Spike Top Shell

The Spike Top Shell is an item that appears in the Super Mario series. As its name suggests, it is the shell of a Spike Top.

In Paper Mario games, Spike Tops have an attack where they go into their shell and speed right into Mario. In some Mario games, if a Spike Top is hit, it will retreat into its shell like Koopa Troopas and Buzzy Beetles.


Super Mario Crossover Mission

The Spike Top Shell makes its first appearance as a power-up in this game. The user can climb walls and walk across ceilings, and cannot be damaged from above when crouching. He/she is also immune to fire enemies such as Fire Bros., Podoboos, and Fire Snakes. However, as the user takes more hits from such an enemy, the shell becomes weaker, eventually shattering and causing them to revert to their Super form.

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