Spider Queen
Full Name Spider Queen
Current Age Unknown
Gender Female
Species Demon (Jorōgumo)
Location Tsuta Ruins (alternate reality)
Align Evil
Current Status Deceased
Ability/ies Spider-capabilities
Copy data attack
Vulnerable To Rider Slash
The Demon Spider (by Vrak)
First Appearance Power Ranger Chronicles

The Spider Queen (Jorōgumo 女郎蜘蛛?, lit. Noblewoman Spider) is the alternate reality counterpart of the original Spider Queen who was created from Memory Bank in Power Rangers (Super Sentai)/Kamen Rider World mainstream reality. She is the first world-boss in Power Ranger Chronicles and she responsible for consuming memory data.


She was based on the Spider Queen from PR: Okami, but slightly differences used pale colored and less monstrous looks. Unlike the original Spider Queen, she has eyes, but rendered uses Sadako's eyes.


Power Ranger Chronicles

She first appeared briefly when Kamen Rider Kabuto's destruction and she consumes the memory data of Samuel Nakaoka the Second before she disappeared.

Before travels to Dark Mountain, the Spider Queen appears on the computer screen and revealed by Chaosdromon that any persona's data went to the interspace. She absorbs the Brocoloids and gains her intelligence. She warns the player and the others that they won't interferes her awakening and kidnap Phoezi and Vrak.