with constant threats of collapsing walls, boulders, and mine cart segments.
Space Out A space world, with levels similar to Super Mario Land 2's Star Maze, and the Console version's Starfruit Level.
Data Base A city separated by a wall. It's an obvious parody of the Berlin Wall.
Nuclear Winter A snowy mountain including a jet snowboard and a flower miniboss who would eventually have a starring role in Spikeyfruit Shadows.
Death Factory A military camp which escalates into a factory in the second episode, followed by the smokestacks of the factory in the third.
Nightmare Hour A 3-round boss-only world taking place in a nightmare dimension.

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