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Spike's Legendary Quest is an upcoming 3D adventure and puzzle game based on the television series My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic for the Wii U. Spike's Legendary Quest is being developed (with the permission of Hasbro Studios) The game's release date is unknown and it features Spike the Dragon going on an amazing quest to save Equestria from being turned into chaos and darkness from a new villian named Xiacha. In the game Spike uses the Blade of Harmony he acces in the beginning of the game, Spike also acceses the Equestrian Shield.

Characters from the show appear as NPCs and the villians from the show come as bosses. Spike's Legendary Quest is released in middle 2012 and is Rated E10.


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Image Name Description
Spike oh hey te sonic-d4owxpd Spike Spike is a baby dragon and the main hero of the game. Spike is the chosen one to save Equestria from chaos from a new evil villian. Spike uses the Blade of Harmony and his trusty sheild to defend himself, and his pouches he carries around to store items.

Supporting Cast

Image Name Description
TwilightSparkle Twilight Sparkle Twilight Sparkle is a magical unicorn and a best friend to Spike. Twilight can make potions along with Zecora and sell them to help Spike along with his adventure.
Rarity Rarity Rarity is a fashion expert and a unicorn. Rarity sells can sell helpful items to Spike and can replenish his health. Rarity can also make some clothes for Spike to wear.
Applejack Applejack Applejack is an Earth Pony who farms apples. Applejack helps by giving Spike some chores so he can gain money which can be very helpful throughout the game.
493px-PinkiePieHiRes Pinkie Pie Pinkie Pie is an Earth Pony who lives to make Cupcakes and party. Pinkie can give out spells to Spike.
250px-Dash Rainbow Dash Rainbow Dash is a Pegasus who loves to fly and be active. Rainbow helps Spike in training in the beginning of the game.
640px-FluttershyHiRes Fluttershy Fluttershy is a Pegasus who is shy loves animals. Fluttershy helps out by feeding Spike on the latest news or updates.
PrincessCelestia 250 tropicalsunset Princess Celestia Princess Celestia is the ruler of all Equestria she supports Spike by giving him some gameplay tips and hints.
Zecora Zecora Zecora is a soceress Zebra who lives in the Everfree Forest. Zecora can make potions and spells along with Twilight that can be sold to Spike which can help him some more on his quest.
DerpyHooves Derpy Hooves Derpy Hooves is a Pegasus who's job is delivering mail. Depry's job is to give Spike the daily news on what's going on in Equestria.
Lyra Lyra TBA


Image Name Description
N/A Xiacha The main villian of the game, all Xiacha wants is to bring Equestria in chaos and darkness forever. Xiacha has many powers such as his aura. mind control, strength, and brainwashing.
Discord Discord Discord is a villian who was turned into stone by Celestia and Luna. Discord escaped from his stone self and rised again and joins Xiacha's army to throw Equestria into darkness.
Nightmare Moon Nightmare Moon TBA
Trixie Trixie Trixie the powerful wizard has been brainwashed by Xiacha. Trixie is more powerful and make use black magic and summon monsters.
Flim Flam brothers Flim Flam Brothers Flim and Flam are two money wanting brothers who want to rule Sweet Apple Acres. Flim and Flam are brainwashed by Xiachu and the Flim Flam brother can use mind control.
Gilda Gilda Gilda is a competetive and mean Griffon. After Gilda gets brainwashed she turns more larger, flies higher, and can shoot lazers.
N/A Slitheron Slitheron is a larger snake and the first boss of the game. Slitheron was just originally on a large painting until he came to life by Xiachu and his magic.
Currently N/A Diamond Dogs The Diamond Dogs are a group of evil dogs named Spot, Rover, and Fido. The Diamond Dogs aren't brainwashed, but are on their own side as they want to destroy Spike as well. The Diamond Dogs control a large silver robot they control in the boss battle.
Currently N/A Hydra The Hydra is a giant boss and is the boss in the Everfree Forest. Hydra is located at the swamp where he can be fought. Hyrda can do many moves such as swipe it's tail, stomp to make forces of energy, and digging their heads in the ground to surpise attack Spike.


Image Name Description Location
N/A Slitheron

Slitheron is a large and powerful snake. Slitheron can send out mini versions of himself and can spit venom. He is fought after defeating most of Eastern Ponyville. Each of Slitheron's phase's can be defeated with only 6 slashes, so only 12 slashes can it take to defeat him.

First phase: Slitheron tries to bite down at Spike when he moves and can send smaller versions of himself which can be defeated with one slash.

Second phase: Slitheron spits out green venom from his fangs, send smaller version of himself, and can stick to walls at times.

Eastern Ponyville
N/A Spicrawler

Spicrawler is the second boss of the game and is located at the Everfree Forest and fought at the Dark Caverns which is near the Dampy Swamps. Spicrawler is a large spider that crawls on walls and shoots webs to tangle/attack Spike. How Spicrawler is defeated is by slicing all of it's 8 legs, but Spicrawler's second phase makes it harder to defeat it.

First phase: Spicrawler crawls on the walls and shoots out webs and try to stomp Spike. Spicrawler's first phase can be defeated by slicing all of it's legs.

Second phase: Spicrawler gets more stronger as it alll does what it does on it's first phase, but it also now can throw boulders and ground pound. Spicrawler can be defeated by slicing all of it's legs, but slicing them needs some stragety.

Everfree Forest


Ponyville (Hub World)

Ponyville is a large town setting out in Equestria where Spike and all of his friends live (except Zecore who lives in the Everfree Forest). Ponyville has many residents and nice architecture such as buildings and houses. Spike can often visit Ponyville to do sidequests, buying useful items, get shaped up again, and etc. More Coming Soon...


Coming Soon...


  • Some bosses of the game are brainwashed because of Xiacha.
  • One of the Easter Eggs in the game is that an outline drawing of Dan from another Hub television series named Dan Vs. can be shown in a wall inside of a house.

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