Spike Tyler
Spike's basic appearance
Full Name Spike Tyler
Date of Birth December 1
Species Human
Class Protagonist
Family and Relations
Twelve (siblings)
Main Weapon(s) Telekinesis
First Appearance HACKED
Face the wrath of my radical fireballs!
Spike Tyler

Spike Tyler is a supporting protagonist in the HACKED series. Spike appears to be a human with short, spiky, blond hair and dark black eyes. He commonly wears a brown t-shirt underneath a blue, jean jacket and black pants. He is commonly seen with his beloved skateboard, which has a deck based upon the Canadian flag. Spike commonly uses "skater slang" in his speeches, sliding in words like "radical" or "totally".

Spike is also one of the Twelve: a group of AI's living inside of a computer program, that can jump through programs at will. He is the youngest Twelfth, as his birthday is December 1, making him the twelfth Twelfth, and has both the normal telekinetic and hacking prowess, but also the command over fire and heat.


HACKED seriesEdit


Spike appears as a minor, non-playable character in HACKED. Though he does help Jake and his allies in several fights, as does his fellow Twelve member Ella Metals.


Game artworkEdit

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