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Spikeyfruit (先端のとがったファブリック in Japan, meaning Spikeyfabric.) is a 3D action-adventure game developed and published by Scarce Gaming for the Gamecube on August 24th, 2005. It was the first game to have the "fabric" trend that would follow in Kirby's Epic Yarn and Yoshi's Woolly World, and focuses on the adventures of Spikeyfruit as he tries to defeat Centipuppet and go back to his normal, non-woolly world.


Spikeyfruit walks around in the ruins of Tech Tower's hangar, when suddenly, he encounters a time rift, and, after having a fight with the narrator, goes into the rift and into the yarn world of Feltopia.

In Feltopia, Spikeyfruit sees Centipuppet carrying a rather large briefcase. Upon slicing off Centipuppet's hand and cutting the suitcase open, Spikeyfruit is surprised to see a rather fairy-like creatures come out, named Fabrick.

Fabrick explains about Feltopia, including how it was locked into a time rift by Centipede's brain following it's destruction during The Imperial War, or Spikeyfruit Shadows. Upon realizing Spikeyfruit was asleep the whole time, Fabrick shakes him awake, which proves to be a fatal error, as Spikeyfruit unwinds the felt on his head.

Much later, Spikeyfruit meets back up with Centipuppet, and fights him in a one-on-one battle. After defeating him, Spikeyfruit goes back to Fruitopia, and falls asleep near The Tree of Life, which hasn't been featured since Spikeyfruit 1's intro.


In the game, you have to kill enemies by unwinding them, which seems to be easy enough, but isn't due to the fact that they can do the same to you. Combined with the fact that you have to do it long-range with Centipuppet's arm, and they can do it whenever, makes the odds stacked against you.

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