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Spike The Porcupine

Spike The Porcupine (character)
Spike The Porcupine Transparent
Spike's basic pose
Full Name Spike The Porcupine
Current Age 14
Gender Male
Species Porcupine
Location Wind Valley Zone
Current Status Alive
Class Hero
Family and Relations
Main Weapon(s) Two swords and a bow
Ability/ies Super speed, homing attack, speed boost, parkour-like moves, temporarily turning into a ghost
First Appearance Spike The Porcupine
Latest Appearance TBA

Spike is a porcupine who was born and raised in Wind Valley Zone on Planet Delta. He is the star of the Spike The Porcupine series . Nothing has currently been revealed about his parents, who are assumed to be either dead or missing. He has a good sense of humor, but can be very serious at times. When he was only 8 years old, he saw something in the sky. It was a comet, and it landed in the Swampy Marsh Zone. Inside the comet was a being known as Zero, the negative porcupine. Not much is known about Zero's past. Spike eventually met a wide variety of friends through his first era of games. He obtains his swords at the end of the Spike Origins, and gets a bow in the second game. He made his debut in Spike The Porcupine.


Spike is a gray porcupine with 15 quills on his head. He has green on the end of each quill. He got a green line across his head after being fused with a green chaos emerald. He has a tuft of white fur across his chest. His shoes are orange with green zigzags on them. He wears white gloves. His socks are blue with black lines on either side. They are also notably longer than any Sonic characters' socks to date. His tail is not visible from the front, but it is gray with a green tip. He shares a similar physical appearance to the famous Sonic The Hedgehog.


  • Zero The Negative Porcupine - Worst enemy
  • Rocky The Rhino - Friend, rival
  • Violet The Fox - Friend
  • Saturn The Monkey - Friend


Spike is a fun-loving porcupine who likes to be around his friends. He can be funny at times, but is mostly worried about his and his planet's future. He will protect his friends at any cost, having saved Stella, Razor, and Violet from Zero multiple times. He doesn't like losing, and will try his hardest to win the fight.

However, Spike does have a dark side. In The Spike Chronicles: Dark Souls, the first entry in The Spike Chronicles series, he is killed and brought back as a ghost, his soul being the only thing keeping him alive. As a ghost, Spike can become aggressive and sometimes feels hatred. In Spike Dimensions, he goes Darkspine to stop the main villain of the game.

Ghost Form

In ghost form, Spike can fly through walls and other things. He can also turn completely invisible. He loses all color, and is just a gray-white porcupine without legs. In place of his legs is a tail, since he does not need to walk.

Ultra Spike

On some instances, Spike is able to turn into his super form, Ultra Spike. This happens at the end of almost every game in the series. However, super forms require all the Chaos Diamonds, which are always obtained by the end of the games in which he changes into Ultra Spike. His look is quite different from normal Spike, his fur and quills being changed to green and his quills sticking up.

Meeting Friends

  • Please note that although these characters first appearances are in the first games, Spike technically first met them in Spike Origins and Spike Origins 2.

Claw The Crow

Spike first met claw after defeating the first boss in Spike Origins. Spike discovered Claw watching him in the trees, so he assumed he was a spy. When Claw noticed Spike watching him, he jumped down. Spike quickly prepared for a fight, but Claw just stood there, studying him. After an awkward silence, Claw asked him whose side he was on. Spike, confused, told him he was stopping Zero's plans. Claw nodded. Then, he said he would join Spike on his quest. After this, Claw becomes playable in certain parts.

Stella The Porcupine

After completing the fourth level in Spike Origins, Spike and Claw stumble across a strange town called "Twilight Sky Zone." It was a happy, busy town full of all sorts of animals, most of them being porcupines. When the duo enter the town, they are confronted by a smiling purple porcupine. She says her name is Stella, and she starts complimenting Spike. Claw rolled his eyes. All of a sudden, an army of Shadow Creatures attacks. Spike steps in front of Stella, but she laughs and jumps in front of the Shadow Creatures. Claw and Spike gasp, but Stella easily defeats them with her star powers. After this, Stella joins the duo and becomes playable in certain parts.

Razor The Cheetah

Upon the completion of the third boss in Spike Origins, Razor will run past the trio in a cutscene. Then, after beating the next level, Shade Savannah Zone, Razor will appear once again. He says he will join the team, but only if Spike beats him in a race. The player then has to play a rival battle level against Razor where you have to reach the finish first. When Spike beats him, Razor agrees to join them on their quest. He then becomes a playable character in certain parts.

Rocky The Rhino

After beating the third level in Spike Origins 2, a cutscene will play. Spike and his friends will be chatting about Zero when Stella sees a bush shaking. When everyone else looks to see for themselves, a horn pops out. Stella screams. Razor's eyes light up. He rushes to the bush, although Spike tells him no. All of a sudden a rhino jumps out. Much to everyone's surprise, Razor and Rocky talk casually, occasionally giving each other fist bumps. After this, Rocky will explain himself and join the the team. He is playable in certain parts.

Violet The Fox

When you complete the sixth level in Spike Origins 2, a cutscene will play where Rocky is running ahead of everyone, and he accidentally bumps something. A confused Rocky then looks down and notices a purple fox lying on the ground. Spike and the rest of the team catch up, and see Violet on the ground. Spike helps her up, and Violet tells everyone to be quiet, because there are Shadow Creatures nearby. After this, she becomes good friends with Stella and joins the team. She is playable in certain parts.

Saturn The Monkey

Completing the second boss in Spike Origins 2 will unlock Saturn, as he was captured by the boss.

Game Appearances

Other Game Appearances

Fantendo Racing Legends: Spike appears as an unlockable by playing 50 races total. His kart is called the "Gray Shredder." Claw also appears, being a unlockable and Spike's partner.

Fantendo Warriors: Spike appears in his The Spike Chronicles form. He is the Undead element.


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  • Stella is similar to Amy, as they both consider themselves the heroes' girlfriend.
    • Despite this, Stella does not bug Spike as much as Amy bugs Sonic.
  • Spike's original design did not include green tips on his quills, or anything really green for that matter.
  • Ghost Spike is similar to Violet, because they can both turn invisible. However, Violet can turn invisible without being a ghost.